Jan 232012

AirLink 33/40 over Center Point and Clay…

For reference, the footage starts here ~ and then heads north east toward Royal Cup Coffee

* I had no idea steeplechase was hit this bad. at10:05, an old friends house is on the right, literally 50 feet from being totally obliterated. That family’s house right up the street from him is completely gone now. My heart and prayers go out to them. It is a blessing more people were not killed considering this thing came through in the middle of the night.
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* It’s amazing there are only three deaths with that devastation.
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AirLink 33/40 over Maplesville…

Chilton County Tornado Damage:

For those of you trying to get your bearings, it starts on 82, coming from Tuscaloosa and turns up following the north side of Co Rd 10. Then it turns north(ish) and turns toward Mitchell Hill Road. Then, goes over Michael Harrison’s house and crosses 22, then heads toward the storm shelter/ railroad tracks.

Death Toll is at three. This being it hit in mostly rural areas and the warnings were very far in advance. 250 + homes were destroyed and in one community 2 1/2 block of business were completely destroyed. The tornado was on the ground for two hours and now rated an F3. ~ JP

Jan 232012

An immense blast of plasma spewed late Sunday night from the sun led to the strongest radiation storm bombarding our planet since 2005, and a rare warning from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency — and even a plan to redirect certain high-flying airplanes.

NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center — the nation’s official source of warnings about space weather and its impact on Earth — issued a watch for a geomagnetic storm expected to hit our planet Tuesday morning after a satellite witnessed an ultraviolet flash from the massive solar eruption, according to Spaceweather.com.(Huge Solar Eruption Sparks Strongest Radiation Storm in 7 Years)

There is no risk to people on Earth, Doug Biesecker of the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center told FoxNews.com.

But as a rare precaution, polar flights on Earth are expected to be re-routed, Kathy Sullivan, deputy administrator of NOAA, said today at a Meteorological Society meeting in New Orleans, La., according to Space.com.

Eruptions on the sun shoot tremendous streams of charged particles away from the star — in this case directly towards us.

“There is little doubt that the cloud is heading in the general direction of Earth,” Spaceweather.com announced in an alert. The blast from the immense solar radiation storm let loose with a so called coronal mass ejection (CME) that will hit the atmosphere Tuesday morning, something NASA and NOAA monitor for as it could cause problems for astronauts, communications satellites, and even rocket launches.

“A preliminary inspection of SOHO/STEREO imagery suggests that the CME will deliver a strong glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field on Jan. 24-25 as it sails mostly north of our planet,” SpaceWeather’s bulletin read.

It could also affect navigation and the power grid.

~ With all the news posted lately here @ JUST Piper on the CME/Solar Flares etc., my natural suspicious mind concerning our government and how they hide everything from us is kicking into high gear. Grandpa always said when something goes up, it will effect our weather pattern, He said that over FIFTY years ago, but look at the weather/earthquakes JUST in the past few days posted here. Japan had a shaker. Alabama has never seen a January tornado on the groun for two hours. Especially since the path it took was almost ‘aligned’ with April 27th, 2011. ~ JP

JUST Yesterday: CME Impact hit Earth’s magnetic field

Jan 232012

I was listening to talk radio as always. There were two callers into the Schnitt show. The second caller, a poll worker backed up the first caller’s report. That someone she knew to be a democrat who voted Obama, (We know our neighbors in our precinct) was voting for Newt. It would explain his high percentage. So I did a bit of investigating, starting with the Schnitt Show.

Amazing what the liberal strategy is going into this election. They are convinced that Romney is the only one that can beat Obama. So feeling they have NO need to vote in a primary & the fact you do not have to declare your party in S.C., go out & vote Newt in as evidenced by the hard core liberal DU:

Did SC Democrats rush out and vote for Newt today?

Reply:I hope so. Hahahahaha!

A user named gateley said: ” I know DU had at least one operative on the ground.”

Read the DU link above and simply check out the DU members comments yourself.

As I was trying to get the information on Tonight’s Debate, I came across another interesting website: occupytampabay.net. Thinking why on earth would any ‘Occupy’ be interested in the GOP anything?

I think the links on this website say it all.


– Occupy Everything

– Occupy Tampa Bay

LEXINGTON, S.C.–There isn’t a ton for Democrats in South Carolina to do this week. The party isn’t holding a primary and even if it were, no one prominent would be on the ballot to challenge Barack Obama.

But there is a message that Kathryn Hensley, the chairwoman of the Lexington County Democrats and a longtime political operative, is trying to get out: Stay home Saturday if you just want to meddle.

“Unless you’re Republican, you shouldn’t be voting in a Republican primary,” Hensley told Yahoo News.

