Oct 152011

UPDATE II: As of right now cops are saying the above report panned out not to be connected to Baby Lisa


Police are on scene of an abandoned house at 39th and North Chouteau after they said a backpack and some diapers were found inside.

KCTV5 has a reporter on scene and will bring you more information on this lead when it becomes available.

Kansas City police also have in custody the handyman they’ve been wanting to question in connection to the disappearance of missing baby Lisa Irwin.

Captain Steve Young said the man known as “Jersey” is in custody on unrelated charges. Young also said they wanted to question the man about Irwin because he was known to frequent the area but he is not a suspect.


The 10 month old Kansas City, Missouri baby, who went missing almost 2 weeks ago may be alive and close to home. Wild Bill Stanton told Fox News this evening that this breaking news was only given to him tonight. He told Judge Jeanine that investigators searched an abandoned home where a man’s backback, baby wipes and a newly soiled diaper was found. DNA tests can determine if the diapers were worn by the missing baby. The diapers, believed to be soiled recently may indicate that the baby is alive and close to home.

If the discovered diapers, which were located at 39th Street and Chouteau in Kansas City, are determined do belong to the baby, it is possible that the baby never left the vicinity and was taken by somebody familiar with the family.

Missing baby Lisa Irwin may still be in the neighborhood where she went missing

Family Releases Home Video of Missing Baby Lisa Irwin

The family of missing Missouri baby Lisa Irwin has released new home video of the 11-month-old. Her parents reported her missing on October 4th when her father, Jeremy Irwin, found the baby missing from her crib after he returned from a late shift at work.

Rod Wheeler, a former homicide detective, joined America’s Newsroom and questioned why the family just released the video now and didn’t make it public days ago.

Geraldo on Search for Baby Lisa Irwin: “It’s Virtually Impossible This Is Not an Inside Job”

There are still no leads or suspects in the disappearance of 11-month-old Lisa Irwin, who went missing two weeks ago when her dad claims he found her crib empty upon his arrival home from work.

Jeanine Pirro and Geraldo Rivera joined Happening Now to comment on the case and described several inconsistencies in the parents’ statements.

Pirro said that what doesn’t add up to her is the fact that while Lisa Irwin’s mother claims that the baby was snatched while she was asleep, there was a baby monitor on that night and she didn’t hear anything suspicious. Also, the Irwins have a dog that has been known to bark frequently, but remained quiet that night.

Rivera said that because October 4 was the first night that baby Lisa’s father worked the overnight shift, “It seems to me that it’s virtually impossible that this is not an inside job.”

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Oct 152011

Did you ever wonder why people with no connection to Hollywood get the “E! True Hollywood Story”?

I wonder about that when I see a “True Hollywood Story” about royalty (other than Princess Grace, of course). Now I’m wondering the same thing about someone from Orlando.

Does Casey Anthony rate an “E! True Hollywood Story”? Well, she’s getting one at 10 p.m. Wednesday on E!, of course.

Those interviewed include journalists, former Anthony boyfriends, a former high school friend, former defense attorneys and Zenaida Gonzalez, who is suing Anthony for defamation. Gonzalez says her life was ruined when Anthony linked her to the disappearance of Caylee Anthony. Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder in July in the 2008 death of her daughter.

You want quotes? E! supplied a few. Take a look:

“If you wanted to hang out [or] go party she was always down.” — Brandon Snow, Anthony’s former boyfriend

“Casey was very smart and very popular. She was someone that everyone pretty much kind of knew.” — Angel Rivera, former classmate

“You follow someone around, let’s say 24/7, and then you only play one or two hours of their most difficult time, that does not define who that individual is. That was an unfair portrayal of her.” — Dorothy Clay Sims, defense attorney for Anthony

“She didn’t take off any clothes; she wasn’t up on the stage stripping or anything. It was just her you know, standing around and dancing in a blue dress.” — Clint House, Anthony’s friend in response to the uproar over pictures of Anthony taking part in a “hot body contest” while her daughter was missing

“It started going down like, ‘You’re a baby killer, you killed that baby.’ They were going to kidnap my daughters and see how I like [it] and then they started saying that they [were] going to kill them and they [were] going to send them to me in pieces in a box to my house and yeah. … I hate that part.” — Zenaida Gonzalez on what she faced

“I think the priority should be figuring out what really happened because that’s the only way that Caylee will ever get justice. It’s not seeing [Casey] behind bars and it’s not seeing her out of jail. It’s knowing what happened and the truth.” — Michelle Bart, former spokesperson for George and Cindy Anthony

Orlando Sentinel

E!’s special on the Floridian airs next Wednesday, October 19. Some of the quotes from Casey Anthony and those associated with her in her True Hollywood Story: To get details & see more quotes

Oct 152011

Oct 152011

Everything image, every video, every snap exposes this movement for what it is – anti-American, racist, and violent. h/t Atlas Shrugs:

Al Shaprton & Unions’ Rally For Obama’s “Jobs” Bill Masquerades As MLK Memorial

I went down to the Washington Monument this morning to check out the big Al Sharpton / big labor unions “Resist We Much” rally, which was essentially a Support Obama’s Jobs Tax Increases Bill masquerading as a march and rally in honor of the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial being dedicated on the Washington Mall tomorrow.

