Nov 172011

~ Sadly, CNN treats him like a hero, he was on this morning also…

Nov 172011

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Controversial activist, professor and author Bill Ayers was videotaped recently giving advice about non-violent protesting to Occupy Chicago protesters.

Filmed last month by Education Action Group, EAG-TV, and posted on their YouTube page, the video shows Ayers teaching a group of protesters in a “teach-in.”

Ayers made headlines in 2008 when his connection to then-candidate Barack Obama were crystallized — perhaps most notably — by Sarah Palin who accused Obama of “palling around with terrorists.”

On October 20th, 2011 #occupychicago invited Domestic Terrorist turned University of Illinois professor, Bill Ayers, to lead a “teach-in” on the virtues of confrontational tactics dubbed “non-violent disobedience” in the anti-capitalist revolution.

~ I give you the Domestic Terrorist:

Nov 172011

(h/t: WeaselZippers) and The Blaze

For Congresswoman Maxine Waters, the string of deaths and crimes that have occurred across the Occupy movement nationwide is nothing more than “life” and “it happens.” She also said the incidents are merely a “distraction” from the Occupiers’ ultimate goal.

Speaking to CNSNews on Wednesday, Waters said:

“Let me just say this: Anytime you have a gathering, homeless people are going to show up,” said Waters. “They will find some comfort in having some other people out on the streets with them. They’re looking for food. Often times, the criminal element will invade. That’s life and it happens, whether it’s with protesters or other efforts that go on in this country.

“So I’m not deterred in my support for them because of these negative kinds of things,” said Waters. “I just want them to work at doing the best job that they can do to bring attention to this economic crisis and the unfairness of the system at this time.”

CNS points out that Waters, while a staunch supporter of the Occupy movement, has been highly critical of the Tea Party.

To note, neither deaths nor the types of crimes committed at Occupy protests have occurred at any Tea Party gathering.

What’s Rep. Maxine Waters’ response to OWS deaths and rapes? That’s life….

Nov 172011

An eye injury as police arrest more than 100 ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters in a march through Manhattan’s Financial District.

DEVELOPING: A New York City police officer was slashed during Thursday’s “Occupy Wall Street” action– and a second cop was taken to a local hospital with an eye injury– after clashes between protesters and activists across lower Manhattan, sources told (See Video)

Both officers are said to be in stable condition, although the incident marked an escalation of tension in the uneasy give-and-take between NYPD officers charged with maintaining order, and protesters determined to be heard.

The officer sustained the injury after a long day of marches and demonstrations by protesters across Manhattan’s Financial District. Here’s what happened, according to law enforcement sources.

Prompted by unknown reasons, a single officer, on-duty at the time, waded into a mass of protesters in Zuccotti Park. Once there, the officer called for back-up. Two additional officers responded to the call for help and joined the original one.

Something was thrown at eye of the original officer, perhaps an irritant, said law enforcement sources at the scene. Then, moments later, something “sharp” was thrown at one of other officers providing back-up, causing a deep gash on this thumb, the source said.

~ As of this posting I can say they were unable to block NY Stock Exchange BUT they do have ‘unannounced’ plans of attack. As we speak I know they were planning to stop traffic on Manhattan Bridge & subway stops, so news will be trickling in. If it warrants I will turn this into live comments. ~ JP

‘Occupy’ Protesters Take Aim at N.Y. Stock Exchange

NYC ‘Occupy’ Crowd Thins Out Due to Tent Ban


Over 1000 Occupy Wall Street protesters have gathered at Union Square Park after marching from Zuccotti Park. Many of the assembled are students and are calling for free higher education. Some protesters are preparing to ride city subways and block city bridges during the afternoon rush hour.

SHOCKING VIDEO: Occupy Wall Street Protester Threatens to Burn New York City to the Ground:

Neil Cavuto showed us this disturbing video of an Occupy Wall Street protester vowing to burn New York City to the ground on November 17 and implying that violence is right around the corner.

When speaking amongst a crowd in Manhattan, he said, “Ain’t no more talking… They got guns, we got bodies. They got bricks, we got rocks. Let’s see what they got.”

The protester continued his rant, saying, “In a few days, you’re going to see what a Molotov cocktail can do to Macy’s.”

~ Shortly after the rain began they then walked to the NYSE. Then came back when thwarted. Problem, they began trouble with police & more arrests made (100+). Also there will be a local report about Birmingham @ 4pm cst. Cavuto is reporting they are begiinning to take over subway stops. Also there have been arrests in S.C.. I will add all I find to comments. Stay tuned!

Nov 172011

Powerful storm system which may have produced several tornadoes leaves trail of damage in southern states…

Suspected tornadoes were reported Wednesday in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and South Carolina. Dozens of homes and buildings were damaged and thousands of people were without power as trees and power lines were downed.

In South Carolina, three people were killed and five injured when a likely tornado swept through a rural community near Rock Hill, about 20 miles south of Charlotte, N.C. In north Georgia, a man was killed when a tree fell on his sport utility vehicle. Authorities also reported a weather-related death in central North Carolina, but Davidson County Emergency Services Director Jeff Smith did not have any other details on the victim early Thursday.

In eastern Alabama, a suspected twister splintered trees and demolished mobile homes at a pair of housing parks near the Auburn University campus. Less than seven months ago, a massive tornado roared past the campus of archrival University of Alabama in the western part of the state.

It was the worst bout of weather for the state since about 250 people were killed during the tornado outbreak in April. Both campuses were spared major damage this time.

