Oct 252011

Oct 252011

What can’t Derek Holland do?

One night after baffling Cardinals’ hitters over eight-plus innings in a 4-0 victory, the Rangers pitcher was invited to chat with FOX’s Joe Buck and Tim McCarver from the dugout.

After the requisite rehashing of the previous night’s game, the 25-year-old showed off his comedic talents. The self-proclaimed “crazy lefty” – with his team down 2-0 no less – provided play-by-play of a Cardinals’ at-bat while impersonating legendary Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray.

And he wasn’t done. Following a bases-loaded double play to get out of the inning, an animated Holland sent listeners to break with his best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.

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Oct 252011

A flagrant security flaw in the massively popular Skype video chat service may be putting Internet users worldwide at risk.

The serious security breach in the Internet video chat program, which boasts over 500 million users around the globe, means that any evil computer nerd could easily hunt down users’ whereabouts, according to a study co-authored by an NYU-Poly professor.

Skype was quick to downplay the importance of the research. But Keith Ross — part of an international team of researchers who uncovered the problem — said blackmailers or other cybercrooks could, for example, use the flaw to track the travels of a cheating spouse.

And more alarmingly, terrorists or criminals could use the security gap to determine the locations of groups of government officials or employees of a large organization, he told the New York Post.

“Any sophisticated high school or college hacker could easily do this,” Ross told the Post.

The flaw lets hackers determine the IP address from which a Skype user is logged in. That’s a problem because IP addresses are usually specific to Internet users’ physical locations. Hackers simply have to know how to grab their targets’ IP addresses from simulated calls that Skype users would never notice — and which leave no trace.

h/t FOX News

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Oct 252011

* Baby Azra’s name means ‘Help’ in Hebrew

* Survived more than two days naked in freezing conditions

* ‘It was like the judgement day’ says one survivor

* Rescue attempts criticised for not providing enough shelter for homeless

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Oct 252011

To me the field has shrunk considerably to those who actually deserve a spot in the finals…

Tied for First…

Ricki Lake:

~ I felt like I was watching the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movies growing up & that was simply nostalgic…

~ For me J.R. Martinez can do no wrong, he so deserves the spot! My Mom said learning The Charleston was sooo much fun. This is so reminiscent. Another good memory…

Nancy Grace could not have been more adorable, earning the # 3 spot…

To go home IMO should be Chaz or Hope. Enough of the P.C. Chaz CANNOT dance!

So I am including a few extras after picking my Top 3. I ADORE Kristin Chenoweth. I first saw her in a quirky show named Pushing Daisies:

I close with the Fight if the Night. Normally this award goes to a politician, 95% of the time being someone in the Obama Administration or some socialist but Max earned it last night. Come on now Hope looks wrong on this show. She is JUST not very personable:

Oct 252011

The names of the jurors who determined Casey Anthony’s fate when they found her not guilty of first-degree murder this past summer have been revealed.

But even with their identities revealed, there may remain one big, lingering question:

Why did they reach the verdict that they did?

None of the jurors — all Pinellas County residents — is obligated to talk to the media about the six weeks they spent serving on Anthony’s trial in Orlando.

The jurors are Joan Meier, Raymond Screen, Linda Bills, Harriet White, Brian Berling, Kimberly Kimball, Kathleen Nighland, James Kearns, Ronald Robertson, David Angelo and Mary Fuhr. Alternate jurors whose names were not previously released are Elizabeth Jones and Heather Feuerhake.

Alternate jurors Dean Edward Eckstadt and Russell William Huekler and juror Jennifer Ford already voluntarily revealed their identities publicly.

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The names of the jurors who determined Casey Anthony’s fate when they found her not guilty of first-degree murder will be made public Tuesday.

Juror identities are usually released in Florida once a verdict is rendered. But, in Anthony’s high-profile case, Orange-Osceola Chief Judge Belvin Perry ordered the names remain private.

Anthony, 25, was found not guilty in July of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Marie in the summer of 2008.

The 12-member jury, comprised of Pinellas County residents, also found Anthony not guilty of aggravated child abuse and not guilty of aggravated manslaughter of a child.

It was a verdict that stunned spectators and angered the public.

The jury was given the opportunity to talk to the media about their decision almost immediately after they rendered a verdict, but the panel declined.

Perry issued an order soon after the verdict, stating that he had the authority to protect the safety and well-being of the jurors “by imposing a ‘cooling off’ period.”

In that order, Perry said some jurors reported being threatened and expressed that they felt like “prisoners in their own homes.”

Perry’s order allows the Pinellas County Clerk’s Office to release the names Tuesday. The names of jurors plus the alternates will be released, except three people who already stepped forward and spoke to certain media outlets.

Orlando Sentinel

— featured image: (Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel)