Oct 082011

First they ignore you.
Then they ridicule you
Then they fight you
Then you win!

— Mohandas Gandhi, 1947

I am observing the pathetic message-less Left. which has now moved to step three of Mohandas Gandhi’s famous statement 64 years ago. The behavior of the Occupy Wall Street horde comes straight right out of the Move on.org playbook and is funded by none other than #1 America-hater George Soros.

One has to wonder how absolutely stupid these anarchists are. I continue to be amazed by these truly pathetic hustlers of hate who spew out vile anti-Semitic filth under the protective umbrella of the Left. This OWS gang, a motley group of mostly White underachievers, remains lock step with Barrack Hussein Obama as he engages in class warfare. The Marxist president crows that millionaires and billionaire must pay their fair share of taxes. He evades the arrow-sharp question of… What is this Administration doing to cut its obscene government bureaucracy?

Arrow sharp answer is: Absolutely nothing!

Some among the group claim to be members of the Tea Party. Excuse me as I choke with mockery how these primates claim to align themselves with America’s Tea Party movement while at the same time espousing communist / anarchist dogma. Nothing could be less truthful. This OWS mob is as unTeaParty as they could be.

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This from Investors.com:

The Left: Billionaire George Soros declared sympathy for the mobs swarming Wall Street and blaming banks for the economy. Strange that a man who should be anathema to these parasites’ agenda is actually their patron.

The “Occupy Wall Street” blame-the-banks movement in New York and other large cities is proving itself to be more AstroTurf than grass-roots political movement by the day.

The latest presence: billionaire big-foot hedge-fund speculator George Soros who has declared fealty to this unkempt bunch. “Actually, I can understand (the protestors’) sentiment, frankly,” he told reporters in New York. “I can sympathize with their grievances.”

Not only is the $22 billion-dollar man declaring the motley mob the protagonists in a vast struggle against capitalism, the activist groups he’s funded, such as the Tides Foundation, MoveOn.org, and a new one, led by self-described communist Van Jones called “Rebuild the Dream,” are now its most active organizers.

~ Snippet: Once you know how Soros thinks, it all makes sense.

MUST read full article: George Soros, Agent Of Chaos

:: George Soros “sympathizes” with Occupy Wall Street movement ::

During a news conference at United Nations headquarters on Monday, billionaire George Soros said that he sympathizes with protesters and completely understands the frustrations of small business owners:

“Actually, I can understand their sentiments, frankly, because there are a lot of people, for instance, running small businesses, who saw their credit cards being raised from 8 percent to 28 percent and they were relying on that credit to run their business, and a lot of them actually were put out of business,” Soros said.

“At the same time, the decision not to inject capital into the banks but to effectively relieve them of their bad assets, and then allow them to earn their way out of a hole, gave the banks bumper profits and that allowed them to pay bumper bonuses,” he added. “As I say, I can sympathize with their grievances.”

From The Blaze:

During a Monday news conference at U.N. headquarters, Soros was asked what he thought about the “Days of Rage” protests.

If there was one person who might actually lend credibility to the the Days of Rage protests, that is, if there were one person who justifies their “rage” against corrupt financiers, it is George Soros.

Consider these facts:

* 2002: George Soros fined $2.3 million under French securities laws for insider trading

* 1992: Black Wednesday, Soros sells short more than $10 billion worth of pounds, profiting from the UK government’s reluctance to either raise its interest rates to levels comparable to those of other European Exchange Rate Mechanism countries or to float its currency.

* 2011: Forbes writes that that Soros has a net worth estimated at $22.0 billion, making him the 46th richest person in the world.

If Soros does not fit description of “corrupt financier,” we are not sure who does.

It would then make sense for the protesters to unanimously reject Soros’ “sympathy,“ and to direct their ”rage” against him rather than some faceless, nameless bankers who work on Wall Street.

~ The Blaze

In correlation to cartoon: {Try Not to Laugh} Read Demands of ‘Occupy Wall Street’

ALSO SEE from Blogger, DBKP : …Proving that he still has the ability to inspire the idealistic among us, Barack Obama’s increasingly shrill anti-capitalist tirades have launched a grassroots movement (funded with George Soros’ grassroots dollars) called “Occupy Wall Street,” in which young, affluent, overwhelmingly white, unbelievably self-absorbed kids are marching in streets, sleeping in parks, putting on zombie makeup, weeping hysterically, and trying to get laid.

Oct 082011

George Soros, the billionaire financier and liberal activist, was dealt a legal blow this week when the European Court of Human Rights refused to overturn his nine-year-old criminal conviction for insider trading.

A French court convicted Soros in 2002 for insider trading in the late 1980s, but the Hungary-born investor appealed, arguing that the French law on insider trading at the time was too ambiguous to find him guilty.

But the European court ruled Thursday in a 4-3 decision that the French rules were clear enough to convict him.

Soros’s lawyer, Ron Soffer, told the Wall Street Journal that his client would appeal the decision.

