Oct 032011

Newly released documents show that a Silicon Valley investor and senior administration officials warned the White House against having President Obama visit the solar company Solyndra in May 2010 because of its mounting financial problems, saying he might be embarrassed later.

Obama’s Energy Department had provided Solyndra with a $535 million government-backed loan and wanted to highlight the investment to show taxpayers how their stimulus dollars had been put to work. Top administration officials concluded that while a visit posed political risk, it was appropriate. Obama ultimately appeared at the factory and praised the company, which collapsed in late August and is now under federal investigation.

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See Video of O & I Subcommittee has been investigating the Department of Energy

Oct 032011

– featured image: Stephanie Keith/AP — Protesters sit with arms linked on New York’s Brooklyn Bridge before police began making arrests during Saturday’s march by Occupy Wall Street.

The NYPD released ‘raw’ videos Sunday showing a captain with a bullhorn warning Occupy Wall Street protesters just before nearly 750 of them were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge. The punks known as Occupy Wall Street, but in reality they are what I warned about here back on September 16th, Radical, Dangerous, Violent, Deadly.

They are PUNKS, plain & simple. They get off on the chaos.

Thy call themselves ‘Occupy Wall Street’, but we know them better than that. They are like their idol Che’, Revolutionaries. Every generation sees them.

They get their funding from the likes of George Soros. Are supported by radical activists like Rosie O’Donnell & Michael Moore.

From Today’s N.Y.Post:

The revolution will be publicized. The Occupy Wall Street movement got a pro-bono boost last week from a not-so-underground source: a Manhattan public relations firm.

In the coming days, if you had any sympathy with the genuine protestors who began the protest against Bank of America, it will be repeatedly shown the anarchists, as in every country like the G8 conventions & everywhere in Europe are causing chaos, they will be exposed.

These are NOT innocent kids. These kids do not even care nor have the common sense to realize Wall Street rich cats contributed more to their messiah than any other candidate in political history. They do not know how he’s in bed with the biggest & as with Jeffrey Immelt Ceo of G. E. and the The Head Of Obama’s Jobs Council. They are apathetic to ‘Truth’. They are not paid to ‘care’.

What they do is the mantra of Van Jones:

And their game plan is straight out of the Alinsky Rulebook, JUST zero in on #13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

~ I lived in Chicago in 1968′, was a very active teenager in politics & news. My mother & cousin were right dab smack downtown when the radicals protested. It was sheer anarchy BECAUSE it was ‘Anarchists’ that were rioting. Yes, there was some wrong moves by the CPD. Yes, there were unnecessary beatings. But what the liberal media did not tell you was what those protestors did to the police.

They threw bottles at the police. They spat on police. They threw urine at police.

My mother was working at Cook County Hospital & was stuck on a bus for eleven hours through downtown. Why? Because the radicals were trying to OVERTURN cars.

My cousin left his night classes at Columbia University on Michigan Ave. He got caught between a radical & a cop. This punk took the cop’s own nightstick & was hitting the cop with it. My cousin attempted to help the officer. Don’t get me wrong, Chicago cops were some of the biggest & nastiest bullies of most law enforcement. But I can attest to these instances & the one where my brother-in-law who was a sergeant @ CPD & I got raw reports from him. Yes, the CPD & National Guard didn’t like these kids. But with very good reason.

Where were all Chicago’s liberal media then?!

Then too there was a bridge involved. The bridge to the National Convention Center. Most reports were disingenuously reported. The only difference between the radicals starting trouble then, & those on Wall Street today, is the year it happened. The aftermath of this event resulted to 150 injuries and 589 arrests.

In closing, I ask you not be fooled my friends. If you come across anyone who is sympathetic or throws up their fist in allegiance, please direct them to this post. ~ JP

Oct 032011

Italian appeals court clears American of murder and rape of 21-year-old British student Meredith Kercher, orders her release and allows her to return home to the U.S. Conviction against American student thrown out, release ordered immediately

Italian Court Acquits, Orders Release of Amanda Knox

Oct 032011

Oct 032011

– featured image: AP

~ Is this truly a surprise to anyone born before 1960?

A document revealed by The Telegraph appears to show official Russian plans to assassinate the country’s enemies living abroad.

In writing that seems to explicitly give permission for the use of deadly force abroad, the document calls for the use of special squads “under special directives” who work for the “elimination outside of the Russian Federation in the countries of Near Abroad [the former Soviet states] and in the European Union, of the leaders of unlawful terrorist groups and organizations, extremist formations and associations, of individuals who have left Russia illegally [and are] wanted by federal law enforcement”.

