Dec 122011

ABC News affiliate WSET spoke to the boy’s father, Heiko Lunsmann, who said he’s so happy he’s getting his son back.

Father of Kidnapped Teen Talks About Son’s Escape:

“I’m so proud of my son, he’s a hero, he wandered two days through the jungle,” Heiko Lunsmann said.

“That was a tough time, it was tough five months,” he said. “I only know he is a hero and I’m so happy he escaped.”

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When he spoke to this father for the first time the boy proudly said, “I did it on my own, Dad, they didn’t release me, I did it,” family friend Jean Gowen told ABC News.

Kevin Lunsmann said he convinced his four armed captors that he was going to take a bath at a nearby stream, but then he decided to make a run for it. He followed a river down a mountain in Basilan province before being found with bruises on his arms and feet late the next day by villagers.

From WSET:

Campbell Co., VA – A 14-year-old boy will soon be coming home to Campbell County after spending the last five months in the hands of the militant group Abu Sayyef.

Kevin Lunsmann and his mother were kidnapped this summer while vacationing in the Philippines.

She was released in October when her husband paid a ransom. But the known Islamic terrorist group went back on their word and kept Kevin to hold out for more money.

But a few days ago, Lunsmann earned his freedom after a daring escape, an escape he told authorities he had been planning for weeks.

He says when he got his chance, he took it. And that comes as no surprise to one of his favorite teachers.

Teacher Talks About Teen Who Escaped Filipino Captors:

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Dec 122011

PYONGYANG – North Korea warned South Korea on Sunday of “unexpected consequences” if Seoul displays Christmas lights near the tense border, and vowed to retaliate for what it called “psychological warfare.”

The South’s defense ministry said earlier it was considering a request by a Seoul church group to put up Christmas lights on a steel tower shaped like a tree atop a military-controlled hill near the border.

The North’s official website, Uriminzokkiri, called the plan “a mean attempt for psychological warfare” against the communist state and threatened to retaliate immediately if the lights are switched on.

The 511-feet hill in the South, about two miles from the border, is within range of North Korean gunfire.

The tree-shaped, 98-feet high steel structure is illuminated by thousands of small light bulbs and can be seen from the North’s major city of Kaesong just north of the border, according to media reports.

“The enemy warmongers … should be aware that they should be held responsible entirely for any unexpected consequences that may be caused by their scheme,” Uriminzokkiri said. “This issue … is not something to be ignored quietly.”

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Dec 122011

Yesterday’s Post: {ALERT} Occupy Wall Street protesters want to shut down ports up and down West Coast Monday

This is from the source itself:

Per FNC they in fact have effectively shut the port down completely. From Portland Occupier: Answer the Call! Shut Down the Port!

From Occupy Port: The 99% Will Shut Down West Coast Ports on Dec. 12th

Dec 122011

Well, on one hand I’m miserable because this was my Chicago Bears. On the other mt heart is enlightened that Tim doesn’t ‘use’ his religion as a scapegoat but as a tool. I was so happy with Robbie Gould’s team-record 57-yard field goal though. ~ JP

“If you believe, then unbelievable things can sometimes be possible.” –Tim Tebow

In Denver, where the Broncos are the closest thing to a universal religion, the faith for football is so fervent that it sometimes supersedes other beliefs — especially since the arrival of Tim Tebow.

Tebow has defied his skeptics in ways that might make even the most secular of pigskin purists consider the possibility of divine intervention. On Sunday, he led the Broncos to yet another comeback victory, as they rallied from a 10-0 deficit with 2:08 remaining in the fourth quarter to beat the Chicago Bears 13-10 in overtime.

“We gave it away, We were up 10 points.” — Devin Hester

The win was the Broncos’ sixth straight and moved the team to 8-5 atop the AFC West.

With the Broncos prospering under Tebow, different religious communities in Denver’s metropolitan area have embraced the starting quarterback, even if their beliefs do not line up with his, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The devout evangelical Christian, who is not shy about praying on the football field, has catalyzed such a pervasive conversation about the role of faith in public that some religious figures in Colorado’s Front Range even consider Tebow fodder for the pulpit.

On a recent evening, the rabbi at Denver’s Temple Emanuel, Joe Black, was asked if he would ever sermonize about Tebow.

“Oh, absolutely,” he said. “Here’s the sermon I would deliver and probably will deliver: Tim Tebow is broadcasting the fact that he believes in God. God is actively involved in his life. We call ourselves people of faith. Is that how we perceive God? And if not, how do we perceive God?”

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Just when it looked like the Chicago Bears weren’t going to give Tim Tebow the chance to beat them in overtime, they couldn’t play keep away.

Tebow, Broncos beat Bears 13-10 in overtime

~ I felt it was important to post this report:

Would media tolerate putdowns If Tim Tebow Were Muslim?

Dec 122011

Supreme Court will review Arizona’s case, deciding on whether state can enforce measures of its immigration law — such as allowing police to question a person’s status — which is currently blocked by lower courts.

Similar laws in Alabama, South Carolina and Utah also are facing administration lawsuits. Private groups are suing over immigration measures adopted in Georgia and Indiana.

The case could be heard in April.

The justices — minus Justice Elena Kagan, who did not participate in consideration of the petition — said they will review a federal appeals court ruling that blocked several provisions in the Arizona law, including one that requires police, while enforcing other laws, to question a person’s immigration status if officers suspect he is in the country illegally.

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