Nov 062011

~ She is adorable! May 21, 2011: Herman Cain and his wife, Gloria, wave during his presidential campaign kickoff in Atlanta.

Herman Cain’s wife is not very tall. She cooks scrumptious southern food. She graduated from Morris Brown College.

These flash-card facts are just about the most compelling bits of information known of Gloria Cain, the woman who’s been married to a leading presidential candidate for more than four decades.

While some other aspiring first ladies — and in the case of Rep. Michele Bachmann, first man — are on the campaign trail with their spouses, or at least maintaining some modicum of a public presence, Herman Cain’s better half has been virtually absent from the limelight.

She doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page.

Yet the candidate has described Gloria as his “greatest supporter,” their relationship as “magic.”

Get to know Gloria Cain


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