Oct 122011

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Yesterday PPP released numbers showing Herman Cain leading Mitt Romney 30-22 in Iowa and our monthly look at the national picture finds the exact same numbers. Cain is up 30-22 on Romney with Newt Gingrich sneaking past Rick Perry for 3rd place at 15% to Perry’s 14% with Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul tied for 5th at 5%, Jon Huntsman 7th at 2%, Rick Santorum 8th at 1%, and Gary Johnson 9th with less than 1%.


Strong Tea Party support has Cain in the driver’s seat nationally, just as he has been on our last four individual state polls. With non-Tea Party Republicans Romney actually leads Cain 29-27. But with the Tea Party crowd Cain is getting 39% with Gingrich at 16%, Perry at 14%, and Romney in 4th place at 13%. Romney doesn’t need to win the Tea Partiers to be the Republican nominee. But he does need to finish better than 4th with them.

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:: Odds for Herman Cain GOP Nomination ::

Oct 122011

GOP presidential candidate says he won’t be ‘brainwashed’ by liberal line of thinking

HEATED EXCHANGE: O’Reilly Goes Head-to-Head With Tavis Smiley and Cornel West Over Poverty in America, Wall Street Protests

A heated debate erupted on Tuesday’s O’Reilly Factor when Princeton Professor Cornel West and PBS Broadcaster Tavis Smiley joined Bill to discuss poverty in America.

O’Reilly argued that poverty isn’t exclusively an economic problem, but also a social and personal responsibility problem. Bill cited figures from the White House and Department of Health and Human Services that state that 46 million Americans are living below the poverty line but that about 9% of Americans have some kind of substance dependence and most of those people cannot earn a living.

West claimed that O’Reilly is seeing things through the wrong “lens” and that one percent of the population has 40 percent of the nation’s wealth and said that he sympathized with the Occupy Wall Street protesters because the “oligarchs” in our country have been much too greedy.

O’Reilly acknowledged that we need to tighten up loopholes within the system, but said that many of the protesters want the government to forcibly seize the assets of the wealthy and distribute it to others, which amounts to socialism.

Fireworks then erupted during the interview because O‘Reilly misunderstood part of Smiley’s response, thinking that he claimed O’Reilly “lied” about something, when he had in fact said that O’Reilly was “right.”

Then, when Smiley suggested that O’Reilly’s confrontation with an African American CEO suggested racism, O’Reilly heatedly said, “Oh Tavis, knock it off with the black business! … We treat everybody the same here, Tavis.”

Smiley then said, “What we’re talking about here is fairness. We’re talking about justice here.” Smiley argued that while police are spending time arresting protesters, not one banker has served time. O’Reilly responded that it’s because they didn’t violate any laws, at which point Smiley and West erupted in shouts.

West exclaimed, “Oh! Come on, Brother Bill! How do you know? There’s been no investigation!”

The conversation eventually turned back to poverty in America with Tavis Smiley arguing that while poverty is a social problem, it is also a political problem. He said, “The ranks of the poor in this country are growing exponentially. Most of them women and children. But almost 50 million Americans are living below the poverty line. It’s not just substance abusers. And the bottom line is that the worst thing you can do to any human being of all races, of all colors, of all creeds, is to make them feel invisible, to make them feel disposable.”

~ JUST check out the Screaming Meemie Brother’s in yet another act of ‘reverse’ racism. And Dude, Cornel Dude, that afro is so Don King 60’s, buy some hair straightner:

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~ Reverse Racism in Play

Oct 122011


A crazed killer gunning for his ex-wife turned a busy Southern California beauty parlor into a blood-splattered slaughterhouse yesterday, fatally shooting eight people before he was chased down and arrested.

The madman was a 41-year-old tugboat worker named Scott Dekraai, witnesses told the Los Angeles Times. Other witnesses believed his former wife, Michelle Fournier, a stylist at the shop, was among the dead.

“He didn’t stop,’’ a woman who was in a stylist’s chair told the paper. “It went boom! boom! boom!.I was afraid he was going to shoot everybody.’’

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:: Police Identify Suspect in Calif. Salon Massacre ::

Seal Beach police have identified the suspect in a salon shooting massacre that left eight people dead and one critically wounded.

Police Sgt. Steve Bowles says 42-year-old Scott Evans Dekraai of Huntington Beach was arrested Wednesday and booked on suspicion of murder.

Police say Dekraai was stopped by officers about a half-mile away from the shooting scene at Salon Meritage and surrendered without incident.

Neighbors said they were aware Dekraai was in a custody battle with his ex-wife over their son, who neighbors said is 7 or 8 years old.

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DEVELOPING: A shooting at a Southern California hair salon reportedly left six people dead and three in critical condition.

Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Marc Stone tells KCAL-TV that the victims were rushed to a nearby hospital.

Police arrested a man in a traffic stop a half-mile from the shooting scene and he was taken into custody. Police say multiple weapons were seized.

The shooting reportedly occurred at Salon Meritage in Seal Beach Wednesday afternoon, which is located in a cluster of small businesses on Pacific Coast Highway in the community southeast of Los Angeles.


Oct 122011

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Oct 122011

:: ‘Occupy’ Forms Alliance With Obama Lobby Group ::

The “official” Occupy Wall Street website has publicly formed an alliance with yet another Obama campaign front group, the New Jersey branch of the American Federation of Teachers, the parent organization of which spent $1.9 million on Obama’s 2008 election campaign.

Fears that the OWS movement is being subverted by Democratic Party operatives will only be heightened after OccupyWallSt.org celebrated the fact that “AFT fully endorses Occupy Wall Street,” (Warning: When you see their website you will be livid) noting that the local chapter stood in “solidarity” with ‘Occupy’ demonstrators.

The American Federation of Teachers financed Obama’s 2008 campaign to the tune of $1.9 million and has also recently offered its strong support for Obama’s “Jobs Plan,” which critics have pointed out will lead to higher taxes not for the super-rich, but for middle class Americans.

The United Federation of Teachers sub-chapter of the AFT, which has also publicly backed the Occupy Wall Street protests, was rewarded for their parent organization’s support for Obama when the administration made the union representing New York City’s public school teachers the largest beneficiary of the notorious Obamacare waiver.

As we previously documented, the Occupy Wall Street website has openly embraced the likes of MoveOn.org, AFL-CIO, and SEIU, all of whom financially backed Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and have supported his bid for re-election in 2012.

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