Jan 022012

National Review Editor Rich Lowry chews up Colmes and I spit him out!

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Jan 022012

ACLU, others say Obama’s presidency tarnished after he signs bill with controversial detainee provisions. In a scathing statement, the head of the ACLU, and other leading civil liberties and human rights groups who were among President Obama’s most ardent campaign supporters said the President’s decision to sign a sprawling defense bill including controversial detainee provisions would tarnish his legacy.

While voicing reservations, Obama reportedly signed the act because it guarantees continued military funding. He promised the provisions would comply “with the Constitution, the laws of war, and all other applicable law.”

But human rights groups on the left say future presidents may apply the law differently, adding the act is a sweeping expansion of executive power — beyond what was seen under the Bush administration. The ACLU and others slammed the president for putting his name to this year’s National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, out of concern that it would continue to allow indefinite detention while mandating military custody for some detainees.

The ACLU and others slammed the president for putting his name to this year’s National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, out of concern that it would continue to allow indefinite detention while mandating military custody for some detainees.

“President Obama’s action … is a blight on his legacy because he will forever be known as the president who signed indefinite detention without charge or trial into law,” ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero said.

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~ As stated in my prior post, ALL of us are protesting in our own ways. JUST check out this search.

Jan 022012

Obama has signed the National Defense Authority Act (NDAA) which includes horrific language on “Indefinite Detention” without legal recourse of U.S. Citizens using very broad language, which includes…”persons who commit a belligerent act”.

Our Bill of Rights & Constitution have been shredded even more so now..even more than what the Patriot Act did. We cannot lose what is left of our Democracy. The Executive Branch claims the right to detain, interrogate, and even assassinate U.S. Citizens on U.S. soil without any legal recourse for as long as they deem necessary…that the entire world is a battlefield, including our own country and including us, the Citizen as an “enemy combatant” if the White House deems that is what any single one of us is. Please help raise awareness on this…its crucial to our Democracy.

Please take 1 hour – your lunch break – to join us at:

Ventura County Government Center at NOON
Victoria & Telephone

– source

See Page 5 of PDF National Defense Authorization Act H. R. 1540

Link from Char:
* ACLU statement on Obama’s signing of NDAA

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* {Stratfor’s clients} Hackers set to dump intel-analysis (include federal agencies, corporations)

* Anonymous (From It’s Own Lips) declares cyber war on Congress over Indefinite Detention Act

* Anonymous Retaliates: Massive Information dump released on Senators who Passed NDAA

~ This is one issue all caring Americans can agree on. We are ALL incensed Obama signed it. We are all ticked off at the Senators who signed off on it. Despite this ‘bi-partisan’ objection they went ahead and not only ignored us, but spit in our collective faces. Remember this in your primary and rally behind ONE candidate to unseat them all from Obama down! This includes BOTH parties! ~ JP

Jan 022012

Be impressed they made their float out of all their own garbage. Recycled trash! (“Occupy Octopus” — a head and eight tentacles made of plastic bags attached to a frame.) Thank goodness THIS debauchery was after the actual Rose Parade. ~ JP

Hundreds of Occupy the Rose Parade protesters marched down Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena on Monday after the real event was over, lining up behind police squad cars, tow trucks and the last official float

A member of a small group called the Bible Believers, which marches every year at the end of the parade, yelled to the Occupiers: “You people are no more than communist revolutionaries who destroy our country.”

When one Occupier started to respond, a member of the movement’s “peacekeeping” team stopped him and said he would be better off marching than arguing. The team was formed by the protesters to prevent confrontations.

{Like a kindergarten school monitor)

ignorant, uninformed, spoiled brats.

The Clinton Admin & the Dodd Fwank bill had more to do w/ the forclosures that wallstreet did.

“wont lend to minorities who cant afford a loan? that’s racist, we’ll fix it!”

“you lent money to minorities who couldnt afford it?!?!? that’s predatory lending! you racists! we’ll fix it!”

wake up America. stop letting the government fix problems they created.

-President FFM aka FuriousFatMan

~ Thanks to Zip!

Jan 022012

Jan 022012

A member of Occupy Charlotte (North Carolina) is defending the burning of several American flags this weekend saying it was meant to show his “utter contempt” for America and its “greed.”

Alex Tyler, 19, of Fort Mill, NC, was arrested on Friday along with four other Occupiers and charged with setting fire to the brush area where Occupy tenters had been camping.

Also charged were Jason Bagert, 28; Michael Behrle, 23; and Stephen Morris, 20. Bagert has been identified as a leader and spokesman for Occupy Charlotte in the past but conveniently, now other members of the encampment say he is no longer their spokesman.

Tyler was unapologetic for burning the flags. He also complained about his fellow “protesters” to the Charlotte Observer.

“I’ve seen this group lose its activism and become lazy,” said Tyler, adding that the other men told him, “We’re going to give Occupy Charlotte a wake-up call.”

Some members of the Occupy group threatened to quit unless the four perpetrators were kicked out of Occupy Charlotte. Naturally, as of press time for the Observer, the rest of the crew could not bring themselves to have made a decision on whether or not to kick out the flag-burners. I suppose they are still warming up their twinkle fingers.

Warner Todd Huston

~ Even more arrests at New York City’s Zuccotti Park just before midnight on New Year’s Eve. I saw them LIVE streaming this. The conversations I heard were how in fact they could get away with this because the police were all down in Times Square. There was much laughter over this fact as they pillaged and burned.

68 of these Punk Occupy protesters were not so clever after all…

~ JP

NEW YORK — Authorities say dozens of Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested as they tore down the barricades surrounding New York City’s Zuccotti Park just before midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Police say 68 people were arrested during the scuffle. At least one person was accused of assaulting a police officer, who suffered cuts on one hand. Other charges include trespassing, disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment.

Protester Jason Amadi says he was pepper-sprayed when police tried to prevent the crowd of about 500 demonstrators from taking down the barricades. Amadi says the crowd piled the barricade pieces in the center of the park and stood on top of them, chanting and singing.

Police are still processing arrests but say some protesters have been released. No other details were available Sunday.

Occupy THIS Punks:

Jan 022012

Video take from near the top mountain of Killington, VT ski area showing very fast moving wave clouds as moist air was quickly lifted up and around the crests of the surrounding mountains. With cold strong advection underway in 35+ mph winds, this was a sign that winter is FINALLY on the way, and we may some skiable snow in the Northeast very soon.

Jan 022012

Feb 9, 2009

Barack Obama is being hailed by his supporters as one of the greatest leaders to ever guide America. He is the voice of hope and change that this county is dying for. Unfortunately, when you look past the side issues and media hype, you discover that there is little meaning to his rhetoric. He is controlled by the same corporate and globalist interests that Bush and Clinton were controlled by. He is a C.F.R. puppet and it is very dangerous to blindly support him. For the record, I hated Bush too.

The false left right paradigm is what got us here in the first place. If you strongly support Barack Obama, please watch this video and comment on how you feel. Give it one star if you want; I don’t care. Just think for yourself! — by aenfroy87