“There are some serious questions that still need to be answered,” Soffer told the newspaper.

The conviction is based on a 1988 investment Soros made in French bank Societe Generale. A French court found that Soros sold his shares for $2.9 million in profits after receiving insider knowledge about a plan hatched by a group of wealthy French businessman known as the “golden granddads” to force a takeover of the bank.

~ This is what Soros does. What he ‘wants’ to do to our economy (i.e) Solyndra loan. You can’t clear your name Georgy boy when your name has all the socialist baggage you carry. ~ JP


Oct 082011

Chris Carpenter tossed a three-hitter to outpitch old pal Roy Halladay in a duel for the ages and the St. Louis Cardinals edged the Philadelphia Phillies 1-0 Friday night in the deciding Game 5 of their NL playoff series.

The wild-card Cardinals scored in the first inning when Rafael Furcal led off with a triple and Skip Schumaker followed with a double.

And that was it.

Being from Chicago I cannot support the Cardinals :) Read more @ FOX

:: Brewers Win in Extra Innings, Advance to NLCS::

MILWAUKEE – Nyjer Morgan did it again for Milwaukee, delivering an RBI single in the 10th inning to beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 3-2 Friday in Game 5 and send the Brewers to the NL championship series.

Morgan hit a one-out grounder up the middle and Diamondbacks closer J.J. Putz tried in vain to stop it with his leg. Carlos Gomez scored from second, sailing across home plate as a wild throw went high, and Morgan was mobbed by jubilant teammates near the mound.

The latest dramatic finish for baseball’s best home team at raucous Miller Park gave Milwaukee its first victory in a postseason series since it won the AL pennant in 1982.

Read on @ FOX

Oct 082011

From Grassfire:

Gibson Guitars has come under intense fire over a questionable exotic wood shipment — a shipment that cleared U.S. customs and Indian authorities.

What you also may know is that this is less about the wood, and more about President Obama’s assault on private business and his arrogant misuse of power! “What this is about is selective enforcement, excessive enforcement,” said Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN). “It’s about lack of clarity, confusion and uncertainty pertaining to the law.”

Read this from Heritage, Gibson Guitar Plays the Overcriminalization Blues:

Do you know all the laws of the United States? Do you know all the laws of each of the 50 states (not to mention the assorted territories, Indian reservations, and other enclaves)? Probably not. And yet “ignorance of the law is no excuse” has been a maxim of criminal law since time immemorial. The result is an ever-expanding discretion for prosecutors – who now can pick a target for an investigation and then scour the statutes for a suitable crime with which to charge him. As Lavrenti Beria, Stalin’s head of the dreaded secret police said proudly, “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”

Now multiply that by 200 times – that being roughly the number of countries there are in the world – and you have some idea of the jeopardy that arises by operation of the Lacey Act. The Act was first adopted in the early 1900s with a wholly benign purpose of preventing big game poachers from killing endangered species in Africa. But because it was difficult to know all of the many prohibitions in African countries, the law used a short-cut and simply made it a crime to take and import any animal in violation of the laws of another country. No big deal, when animal imports were few and far between and federal criminal prosecutions rarer than hen’s teeth.

No longer. The Lacey Act has since been expanded, first to cover endangered plants (like, say, orchids) and most recently to cover all forms of flora and fauna, including wood. Now you can begin to get the picture – if you use wood in the construction of any product and the wood is imported from overseas, you are obliged to know the laws of every country from which the wood is imported – and not just the laws, but even down to the most picayune regulations.

Rule of Law

Oct 082011

~ Once more this administration is destroying state sovereignty:

The Obama administration asked an appeals court on Friday to block the enforcement of Alabama’s strict immigration law — widely considered to be the toughest in the nation — arguing it invites discrimination against foreign-born citizens and legal immigrants and is at odds with federal policy.

The Justice Department filed the challenge to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. It claimed Alabama’s new law “is highly likely to expose persons lawfully in the United States, including school children, to new difficulties in routine dealings.”

Read more @ FOX

Oct 082011

The mayor of Whiteville, Tenn. said his community is under attack from a national atheist organization that is threatening to sue unless they remove a cross atop the town’s water tower.

“They are terrorists as far as I’m concerned,” said Mayor James Bellar about the Freedom From Religion Foundation. “They are alleging that some Whiteville resident feels very, very intimidated by this cross.”

The mayor told Fox News Radio that the cross was erected on the town’s water tower about eight years ago by a private group of citizens. They collected private donations to cover the costs.
It’s just a cross on the water tower,” he said. “All we’re doing is exercising our right to practice our beliefs down here but this organization is now going to stymie that. We’re not out here knocking on doors trying to convert people.”

But the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation said the cross is a violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. They’ve given the mayor until the end of October to remove the cross. If he refuses, they have threatened to sue.