Seriously, did you think this rally was about jobs? There’s nothing like being a labor union employee and being bussed to Washington DC…– Blogger Marooned in Marin. See all the photos of today…

Scenes From OccupyDC Fleabaggers On Saturday Afternoon

Oct 152011

:: DOJ Sets Up Alabama Immigration Law Hotline ::

A federal appeals court on Friday suspended parts of Alabama’s tough immigration law while it considers the Justice Department’s request to strike it down.

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta ruled that Alabama cannot prosecute illegal immigrants for not carrying registration documents with them at all times or require schools to check the immigration status of all students.

But the court said Alabama, among other things, can require police officers to verify the immigration status of anyone they lawfully stop if they suspect they are in the country illegally. Illegal immigrants will also be prohibited from obtaining a license to drive, get a vehicle or open a business.

The Justice Department opposes Alabama’s law, claiming it invites discrimination against foreign-born citizens and legal immigrants and is at odds with federal policy. But state officials say the law is necessary to protect the jobs of legal residents.

A final decision on the law won’t be made for months to allow time for more arguments.

Alabama’s provisions allowing officials to check the immigration status of public school students and authorities to question people suspected of being in the country illegally are what help make the Alabama law stricter than similar laws passed in Arizona, Utah, Indiana and Georgia. Other federal judges have blocked all or parts of the laws in those states.

Since a federal judge upheld much of the Alabama law in late September, many frightened Hispanics have been driven away from the state, fearing they could be arrested or targeted by police. Construction workers, landscapers and field hands have stopped showing up for work, and large numbers of Hispanic students have been absent from public schools.

To cope with the labor shortage, Alabama agriculture commissioner John McMillan at one point suggested farmers should consider hiring inmates in the state’s work-release program.

It’s not clear exactly how many Hispanics have fled the state. Earlier this week, many skipped work to protest the law, shuttering or scaling back operations at chicken plants, Mexican restaurants and other businesses.

Immigration has become a contentious issue in Alabama over the last 10 years as the state’s Hispanic population grew by 145 percent to about 185,600. While the group still represents only about 4 percent of the population, some counties in north Alabama have large Spanish-speaking communities and schools where most of the students are Hispanic.

AP contributed to this report

Oct 152011

Oct 152011

“The only people who don’t want to tell the truth, are the people with something to hide.” — Obama

Dr. Michael Savage: Obama A Lifetime Naked Marxist; Refuses To Show A Valid Birth Certificate; Has A Social Security Number From A State He Never Lived In; A Man Held In Contempt of Court

Oct 152011

What was initially planned as a peaceful “Occupy Rome” protest turned into a violent demonstration in the Italian capital. Police reportedly used tear gas and water cannons to disperse crowds of angry Italians.

(The truth about these punks is being covered in Italy but NOT here!)

Protesters wearing masks and helmets threw rocks, bottles and other objects at police in riot gear. Some wielded clubs, while others were armed with hammers. The demonstration against the government’s economic policy, with a crowd estimated at 200,000, descended into violent chaos when groups of angry protesters set cars on fire, smashed windows and attacked shops. Protesters also attacked the Defense Ministry and set a wing of the building on fire.

At least one person was injured and taken to a hospital, the Al Jazeera television network reported. The protests in the Italian capital were modeled on the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstration against capitalism and austerity measures, which went global Saturday with dozens of marches and protests worldwide.

The website for the international movement said 951 cities in 87 countries were ready to “Unite for Global Change” — the official slogan of the rally. Sizable protests were held in Spain, the UK and New York.

Oct 152011

From Move America Forward:

Until now, we’ve mostly stayed away from the debate surrounding the protesters in the “Occupy Together” movement that is popping up in cities across America, but today we have to weigh in on this issue, because these protesters have attacked our troops!

It’s time to stop pretending that these protesters are ANYTHING BUT the same loony lefties that we were used to seeing every weekend protesting against President Bush, attacking our military and attacking the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are the same people with the same agenda!

Here in Sacramento, where our headquarters is located, the protesters of Occupy Sacramento have holed up in a downtown park, but walking through last Saturday, we could easily see signs reminiscent of the same anti-war protests we remember from the streets of Berkeley years ago. Anti-military and anti-American they seek to bring about their perverted view of ‘social justice’ by tearing down the free marketplace that has made America strong and kept our freedoms secure.

