Jan 202012

U.S. military trainers will be invited back into Pakistan “as early as April or May,” but the nation has ruled out allowing CIA drones back into the country, Fox News has learned.

Relations between the two nations have been at an all-time low since 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed in an inadvertent aerial attack by NATO in November.

The Pakistani parliament is reviewing the nature of its relationship with the U.S., and politicians are expected on Jan. 30 to deliver a list of conditions for cooperation to resume.

The stipulations will include no covert CIA or military operations on the ground in Pakistan, and no unauthorized incursions into its airspace. Drones, which are the CIA’s biggest weapon against militants hiding in the tribal belt dividing Afghanistan and Pakistan, “can never return,” a senior Pakistani official told Fox News.

“They will never be allowed back, at Shamsi or anywhere else,” the official added, referring to the base in the country’s southwest from which many of the unmanned aerial vehicles were deployed before the NATO attack in November.

In return, Pakistan would allow back U.S. military trainers, including special forces teams, and a resumption of close cooperation with the CIA in targeting militants who use the Pakistani side of the border as a safe haven and breeding ground for extremism. It would also reopen the Torkham and Chaman border crossings into Afghanistan, which have been closed to NATO supply convoys since the attack.

“After this is presented to the Americans, a lot could happen very quickly,” the senior official told Fox News, speaking on the condition of anonymity. (~ Of course)

Jan 202012

Jan 202012

Jan 202012

Ron Paul took a break from campaigning in South Carolina to give a house floor speech to veto NDAA

Jan 202012

John King asked the GOP candidates to weigh in on the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) Bill being discussed in Congress. All of them expressed disapproval.

“You’re asking a conservative about the economic interests of Hollywood?”

Gingrich replied.

“I’m weighing it. I’m not rushing in. I’m trying to think through all of the many fond left-wing people who are so eager to protect. On the other hand, you have virtually everybody who’s technologically advanced including Google and YouTube and Facebook and all the folks who say this is going to totally mess up the Internet and the bill in its current form is written badly and leads to a range of censorship that is totally unacceptable. Well, I favor freedom! And I think that if you — if we have a patent office, we have copyrighted law. If a company finds it has genuinely been infringed upon, it has the right to sue — but the idea we’re going to preemptively have the government start censoring the Internet on behalf of giant corporations, economic interests, strikes me as exactly the wrong thing to do.”

Rick Santorum also said he didn’t support the bill but made it clear he was a staunch defender of intellectual property. “The Internet is not a free zone where anybody can do anything they want,” Santorum opined. There Are Limits To Freedom On The Internet’

Ron Paul pointed out that he was the first Republican to sign on with a host of Democrats to oppose SOPA. “This bill is not going to pass,” Paul said. “But watch out for the next one! I am pleased that the attitude is sort of mellowed up here, because the Republicans unfortunately have been on the wrong side of this issue. This is a good example on why it’s good to have somebody that can look at civil liberties and work with coalitions and bring people together. Freedom and the constitution bring factions together. I think this is a good example.”

Also know that Ron Paul returned to D.C. from the camPAIN trail JUST to vote NO to SOPA!

Mitt Romney agreed with the former Speaker of the House’s position. “The truth of the matter is that the law as written is far too intrusive, far too expensive, far too threatening to freedom of speech and movement of information across the Internet,” Romney observed. “It would have a potentially depressing impact on one of the fastest growing industries in America, which is the Internet. At the same time, we care very deeply about intellectual content going across the Internet. If we can find a way to very narrowly go after those people who are pirating, we’ll do that. A very broad law which gives the government the power to start stepping into the Internet and saying who can pass what to whom, I think that’s a mistake. I’d say no, I’m standing for freedom.”

IMO that is not the true Mitt as we observed in the last debate: Mitt Romney: Yes I would Sign NDAA

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Jan 202012

In recent days, the heat has been turned up on Mitt Romney to release his tax returns, with pressure coming from rivals, allies, and revelations about his Cayman Islands investments. At Thursday night’s South Carolina Republican debate, Romney was put on the spot to release his tax returns before April, and when he balked, the crowd reacted disapprovingly.

Moderator John King started out by noting that former Speaker Newt Gingrich posted his 2010 tax return during the debate, and Rep. Ron Paul joked that he was too embarrassed by his lowly income to release his.

“Governor romney, when will we see yours?” King asked.

Romney launched into a long, hemming and hawing response that ended up where Romney already was: releasing his tax returns in April. “When my taxes are complete for this year,” Romney replied. And i know if i’m the nominee, the President’s going to want to insist that I show what my income was this last year and so forth. when they’re completed this year in April, I’ll release my returns in April, and probably for other years as well.”

Although Romney blamed his reluctance on President Obama, King pointed out that the question had been raised by “ some of your rivals up here. Governor Perry made that point as well before he left the race. Why not show the people of South Carolina, before this election, see last year’s return?”

Romney’s answer was reminiscent of his “I’m running for office, for Pete’s sake.”

“Because I want to make sure that I beat President Obama,” Romney replied, adding “Every time we release things drip by drip, the Democrats go out with another array of abeing attacks. I’ll put these out at one time so we have one discussion of all of this. I obviously pay all full taxes. I’m honest in my dealings with people. People understand that. My taxes are carefully managed. I pay a lot of taxes. I’ve been very successful.” ”

At this point, some jeering could be heard, as Romney concluded, “When I have our taxes ready for this year, I’ll release them.”

