Nov 072011

Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” was meant to be a warning, not a user manual for big government. The film’s producer, Harmon Kaslow, joins Glenn Reynolds to discuss the eery similarities between current events and Ayn Rand’s classic novel.

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NOTE: DVD Release date is Tomorrow November 8th

Nov 072011

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— featured image: Athletic director Tim Curley and university official Gary Schultz step down just hours before facing arraignment on charges they lied to grand jury about investigating child abuse allegations of former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, who was arrested Saturday.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Just hours after stepping down, two high-ranking Penn State administrators face arraignment Monday on charges they lied to a grand jury investigating former defense coordinator Jerry Sandusky and failed to properly report suspected child abuse, a case that has left fans reeling.

Late Sunday, after an emergency meeting of the Board of Trustees, university President Graham Spanier announced that Athletic Director Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, the school’s senior vice president for business and finance, would be leaving their posts.

Sandusky was arrested Saturday on charges that he preyed on boys he met through The Second Mile, a charity he founded for at-risk youths. The charity said in a statement Sunday that Sandusky has had no involvement with The Second Mile programs involving children since 2008, when Sandusky told the foundation that he was being investigated on child-sex allegations.

The case has rocked State College, a campus town routinely ranked among America’s best places to live and nicknamed Happy Valley. Under head football coach Joe Paterno — who testified before the grand jury and isn’t considered a suspect — the teams were revered both for winning games, including two national championships, and largely steering clear of trouble.

In a statement issued Sunday, Paterno said the charges were “shocking.”

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Nov 072011

~ Alveda King said it best this morning on FNC: Jesse Jackson is “Civil Wrong” on this comparison to Civil Rights!

Saturday’s crowd swelled during the brisk evening, as the Rev. Jesse Jackson, a prominent civil rights leader, paid an early evening visit to show his support. He told those gathered that the movement was an extension of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Poor People’s Campaign.

Hours later, though, Occupy Atlanta organizer Latron Price said he was disappointed that the situation grew confrontational.

“As responsible occupiers, we have to step up and try to display an example that the overall agenda is not about confrontation with police,” he told The Associated Press. “We need to deal with the banks, we need to deal with home foreclosures, and we need to deal with wealth disparity.”

Asked about the exchanges with police, the 37-year-old Atlanta man said, “That has me equally upset because we’re losing what we came here to do, which is to protest peacefully.”

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Nov 072011

Some days ago, there has been some reports in local newspaper that perhaps George Soros is thinking about how to make money from Hong Kong. Specifically, from the property market. I believe Apple Daily first broke the story that Team Soros has been meeting real estate developers, agencies and other people in Hong Kong, gathering data and information, although it was not clear whether they are really thinking about betting on anything, and if they are indeed betting, whether that will be on the bullish side or bearish side.

Subsequently, local magazine went on to build up a dossier on George Soros (you can see the cover here) which contains absolutely no information on what Team Soros is thinking and/or thinking of doing. To be fair, no one knows exactly what Team Soros is thinking as all we know is only that the Team is meeting a lot of people, although one would speculate that he is on the bearish side as the vulnerability of the real estate market and the economy as a whole has been judged to be pretty obvious here.

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