Voters in South Carolina don’t register by party, so Saturday’s primary is open to any registered voter in the state.

See Video Democrats should not be voting in South Carolina primary, local chairwoman says.

The Charleston County Democratic Party is asking fellow Democrats to not vote Republican in Saturday’s primary election.

“We are asking active Democrats to not participate in the GOP primary,” wrote George Tempel, executive chair, in an email to its membership. “We don’t want Republicans to interfere with our primaries…so let’s practice what we preach.”

Since President Barack Obama faces no serious challenge during the primary

Democrat to Democrat: Don’t Vote GOP

So YOU tell me why is this obvious to their party the strategy was out there and we had no clue? They are laughing behind our butts that we are so happy anyone but Romney is in the lead, while they are crashing our nominee from the inside out?! They will steal this election with any and every means possible. Tomorrow I am publishing information from Judicial Watch and how Soros and his all new Super Pak have their strategy too. Combine that with dead people voting and the GOP up in arms with a new poster child nominee dujour, in the lead and Patriots THIS is the recipe for second term Obama!

~ JP

Jan 232012

Doctors who treated Sen. Mark Kirk, 52, after he suffered a stroke reported the senator has a ‘very good’ chance of making a full mental recovery – but signs indicate Kirk suffered a severe stroke that may require a lengthy recovery time, according to a neurologist.

Dr. Richard Fessler, a neurosurgeon at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, who treated Kirk, announced in a press conference Monday that Kirk suffered an ischemic stroke in the right side of the brain – meaning a blood clot temporarily stopped the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. The cause of the stroke has not yet been determined.

To relieve pressure stemming from the injury, Fessler said he removed a part of Kirk’s skull so that there would be room for the brain to swell without causing any further damage.

“This is a pretty significant procedure,” explained Dr. Joseph Broderick, a neurologist at the University of Cincinnati Neuroscience Institute and a fellow member of the American Academy of Neurology. “Removing the skull is usually only done when you have a pretty big stroke. It’s not used for a small stroke.”

Because the stroke occurred in the right side of the brain, rather than the left, Fessler said most of Kirk’s lasting injuries were likely to be physical instead of mental – and chances of recovery from those injuries were ‘not great.’

“What that means is that it will affect his ability to move his left arm, possibly his left leg, and possibly have involved some facial paralysis,” Fessler said.

“Fortunately, the stroke was not on the left side of his brain in which case it would affect his ability to speak, understand, and think,” he added. “So we’re very hopeful that when we get through all of his recovery, all of those functions will be intact and that he should be able to do very well.”

According to Broderick, there may also be the possibility that Kirk may no longer be able see out of his left eye – or even be able to pay attention to his left side at all.

Full Report

~ Although he is a BIG RINO, I wonder what will happen to this VITAL Senate seat? ~ JP

Jan 232012

Governor Robert Bentley has a declared a State of Emergency for all 67 Alabama counties as a result of severe weather impacting the state.

By declaring a State of Emergency, the Governor authorizes the Alabama Emergency Management Agency and other state agencies to assist communities and make the appropriate assessments of damage.

Tornados, severe thunderstorms, hail, and straight line winds have begun moving into the state. There are at least seven counties reporting damage with the most extensive damage in Jefferson and Chilton counties.

“Our Emergency Management Agency will continue to monitor this severe weather and will be prepared for any potential impact on our communities. State agencies are on call and ready to assist communities,” said Governor Robert Bentley. “I urge Alabamians to heed weather warnings to protect their families, homes and businesses. The severe weather outbreak of last year is still fresh on our minds and is a reminder that we must take the threat of severe weather seriously.”

The State Emergency Operations Center has upgraded its activation level. Additional staff is on hand to monitor the system, as well as monitoring for potential resource requests from Alabama counties.

— INFORMATION SOURCE: Governor’s Press Office


Two have been confirmed dead and many others are dealing with severe damage on Monday after a line of storms moved through Central Alabama.

At the intersection of Winewood Rd and Highway 79 in Birmingham in the Center Point area, a possible tornado moved through the area around 4:00 a.m. Birmingham police were observed in the area inspecting damage and looking for possible victims around 5:00 a.m. A credit union and barbershop in the area received severe damage along with a few other buildings.

Rescuers have set up a triage site at the Winn Dixie in Center Point on Old Springville Road. Workers will use this site as a launching point for search and rescue.

Matt Angelo with the Center Point Fire Department has listed the injury count at 12 people. This includes one man who was trapped in the rubble of his home. He has been freed and is being treated for a head injury.

Jefferson County Commissioner Jimmie Stephens says the coroner has been called to the Pinson area, but gave no other details.