After moving on to Rick Santorum (whose taxes are on his computer at home), King came back to Romney to ask him if he would follow his father’s example, and release 12 years worth of returns.

“Maybe.” Romney said, with an uncomfortable laugh. “I don’t know how many years I’ll release. I’ll take a look at what our documents are.”

His response was met with loud jeers from the crowd. Romney is wrong on this. His old tax returns will continue to be a death of a thousand cuts, and he ought to take Chris Christie’s advice, and put them out now.

~ Have you noticed how establishment his answers are and he does not answer a question directly but deflects like a classic liberal that he truly is! ~ JP

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Jan 202012

Etta James, whose powerful voice and passionate delivery created some of music’s most iconic love songs such as “At Last,” has died at the age of 73 from complications from leukemia, her manager said Friday.

James had been suffering from dementia and kidney problems, and was battling leukemia. In December 2011, her physician announced that her leukemia was terminal, and asked for prayers for the singer.

During her illness, her husband Artis Mills and her two sons fought bitterly over control of her $1 million estate, though a deal was later struck keeping Mills as the conservator and capping the singer’s expenses at $350,000.

During her illness, her husband Artis Mills and her two sons fought bitterly over control of her $1 million estate, though a deal was later struck keeping Mills as the conservator and capping the singer’s expenses at $350,000.

Read in depth HERE

~ At LAST she is in the comfort of God’s arms. Etta, we will miss you. Thank you for a half of a century of having your voice. ~ JP

Jan 202012

The announcement comes two days after Wikipedia, Reddit and other prominent Web sites protested the planned vote by blacking out their sites — a move that drew widespread attention and spurred a swift reaction from many lawmakers who had previously been supportive of or ambivalent toward the anti-piracy measures.

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Tex.), author of the Stop Online Piracy Act, said on Friday that he is postponing consideration of the bill in response to concerns from critics who said the bill could lead to censorship.

“I have heard from the critics and I take seriously their concerns regarding proposed legislation to address the problem of online piracy,” Smith said in a statement. “It is clear that we need to revisit the approach on how best to address the problem of foreign thieves that steal and sell American inventions and products.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) announced Friday he would delay consideration of measure to combat online piracy, bowing to pressure from a coalition of Internet companies, including Google and Wikipedia, that rallied consumers to their side by saying the legislation could lead to the censorship of popular sites.

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Nebraska governor expects to send a new proposed route for the Keystone XL oil pipeline to the Obama administration well before Election Day, after White House blamed Republicans for forcing rejection.

~ I saw this segment today & it let me know it was classic Obama & his machine blame laying…

Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman expects to seek Obama decision on Keystone before election

President Obama might be compelled to make a decision on the Keystone pipeline before the election after all.

Though the president just rejected a permit for the controversial project, Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman told Fox News that he expects to send the Obama administration a new proposed route for the pipeline well before Election Day.

“I fully expect we could get it done certainly in the early September, August time frame,” the governor told Fox News on Thursday. “I would send the letter back to the president of the United States saying we approve it and if he were decisive, he could turn around and approve it shortly thereafter, well before the November election.”

The White House, in justifying its decision to turn down the permit, blamed Republicans for forcing a decision in a tightened time frame. Congressional Republicans had attached a provision to last year’s short-term payroll tax cut extension requiring a presidential decision on Keystone in 60 days, a time frame administration officials warned would not be sufficient.

But all along, administration officials have also invoked the concerns over the pipeline of Nebraska officials, including Heineman, in justifying their handling of the issue.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, in reviewing the history of the dispute Wednesday, said “concerns were raised about the environmental impacts on the air and water quality in Nebraska.”

Yet while those concerns contributed to the State Department decision late last year to delay the federal review process, top Nebraska officials were not on board with the president’s decision Wednesday to reject the permit.

“Right now, I think they’re looking for a convenient excuse to get it beyond the election. Let’s do what’s right for the country. Let’s put America back to work,” Heineman said.

The White House is constantly citing the ‘Republican governor of Nebraska’ as a skeptic on the Keystone XL pipeline and a reason to delay or reject the project, but Gov. Dave Heineman’s actual position is in favor of tentative approval.

Heineman tells the online Governor’s Journal, “I don’t understand why [Obama] just doesn’t say yes,” saying that the Nebraska segment could easily be constructed last while the state figures out an alternate route:

Heineman appeared to offer the president a graceful way out even as he said, “I don’t understand why he just doesn’t say yes.

“At a minimum, the president of the United States could do a conditional yes,” and TransCanada could begin building the pipeline from either end and finish, in Nebraska. This is a credible solution, because nearly all other approvals are in place and no one thinks the pipeline won’t win final approval from Nebraska where the golden ring would be put in place.

Heineman says he expects TransCanada to provide Nebraska with at least one new route for the pipeline in the next week to ten days. After that, it will take six to nine months(possibly less) for Nebraska to grant its final environmental approvals. With a conditional approval from the president and the U.S. State Department, construction could be well underway by then.

[…] “Since the Department of State basically approved the old route, we don’t really think at the end of the day there is going to be a challenge there,” Heineman says. The governor says he thinks the issue boils down to this for the president: “Do you think it (Keystone XL) is in the national interest of the United States of America? When you have an 8.5% unemployment rate in America – this is a no brainer.”

~ Does not hurt that the fall out has been tremendous…

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