Nov 232011

h/t Richard D. Cushing:

But you’d never know that from reading the story in the Chicago Tribune. The name “Barack Obama” appears nowhere in this story reporting on the sentence received by one of the key figures in Obama’s life – a man who raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for his state senate and US senate runs, who introduced him to movers and shakers in the shadowy world of big money real estate wheelers and dealers, and who befriended him on numerous occassions, including the favor he did him when he purchased the lot next door to his current home.

Will anyone even ask Obama for a statement on the fate that has befallen his former friend?

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~ In typical Chicago thug mentality and Obama induced, ol’ Tony argues for time served…

Antoin “Tony” Rezko will finally be sentenced today, more than three years after his conviction for orchestrating a multimillion-dollar kickback scheme while serving as a top adviser and fundraiser to former Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Rezko opted to enter jail after his June 2008 conviction, but his sentencing was delayed because of the possibility that federal prosecutors would call him as a witness at other key trials connected to the probe of the Blagojevich administration, including the former governor’s retrial over the summer.

Rezko was never called to testify, but the years he stood ready to do so have become a key point of debate between his attorneys and prosecutors in recent court filings.

Rezko’s attorneys are asking he be sentenced to time served, while prosecutors are seeking a prison term of 11 to 15 years.

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Rezko was convicted by a federal jury of extorting millions of dollars from firms seeking state business or regulatory approval while he was a Blagojevich confidant. More than two years later, in October 2010, he pleaded guilty to wire fraud over the bogus sale of his pizza restaurants. He still faces sentencing for that conviction as well.

~ Turn back the time capsule, when the Alan Keyes campaign was trying to insure Obama did not win the senate…

In sharp contrast to his tough talk about ethics reform in government, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., approached a well-known Illinois political fixer under active federal investigation, Antoin “Tony” Rezko, for “advice” as he sought to find a way to buy a house shortly after being elected to the United States Senate.

The parcel included an adjacent lot which Obama told the Chicago Tribune he could not afford because “it was already a stretch to buy the house.”

On the same day Obama closed on his house, Rezko’s wife bought the adjacent empty lot, meeting the condition of the seller who wanted to sell both properties at the same time.

The Rezko Connection: Obama’s Achilles Heel?


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