Oct 182011

IMO the Best dance of the night, deserved a 30! J.R. Martinez:

Ricki Lake would have had a higher score, made a bad decision doing her freestyle:

Rob Kardashian looking smooth:

Nancy Grace did well for herself, Ms. Cheerleader :)

David Arquette was much improved:

~ The other three can JUST go home, makes me no never mind. ~ JP

Oct 182011

From today’s show:

Mother Says She Takes Medications ~ Unwanted pregnancy?

h/t FOX Insider

From her mother’s admission that she was drunk on the night of baby Lisa’s disappearance to whether they hurt her in any way, the parents of Lisa Irwin reveal all in a shocking interview with Megyn Kelly.

This weekend, Megyn Kelly sat down with Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, the parents of Lisa Irwin, the 11-month-old baby who has been missing since October 4. In this hard-hitting interview, Megyn talks to the parents about the events leading up to the child’s disappearance, even asking point blank if they killed – or sold – their daughter.

In part one of Megyn Kelly’s incredibly revealing interview, Deborah Bradley admitted to being drunk after consuming “several” glasses of wine on the night that Lisa disappeared. Bradley acknowledged that she drinks a couple of nights a week after putting her children to bed, saying, “I don’t see the problem with me having grown up time.”

While she conceded that it was a possibility that she blacked out, Bradley doesn’t believe she did anything to harm her baby.

In another brand-new development, Bradley changed her story about the last time she saw little Lisa. While she had previously claimed that she checked on the baby at 10:30 p.m., she admitted to Megyn that she doesn’t really remember checking on her at that time, and in fact, only remembers checking on her four hours earlier.

Megyn Kelly discussed inconsistencies in the Irwins’ statements with Judge Jeanine Pirro, who had interviewed them previously. As you can see in the clips below, the Irwins stories changed about both the time little Lisa went to bed, as well as, how they believe someone was able to break into their home.

Next, Megyn pressed the mother of the missing child about whether she killed, hurt or even sold Baby Lisa. Plus, find out which questions caused her to fail a polygraph test administered after her daughter’s disappearance.

Oct 182011

Yesterday marked the 1,000th day of Barack Obama’s presidency, and unfortunately for America, those days have been marked by deeper deficits, lost jobs, prolonged unemployment, and bigger government. Meanwhile, many of those charged with leading the federal government have all but abdicated their responsibilities.

The national debt stands at $14.9 trillion–$4.2 trillion of which has been added since Obama took his oath of office. Fourteen million Americans are unemployed–that’s 9.1 percent of the workforce. The unemployment rate has been above nine percent for 840 of the 1000 days, and the average unemployed worker has been without a job for more than 9 months. All told, 2.2 million jobs have been lost under Obama’s watch, despite the White House’s claims that the President’s $787 billion stimulus would create 3.3 million net jobs by 2010.

Unfortunately, instead of leading America toward fiscal sanity and a stronger economy, the President is taking the country in the opposite direction. Last week, his latest proposal to “stimulate” the economy with another $447 billion in spending failed to pass the Senate, but instead of recognizing that more taxing and spending is not what America wants or needs, he’s redoubling his efforts. Today, the President is starting another bus tour to sell a different version of the same plan–this time broken up into pieces of taxing and spending still big enough to choke a horse. It’s the same plan, only in different packaging. Former Congressman Ernest Istook explains the danger:

Even segmented versions of Obama’s $447 billion plan can be used to squeeze in those worst parts. That’s because it’s almost impossible to get both the House and the Senate to enact identical versions of a bill, thus requiring a conference committee to “work out the differences”–which sometimes includes adding distasteful details.

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Obama, 13 days into his presidency:

“If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s gonna be a one-term proposition.” [source: Obama: More Govt Action Needed As Additional Banks Fail // 2 February 2009 // Dow Jones News Service]

~ He’s done a bang up job :

DEBT: Total Public Debt Outstanding has increased by $4.2 trillion [source: Treasury Dept]

MORE DEBT: America accumulated as much debt over the past 1,000 days as it had in the country’s first 79,135 days (July 4, 1776 through March 3, 1993) [source: Treasury Dept]

DEBT PER DAY: America’s debt has increased by about an average of $4.2 billion per day [source: Treasury Dept]

INTEREST ON U.S. DEBT: $1.2 trillion has been spent servicing U.S. debt—that by itself would be the world’s 15th largest economy
[source: Treasury Dept]

JOBS: 2.22 million jobs lost [source: BLS]

POVERTY: Nearly 3 million more Americans in poverty—poverty rate has gone from 13.2% to 15.1% [source: Census]

FOOD STAMPS: 12 million more Americans living off of food stamps [source: Dept of Agriculture // Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program]

GOVERNMENT SPENDING: Spent more than $9.6 trillion – 60% more than the federal government has taken in [source: OMB and CBO]

MORE GOVERNMENT SPENDING: Under Obama, the govt has spent an average of $6.6 million every minute and $111,111 every second [source: OMB and CBO]

CHINA: Owns $1.17 trillion of our debt (as of July) – a 58% increase from January 2009 [source: Treasury Dept]

