Oct 162011

Alabama running back Trent Richardson bolstered his Heisman Trophy campaign with an incredible 76-yard touchdown run last night.

After Ricardson bursts through the line, he looks to be cornered by Ole Miss defenders at the 20 yard line.

But he jukes Senquez Golson to the ground at the 14-yard-line and scampers into the endzone.

Second-ranked Alabama won 52-7.

Here’s the video (slow-mo replay of the juke at the 1-minute mark) This is Trent showing he is the most dominate RB in all of Football:

Click full screen for this one!

The only thing that University of Bama students have to learn before graduating. “ROLL TIDE”

Dean: What have you learned here at Bama?

Joe Benny Bob Willie: “Roll Tide.. Bear Bryant is God !! ”

Dean: Great job, you graduate !!


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