Dec 252011

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Military Wives Official Video: Wherever You Are…

A couple of years ago, there was an internet campaign to spoil Simon Cowell’s Christmas. The plan was to install a band called Rage Against the Machine in the number one spot normally occupied by the Dark Lord’s latest X Factor creation. It worked a treat. Cowell, perhaps thinking of pots and kettles, dismissed the stunt as “stupid” and “cynical”.

~ I LOVE IT! Funny cause its true. Simon IS ‘The Dark Lord’ ~ JP

And guess what? It’s happened again, only this time without the internet campaign or any of the harrumphing. Instead, Cowell’s Christmas has been befouled by a spindly young fogey in specs and a peroxide bevy of Forces’ sweethearts.

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Dec 252011

Andrei Krivorukov got a wonderful Christmas gift today: his very own life. He saved it after a titanium ball from a Russian communication satellite crashed right into its house, escaping death by just a few feet.

AFP ~ Moscow, Dec 23: A Russian satellite today fell back to Earth over Siberia after its launch, reports said, in the latest setback for Russia’s space programme following a string of failures in the last year.

The Meridian communications satellite “fell to the territory of Siberia” after its launch from the Plesetsk cosmodrome, the Interfax news agency said, quoting a space industry source.

The RIA Novosti agency said it had come down over the region of the western Siberian town of Tobolsk.

The Russian satellite was a Meridian, which is used for civilian and military communications. It was destroyed when a Soyuz-2 rocket exploded in midair, just a few minutes after its launch from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome—a Russian spaceport, located 500 miles north of Moscow.

The catastrophe sent several pieces flying over Siberia, near the city of Tobolsk and as far as 62 miles from the city of Novosibirsk.

One of them was the 11-pound titanium ball that fell through Krivorukov’s roof, landing right where he was minutes before. That was when he decided to go to his yard to grab some wood for his fireplace. Because, you know, it’s bloody cold in Siberia. And you have to run out of your house from time to time to avoid random satellite pieces from crushing you into a pile of gunk.

He also got another gift: the town where he lives said they were going to pay for the repairs. I’m sure he’s happy enough to save his neck.

It’s a weird accident not only because of this Christmas miracle: the Soyuz has an excellent track record. It’s a tried-and-true vehicle with hundreds of successful missions since the 1960s, when it was designed by OKB-1 and manufactured at State Aviation Plant No. 1 in Samara, Russia. Its first flight was in 1966. The variant that launched today only has had one failure and one partial failure

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Dec 252011

Dec 252011

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Christmas Day was over… almost time for bed. Grandma couldn’t make it down because she was snowed in, so she insisted the girls open her gift. It brought quite the reaction – a perfect reaction for Grandma! echo, echo, echo…Their poor brother rofl

Dec 252011

~ I’ve never seen Ashley and Brian more cute…

Dec 252011

Maddie Hall wanted only one thing from Santa this year – for her dad to come home after completing his second tour in Iraq. When she went to the mall to tell Santa what she wanted, Seth Hall surprised his little girl. It was the first time Maddie had seen her dad in seven months.

Dec 252011

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Service opener on 12/19/10 , North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia ~ I would absolutely love this church :)

I’ve been thinking alot about Christmas lately. Yea, mostly because ’tis the season and all that. But, I’ve been wondering, do kids get it? I wanted to believe that yes, they do. It’s we adults that have the issues with Christmas.

I knew what I thought about all of these things, but the rumblings of the nay-sayers seemed awfully loud this year and I began to wonder if I could be wrong in my feeling that it’s all good. As long as one keeps things in perspective and remembers that we are celebrating Christ’s birth, I truly believe that there’s no harm in any of our traditional Christmas fare. But anyway, I thought, geez, what if I’m wrong? What if the kids in my church believe that Christmas is all about Santa and Rudolph and getting presents under a Christmas tree?

There was only one way to find out. This past Sunday, during Children’s Church, I asked them:

“Do all these lights and decorations have anything to do with Jesus’ birth?” I asked. “NO!” they all said.

“What about this Christmas tree?” I queried, standing by the smallish tree placed on a nearby speaker. “NO!” they retorted.

“Is Christmas about getting presents?” “NOOO!”

I smiled. “Who likes getting the presents, though?” Every hand went straight up.

“Who likes Christmas trees and all the neat decorations?” The hands stayed up.

“Yea. Me too. It’s fun. But what’s Christmas all about?” Still, every hand remained in the air. “Well?” They chorused, “The birth of Jesus!”

Kids really do get it. In fact, they understand Christmas better than many adults and I believe there’s a lot of rejoicing in Heaven over that. So, if you’re worried, stop worrying and start celebrating like a kid again. Christmas is a time to be glad and rejoice. It is truly a day that God has made.

From Christopher Randolph – Denver Evangelical Examiner

Dec 252011

A girl who was swept away in the Indian Ocean tsunami seven years ago said Friday that she broke down in tears after tracking down her parents, who had long lost hope of finding her alive.

Fifteen-year-old Wati showed up earlier this week at a cafe in Meulaboh, a town in Aceh province, saying she had been “adopted” by a woman who forced her to beg in the streets, sometimes until 1 a.m.

She said she could only remember her grandfather’s name, saying it was Ibrahim. Someone at the cafe tracked down a man by that name, and the man — unsure if it was actually his granddaughter — quickly summoned her parents.

“When I saw my mother, I knew it was her. I just knew it,” said Wati, who was given that name by the woman who found her. Her original name is Meri Yuranda.

Indonesian state news agency Antara reported on Thursday that the girl was aged eight when she was ripped from her mother’s arms by the rushing waters near her home in West Aceh, Indonesia, in December 2004.

It said her mother, Yusniar, was trying to get her and two other children to safety at the time.

The Dec. 26, 2004, tsunami that killed 230,000 people in a dozen nations hit Aceh — closest to the epicenter of the magnitude-9.1 quake that spawned waves 30 feet high — the hardest.

~ This is what she survived! at 2:42, a man died there.

~ Watch as the elderly couple literally gets washed away.

On Friday, the Associated Press said Wati had been kicked out by her ‘adopted’ mother when she stopped bringing in money.

With tens of thousands of bodies never recovered in the province, many people continue to cling to hope of finding lost loved ones, putting up fliers or ads in newspapers.

Wati’s mother, Yusniar binti Ibrahim Nur, 35, said she did not need a DNA test to prove the girl was hers.

“She has her father’s face,” she said, adding that she had stopped believing she would ever see her daughter again. “Then I saw the scar over her eye and mole on her hip, and I was even more sure.”

Wati and her father had different accounts of what happened on the day of the tsunami.

The girl says she remembers her father putting her into a boat with her sister, who is still missing and presumed dead. The father says that before the family was separated, he put both of his daughters on the roof of their house.

Wati then set out to find her family, but had very little information to guide her — only the name of her grandfather, Ibrahim.

Reunions, however, are extremely rare and, when they occur, rarely confirmed. And here lies the true miracle

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~ So when we get to feel sorry for ourselves or our children and grandchildren whine about they did not get the present they wanted, JUST think of Meri Yuranda and how she had to live after a true disaster. Making us humble. ~ JP