The storm was originally spotted in Tuscaloosa County after 3:00 a.m. It is believed that it moved through Jefferson County into St. Clair County. Multiple reports of damage have been made from the storm’s path. Numerous power lines are down, many trees have fallen and several homes are damaged. Cities reported damage at this time are: Birmingham, Center Point, Grayson Valley, Clay and Argo.

The Chilton County EMA is reporting heavy damage in their area. Currently, they are having trouble getting to damage in Maplesville. Blockages on Highway 22 have caused the problem. Chilton County is asking for Dallas County and Bibb County to help Maplesville. Also, a large number of mobile homes at a mobile home park in Clanton have been damaged. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported. Currently, the Chilton County EMA phone lines are being flooded with donation offers. The EMA asks that those who are willing to donate supplies please wait until responders know what is needed.

Power outages have been reported to tens of thousands. Several school systems and daycares have closed or delayed due to these outages. For a complete list of closings, visit MyFoxClosings.com.

To report a power outage, call it in to 800-888-2726, or report it on your smartphone.

Clearview Baptist Church, located at 5371 Old Springville Road, will be offering food and shelter to anyone dealing with storm damage. The church is located near the subdivisions in Clay that were directly hit by the storms. For more info, call 205-854-2070 or call Pastor Robbie Weems at 205-617-1277.

To view storm damage photos.

Jan 232012

Jefferson County storm victims identified

The identities of two people killed in Monday morning’s storms have been released.

The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office reports the victims are:

Christina Nicole Heichelbech, 16, of Pinson

Bobby Frank Sims, 83, of Alliance.

Alabamas 13

Damage caused by strong storms that passed through the Birmingham area in the early morning of January 23, 2012 (photo courtesy of Ryan Russell).

Jan 232012

Updated: Jan 23, 2012 9:10 AM CST

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) – Alabama Power reports that 56,300 homes and businesses lost power when storms swept across the central part of the state.

Company spokesman Ike Pigott says the greatest number of outages was in the Jefferson County area.

More than 30,000 customers had their service restored by 8 a.m. Monday.

Pigott expects the number to keep dropping, but he said some parts of Jefferson County may not have service restored until Tuesday because of the heavy damage.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) – Two people were killed by storms in Jefferson County as rescuers went house-to-house in search of people trapped in their homes.

A 16-year-old girl was killed in Clay and an 82-year-old man died in the community of Oak Grove, Jefferson County sheriff’s spokesman Randy Christian said.

Center Point Storm Damage: (People trapped)

ABC 33/40

Jan 232012

Teen dies in Clay home struck by storm:

A house lies smashed on Harness Circle in Clay around 4:15 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 23, 2012. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office later confirmed a 16-year-old girl died there.

A east Birmingham area gas station shows wind damage while an adjoining structure is a pile of debris along Winewood Road in the eastern metro area. (The Birmingham News/Sherrel Stewart)

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — Severe storms, possibly tornadoes caused damage early this morning in Alabama’s Tuscaloosa, Perry, Chilton, Shelby, Talladega and Jefferson counties, according to the National Weather Service.

“This looks like it is either going to be a couple of long track tornadoes or one storm producing a number of tornadoes,” said Jim Stefkovich, chief meteorologist at the Birmingham office of the National Weather Service.
“We won’t know the extent until daylight,” he said.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office reported a tornado tracked along a line from Oak Grove to Graysville, Fultondale, Center Point, Clay and Trussville before moving in to St. Clair County. Two were left dead.

“The hardest hit area at this time includes Oak Grove and Center Point through Clay and Trussville,” said Chief Deputy Randy Christian “Several homes are reported destroyed and numerous reports of injuries have come in to our call center. We can confirm, unfortunately, two fatalities, a 16 year old boy on Harness Way in the City of Clay and an 82 year old man in the Oak Grove Community near Toadvine Road.”

[Editor’s note: The 16-year-old has since been identified as a female.]

Christian said there are reports of people trapped in the Paradise Valley and George Brook subdivisions. Center Point Parkway is closed between 20th and 25th avenues.

Trussville Police Chief Don Sivley said the main areas affected by the storm were the Pilgrim’s Rest and Twin Lakes subdivisions in the area around Trussville-Clay Road and Deerfoot Parkway near Old Springville Road. Several people have been injured and taken to the hospital, Sivley said, though officials are still trying to gather numbers.

There are several trees and power lines down, making it difficult for police and fire to get into the area. After police closed Deerfoot Parkway north of Interstate 59, they began using Deerfoot as a staging area. There is also a gas leak reported in Twin Lakes, Sivley said.

News staff writers Carol Robinson and William Thornton contributed to this report.