GOVERNMENT JOBS: Excluding the U.S. Post Office, Federal Government has added 140,000 jobs [source: BLS]

UNEMPLOYMENT RATE: Has averaged 9.4% under Obama [source: BLS]

MORE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE: Has been at or above 9% for 840 of the 1000 days [source: BLS]

UNDEREMPLOYED: Nearly 5 million more Americans are underemployed [source: BLS]

REGULATIONS – NEW RULES: 7,076 new final regulatory rules issued [source: Federal Register]

REGULATIONS – FEDERAL REGISTER: 45,696 pages of new regulatory rules were added to the Federal Register
[source: National Archives and Records Administration, Office of the Federal Register, various years]

AVERAGE WEEKS UNEMPLOYED: Unemployed out of work for an average of 40.5 weeks – that’s more than double since Jan 2009 [source: BLS]

JOB APPROVAL RATING: Dropped nearly 30 percentage points [source: Gallup Tracking]

SPEECHES AND PUBLIC REMARKS: Roughly 806 speeches/public remarks made – once every 1.24 days source

SPEECHES — JOBS: Has said the word “jobs” 4,718 times in 591 speeches [source: http://projects.washingtonpost.com/obama-speeches/]

SPEECHES — ECONOMY: Has said the word “economy” 4,541 times in 605 speeches [source: http://projects.washingtonpost.com/obama-speeches/]

CIVILIAN LABOR FORCE: Has decreased by 168,000 [source: BLS]

MANUFACTURING: 818,000 manufacturing jobs lost — a -6.5% drop since Jan. 2009 [source: BLS]

BANK FAILURES: 371 Banks have failed [source: FDIC]

STATES: 37 States have higher unemployment rates [source: BLS]

GOLF: 82 rounds of golf — average of one round every 12 days [source: Mark Knoller, CBS –Fox News Tracking]

REPOSSESSIONS: More than 2.4 million homes have been repossessed for failure to pay their mortgage [source: RealtyTrac]

BANKRUPTCIES: Some 4 million total (business and non-business) bankruptcies [source: American Bankruptcy Institute]

GAS PRICES: Up more than 80% and has been over $3/gallon every day in 2011 [source: AAA/OPIS]

UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS: Almost $380 billion spent by federal government on unemployment benefits [source: Treasury Dept and CBO]

ECONOMIC TEAM: 7 key members of Obama’s Economic team have resigned [Summers, Romer, Bernstein, Orszag, Goolsbee Volker and Rouse] [source: News Reports/Tracking]

HEALTH INSURANCE PREMIUMS: Health insurance premiums (family coverage) up 9% this year and 12.7% from 2009
[source: Kaiser Family Foundation]

MEDIAN INCOME: Real median household income in the U.S. in 2010 was $49,445, a -2.3% decline from 2009 [source: Census Dept]

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY: Spent more than $26 billion on the EPA – FY2011’s spending will be about 40% more than FY2009 [source: Treasury and OMB]

FOX Nation

Oct 182011

The Occupy Wall Street protesters are marching on the neighborhoods of the rich. Front Page wants to know why the protestors aren’t marching on millionaires like Nancy Pelosi. Is Obama to blame? Plus, the Front Page regulars look at the Volcker rule and it’s effect on banking. Will consumers pay more as a result of this rule?

~ I would say these lyrics were made for OWS:

Oct 182011

Businessman Herman Cain is leading President Obama in a new head-to-head poll, with seniors and independents taking a particular liking to Cain’s unconventional candidacy.

The survey from Rasmussen Reports showed Cain squeaking ahead of Obama in a hypothetical general election contest, pulling in 43 percent compared with Obama’s 41 percent.

The lead is within the margin of error. But Cain is the only Republican to have any lead over Obama in head-to-head polls conducted by Rasmussen over the past several weeks.

The lead is within the margin of error. But Cain is the only Republican to have any lead over Obama in head-to-head polls conducted by Rasmussen over the past several weeks.

GOP hopeful inches past incumbent in poll, showing strong support from independents and seniors

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Oct 182011

Israel trades 1,027 Palestinian prisoners for Gilad Shalit’s return. Gilad Shalit, who was freed after five years of captivity by Hamas militants, says he is ‘very excited’ to be headed home after being exchanged in a historic prisoner swap between Israel and Hamas.

JERUSALEM – An Israeli soldier freed after five years of captivity by Hamas militants says he is “very excited” to be headed home.

In an interview with an Egyptian TV station, Sgt. Gilad Shalit says he was told about a week ago that he was being freed. He says he feared he would remain in captivity for “many more years” and remained afraid that “things may go wrong.”

Shalit said he missed his family and friends and now has a lot to do.

Israel’s army has confirmed that Shalit is now on Israeli soil after Hamas militants in Gaza transferred him to Egypt earlier Tuesday.

Shalit landed at Tel Nof air base in central Israel on board a military helicopter for an eagerly awaited reunion with his family.

Shalit’s father, Noam, made a brief television appearance on his way to the base. Asked whether this was the happiest day of his life, he said: “Yes, you can make that assumption.”

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