“The law is very clear on this,” Freedom From Religion Foundation co-president Dan Barker told Fox News Radio. “A secular city may not promote or hinder religion. We don’t have a problem with believers putting up crosses wherever they want, but this is a cross put up by the city on the city water tower.”

Barker said they’ve been sending letters to the city since last year demanding that the cross be taken down, acting on behalf of an unnamed resident who complained.

“It offends many residents,” Barker said of the cross. “Many of them think the cross symbol is an offensive symbol – that it’s an insult to humanity.”

But Mayor Bellar said he doesn’t believe that’s true.

“As a matter of fact, I don’t even think it’s a Whiteville resident,” he said. “We don’t have people of that belief here and if we do they’re not going to raise that kind of ruckus for the rest of the town.”

Oct 082011

:: Holder vs White House: Who Is Accountable? ::

Get the Fast & Furious facts at oversight.house.gov

~ MUST SEE this video…

Your government – in the form of the Obama-Holder Justice Department – helped arm Mexican drug cartels through the botched sting known as Operation Fast and Furious. Hundreds have died and the Obama Administration refuses to answer the question: who is accountable here? Where does the buck stop?

Oversight Committee watchdogs, led by Chairman Darrell Issa, will not relent until those responsible for this felony stupid, deadly Obama Administration program is held to public account. Americans have a right to know.

The video takes hard aim at U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who on May 3, 2011, swore testimony before the committee’s chairman, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., that he had only heard of the operation “weeks” before. In a statement released with the video, Issa and Grassley declare they are pushing Holder and the Obama Justice Department for “a full accounting of the deadly program” and argue thus far their investigation has been meet instead with “silence, stonewalling and spin.”

From WND:

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform released a video today asking who should held accountable for “Fast and Furious,” a scandalous Department of Justice operation that purposefully put assault weapons into the hands of Mexican drug lords and is now blamed for killing hundreds of people, including U.S. border agents.

Yet Issa and fellow watchdog Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, say they have a series of at least five weekly briefing memos from Michael Walther, director of the National Drug Intelligence Center, detailing the program to Holder and dating back to July 2010, long before the “weeks” in Holder’s testimony.

Read the full article: Issa: Heads should roll over ‘Fast and Furious’

:: Holder Has Some Explaining to Do ::

:: Holder Responds ::

Deny, Deny , Deny. Silence, Stonewalling & Spin

Attorney General Eric Holder, under new pressure from Republicans over when he learned of “Operation Fast and Furious,” has mounted his most forceful defense to date, accusing critics of using “irresponsible and inflammatory rhetoric” and insisting his statements have been “truthful and accurate.”

“I have no recollection of knowing about ‘Fast and Furious’ or of hearing its name prior to the public controversy about it,” Holder wrote in a letter to congressional leaders Friday. “Prior to early 2011, I certainly never knew about the tactics employed in the operation.”

Read it all @ FOX

~ So the first fall guy bites the dust:

:: Head of Energy Dept., Jonathan Silver Loan Program Resigns ::

Oct 082011

Explosive new emails show Obama administration considered giving $5.4M more to now-bankrupt solar firm.

The Obama administration was considering whether to pump another $5.4 million into the failing solar panel manufacturer Solyndra in late August, according to hundreds of pages of new emails obtained by Fox News.

The emails show that Energy Department officials were eager to find a way to keep the failing company alive, but officials at the White House, Treasury Department and Office of Management and Budget intervened to cut off any more funds from going to the company.

A conference call was hastily arranged on Aug. 26 to consider the matter, and an email exchange about the discussion suggests White House officials were more deeply concerned about the story developing into a major public relations headache than they have let on in recent days.

White House aide Heather Zichal emailed budget office official Jeffrey Zients to see if he would jump on the Solyndra call and he responded yes. He asked, “What’s the deal?”

“*#-@show,” was Zichal’s one-word response to Zients.

Another email suggested that the ensuing controversy was going to be “a mess,” according to the documents obtained by Fox News.

After the August conference call, officials familiar with the discussions told Fox News that there was unanimous opinion within the administration that no more money should go to Solyndra. The company filed for bankruptcy days later.

:: Doc Dump ::

The emails are part of about 2,000 pages of documents sent late Friday to the House Energy and Commerce Committee as part of the Obama administration’s ongoing cooperation with an investigation into whether undue political influence was used by George Kaiser, an Obama fundraiser and Solyndra investor, to approve the original $535 million government loan guarantee to the company.

IMPORTANT: George Kaiser Family Foundation’s

:: Solyndra, Economy Spell Trouble for Obama Re-election ::

~ Obama, Holder & Rahm would resign in the ‘Real World’. They would not have any choice. But being this & more stink all the way up, who can make them leave? They will use ‘fall guys’. Holder is already defending his lies regarding ‘Fast and Furious’ We knew Issa had his work cut out from him. Lord knows he has been trying. But unless the court of MSM ( like CBS), fry them, I hold out no hope they will be gone. ~ JP