It’s time we got serious and addressed these foolish miscreants. They’ve crossed the line and gone too far, attacking our troops like this. Please join us in opposing their radical movement which is now showing it’s true anti-American colors.

~ Click image for MAF…

BOSTON (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) – The Coast Guard in Boston confirmed that a woman in uniform was harassed and spat upon near Occupy Boston protesters.

The woman was walking to the train and said protesters spit on her twice, called her foul names and even threw a water bottle at her.

Now, the Coast Guard is warning all staff working on Atlantic Avenue to avoid those protesters while in uniform.

Coast Guard member spit on near Occupy Boston tents: MyFoxBOSTON.com

Some Occupy Boston members have told FOX 25 they plan on sticking it out through the winter. They have receive donations like tarps and tents to stay dry and have raised more than $11,000 online . FOX 25 went digging and found one reason the group may not have to get a permit, may stem from a federal lawsuit .

Federal ruling may allow Occupy Boston protesters to remain: MyFoxBOSTON.com

If the Occupy Boston protests only last through October, it could end up costing taxpayers $2 million in Police overtime costs.

Occupy Boston protests could cost city $2 million in police overtime: MyFoxBOSTON.com

Oct 152011

– featured image: A photovoltaic solar panel ranch similar to the California Solar Valley Ranch under construction by SunPower in the state’s San Luis Obispo County. The $1.2 billion loan guarantee to support the project was finalized in hours before the loan program expired Sept. 30. The company announced Aug. 5 that it will build the panels for the ranch at a new factory it will open in Mexico. – DOE photo

How did a failing California solar company, buffeted by short sellers and shareholder lawsuits, receive a $1.2 billion federal loan guarantee for a photovoltaic electricity ranch project—three weeks after it announced it was building new manufacturing plant in Mexicali, Mexico, to build the panels for the project.

The company, SunPower (SPWR-NASDAQ), now carries $820 million in debt, an amount $20 million greater than its market capitalization. If SunPower was a bank, the feds would shut it down. Instead, it received a lifeline twice the size of the money sent down the Solyndra drain.

Two men with insight into the process are SunPower rooter Rep. George R. Miller III, (D.-Calif.), the senior Democrat on the House Education and Workforce Committee and the co-chairman of the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, and his SunPower lobbyist son, George Miller IV.

Miller the Elder is a strong advocate for SunPower, which converted an old Richmond, Calif., Ford plant in his district to a panel-manufacturing facility.

The congressman hosted an Oct. 14, 2010, tour of the plant with company CEO Thomas H. Werner and Interior Secretary Kenneth L. Salazar to promote the company’s fortunes.

“The path to a clean energy economy starts here, in places like SunPower’s research and development facility,” said Salazar during the tour.

~ Snippet:

According to the SunPower PAC filings for its activities in the 2010 midterm election campaign cycle, it donated more than $36,000. Of the $15,650 donated to House and Senate candidates, $14,650 went to Democrats, with these top recipients: $4,000 to Sen. Harry Reid (D.-Nev.), $3,000 to Rep. Gabrielle Gifford (D.-Ariz.) and $2,900 Sen. Barbara Boxer (D.-Calif.).

Read more @ Human Events

Also See: SunPower Q4 Profit declines after restating the results

~ Speaking of Solyndra. Chris Stirewalt of Fox News shows that there is yet another Inside Man for Solyndra at the White House:

“I thought the White House might want to take advantage of this event to highlight a highly successful public/private partnership.”

— Obama adviser David Prend in an email to a White House aide encouraging the president to publicly embrace Solyndra, a solar-panel manufacturer that Prend’s investment firm partly owned.

The latest figure to emerge in Soylndra green-jobs scandal is David Prend, a co-founder of the Boston-based venture capital firm Rockport Capital, who used his role as a green energy adviser to the Obama administration to push for a half-billion-dollar subsidized loan for Solyndra even though his company was a major investor in the solar-panel manufacturer.

Emails obtained by congressional investigators show that Prend was perhaps the first to push for Solyndra inside the administration, touting the company in a February 2009 meeting with Carol Browner, President Obama’s former global warming and energy czar. At the time, Prend’s firm held a 7.5 percent stake in Solyndra.

Prend also pushed for Solyndra to be included in a Navy contract as part of the administration’s plan to switch the military to green energy. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Navy effort came in the spring of this year, long after it was clear that the company was kaput. The Navy seemed to be on the cusp of including Solyndra in the $1 million pilot project, but had to drop the well-connected firm as bankruptcy approached in September.

Read more @ FOX