Read more…

Images from tornado that ripped through Laurel, Mississippi damaging homes, cars and buildings in the area on Wednesday, November 16, 2011.

New Update: Widespread damage reported across Auburn and Opelika

Auburn/Lee County:

See Beautiful Images sen to James Spann’s Blog

For Alabama storm reports

Nov 172011

Muslims have been participating actively in the Occupy movement

WARNING: Standard Foul language:Dave Platford’s Videos

Emery Abdel-Latif met Micha Balon during the Occupy Wall St. movement.

MSNBC Occupy Oakland:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Occupy Wall Street Meets Tahrir Square

MUST See Video: Muslim Brotherhood EXPOSED–Occupy Orlando. The permit for the Occupy Orlando event was signed by Shayan Elahi.

Look who’s behind uprising in Orlando

OCCUPY THIS! Who’da thunk this group would be pulling strings?

~ I close with the following from Dr. Shaik Ubaid of the Muslim ‘Peace’ Coalition:


An immediate end to all racial, ethnic and religious profiling.

The dismantlement and disclosure of all warrant-less surveillance operations.

An independent commission to investigate all NYPD, CIA and FBI operations against the Muslim community.

The immediate protection of our right to freedom of worship, free speech and free association.

The equal protection, under the law, of Muslims and all people of New York.

~ Tell me please WHAT this has to do with OWS Protestors?! JUST an excuse to incite an uprising, that’s what!

Friday, Muslims in New York will pray Juma at the old Liberty square and march demanding end to New York Police Harassment of Muslim community. See the flyer below. 29% of all Muslim children in New York Public Schools have been stopped by police because of the religious profiling. Now CIA, which is prohibited by law to operate in the US, is training NYPD to do it.

Friday, November 18, 2011
11:30 – 4 PM
Foley Square
(Worth St between Lafayette & Centre St.), NYC

11:30 pm: March from Occupied Wall St. (Zuccotti Park)
1-2pm: Jummah Prayer
2-4pm: Speakers & Performances

Calling all people of conscience: Following numerous Associated Press reports about NYPD programs that profile, investigate and entrap American Muslims not even suspected of committing a crime, it is time for Muslims and all Americans to STAND UP.

While legal and political actions and education continue, it is crucial that this movement be led by the people it affects: all of us.

Muslims, affected communities and all allies of justice, join us.

~ The Sponsors of this event?

Sponsored by: Majlis Ash-Shura of Metropolitan New York, Muslim Peace Coalition USA, Arab Muslim American Federation, Council on American Islamic Relations – New York (CAIR-NY), Muslim American Society (MAS-NY), Desis Rising Up and Moving (DRUM), Al-Awda NY: Palestine Right to Return Coalition, Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood, Social Justice Task Force of Muslim Alliance in North America, ICNA New York, Muslim Bar Association of New York (MuBANY), Muslim Defense Committee – National Lawyers Guild – NYC, Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition (MACLC), Muslim Consultative Network (MCN)

Endorsed by: International Action Center, Direct Action Working Group and Immigrant Working Group of Occupy Wall Street, United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC), May 1 Workers & Immigrant Rights Coalition, BAYAN USA, Pakistan USA Freedom Forum, Project SALAM, Honduras USA Resistencia, SI Solidarity Iran, Jews for Racial & Economic Justice, CLEAR @ CUNY Law, Veterans for Peace – Chapter 34 NYC, NY Committee to Stop FBI Repression, Pakistan Solidarity Network, Brooklyn For Peace, Jews Against Islamophobia, Jews Say No!, Brooklyn Congregations United, Jewish Voices for Peace NY, Women Against Islamophobia & Racism, First Unitarian Universalist Church, Church St. Paul and St. Andrew, All Souls Church, Labor for Palestine and New York City Labor Against the War, Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, New York Taxi Workes Alliance, South Asia Solidarity Initiative, Turning Point for Women & Families

~ Friends, I implore you to stay out of the line of fire. Officials have known about this for days as reported here and being shown on all cable news this morning.

My only question is being Obama supports this and Soros is behind much of it, why are local authoriities NOT calling in the National Guard?! ~ JP

Nov 172011

‘Menu’ includes shutting down Wall Street, subways, bridges — By Aaron Klein

NEW YORK – Watch out New York City. The Occupy anti-capitalist movement is preparing to serve a three-course meal of so-called direct action that apparently includes the blocking of subways and bridges as well as shutting down the stock market.

The attempt to cause mass chaos, slated for Thursday, is tied to the Tides Center, the George Soros-financed group that funds far-left causes. Tides grantees have been helping to direct Occupy from the onset of the anti-Wall Street movement.

Occupy Wall Street is currently holding “Direct Action Preparation and Training” courses today and tomorrow in downtown Manhattan to gear up for Thursday’s round of riots.

The Occupy site announces: “Action Preparation & Training for November 17th, November 30th and Beyond.”

The training plan states it aims to “build affinity team, train to do actions and civil disobediences, meet new allies and friends and have some fun with us.”

The Take the Square website, a partner of Occupy, has posted Thursday’s agenda, outlining the radical plan as a three course meal of chaos.

“Breakfast,” slated for 7 a.m. Eastern, aims to “shut down Wall Street.”

The site says: “It’s time we put an end to Wall Street’s reign of terror and begin building an economy that works for all. We will gather in Liberty Square at 7 a.m., before the ring of the Trading Floor Bell, to prepare to confront Wall Street with the stories of people on the frontlines of economic injustice. There, before the Stock Exchange, we will exchange stories rather than stocks.”

Read the rest of the bad news…