Dec 212011

~ I rarely post the afternoon edition but twitter has been bombarded with warnings for tomorrow for us, so I am letting you know ahead of time, being winter is our second tornado season …

Some of the tweets…

— From AL Storm Chaser:

— Noon-6pm is the Window for strong to severe storms in North Alabama. Winds 60-70 mph will be main threat

— Tornadoes are not out of the question and expect a tornado watch some time mid morning Thursday

— Dangerous Lightning and heavy flooding rains are also possible tomorrow.

From James Spann :

ACTIVE DAY TOMORROW: More short wave energy will impact our state tomorrow, and with surface temperatures rising into the low 70s, and dew points into the low 60s, that will create some pretty decent instability, and set the stage for chance of strong to severe storms tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours. The 12Z NAM/RPM runs actually look a little less impressive for severe weather, but they could very well be underestimating the about of shear and instability available.

The best chance of severe storms in Alabama will be generally west of I-65, from roughly 12:00 noon until 8:00 p.m. SPC maintains their standard “slight risk” of severe weather for much of North and West Alabama. This is the tail end of our fall tornado season, and we encourage everybody to be in a position to hear severe weather warnings tomorrow in the event they are needed. The storms will move out of the state tomorrow night… see the Weather Xtreme video for more details.

~ And if need be I will be here keeping you updated with a LIVE thread! I post the AM Spann & ABC 33/40 Edition Daily as you know ~ JP

The weather will be quiet tonight, but look out for strong to severe storms tomorrow afternoon

James Spann Nailed With A Snowball Feb 10, 2011. News anchor Dave Baird has a pretty good arm for an old guy :


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