The directive is signed by the head of the KGB’s successor group, the FSB, Col General Nechaev, and marked “Secret documentation. For internal use only. Do not copy”. It is dated March 19, 2003, and sets a date of May 1 2004 for the new units to begin work.

The recent assassination of 3 Chechen men in Istanbul has led to a number of rumors about the existence of a so-called “Berlin Group” that was behind a number of Europe-wide killings. The document is likely to increase speculation about the group.

~ And now Obama follows in the footsteps of a communist dictator. Oh, the parallels. ~ JP

I was very upset that Obama can publicly brag about a U.S. sanctioned assassination. Ron Paul expresses Condemnation in the Killing of Anwar al-Awlaki due to the “Rule of Law”…

Business Insider

ALSO SEE: Justice Department Gave CIA Approval to Kill Al-Awlaki

~ I leave you with, Obama thinks this will give him a bump in his gutter polls. Have you noticed how the press on this abated? Something to think about. This one is backfiring on him. ~ JP

Oct 032011

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~ A lesson we can ALL learn…

Josh Ripley didn’t have to stop. Running in a recent cross country meet for Andover (Minn.) High, the junior varsity runner was making his way through the trail at the Applejack Invite when he heard a loud scream during the first mile of a two-mile race. Most of the other kids running didn’t pay much attention to Lakeville South runner Mark Paulauskas, who was writhing in pain at the time, as they passed by.

The only person who decided to pay attention was Ripley. As an Anoka-Hennepin school district release reported, Ripley immediately noticed Paulauskas holding his bloody ankle. Then, instead of running back and calling for help, he did the only thing he could think of: He carried the injured runner a half mile back to coaches and family members.

“I didn’t think about my race, I knew I needed to stop and help him,” Ripley said in the school district release. “It was something I would expect my other teammates to do. I’m nothing special; I was just in the right place at the right time.”

It was a good thing Ripley had the foresight to carry Paulauskas so he could be rushed to the emergency room. When Paulauskas arrived at the hospital, doctors realized he had been accidentally spiked by another runner’s shoe during the race. The injury required 20 stitches and a walking boot to keep the wounded area from opening up.

Andover cross country coach Scott Clark couldn’t believe what he heard when word got to him that Ripley was carrying another runner back to the starting line.

“Then Josh comes jogging into view carrying a runner,” Clark said. “I noticed the blood on the runner’s ankle as Josh handed him off to one of the coaches from Lakeville. Josh was tired and you could tell his focus was off as he started back on the course.”

Amazingly, the story gets even better from there.

After dropping Paulauskas off with his coaches, Ripley proceeded to go back and finish the race — even after carrying a kid for a half mile on the running trail. Admittedly he was a bit winded, but still completed the course as scheduled.

It’s safe to say the average athlete would have taken a breather and called off the rest of the race after such a harrowing and intense experience. Luckily, Ripley is clearly not the average athlete. Fittingly, he’ll be honored at a school board meeting next week. Talk about an incredible example of sportsmanship.

Yahoo sports blog

Oct 032011

What if President Obama is completely wrong about Afghanistan and it turns out worse than Iraq and Vietnam put together? — Ron Paul

~ transcript

Oct 032011

The Days of Rage are an Obama election rally, coordinated ahead of time to coincide with Obama’s own descent into class warfare

~ Snippets:

The Days of Rage are an Obama election rally, coordinated ahead of time to coincide with Obama’s own descent into class warfare

The Days of Rage are an Obama election rally, coordinated ahead of time to coincide with Obama’s own descent into class warfare. Which makes them a pro-government rally.

Days of Rage are more like a temper tantrum meant to manufacture the perception of public outrage

The last time I passed the Days of Rage protesters in downtown Manhattan, amid their litter of expensive camping equipment, iPhone chargers, mobile hotspots and handwritten cardboard signs, they reminded me of people who walk up to you in bars pretending that they just discovered a new brand of beer they want to share with you. Those people are plants, so are the people with torn cardboard signs surrounded by a few thousand dollars of equipment.

There are people who have reason to be enraged at Wall Street, but they rarely show up at rallies. They are too busy working a second job in their seventies or sitting outside a factory that was shipped off to China. And the people who do show up at rallies invariably have nothing to do with Wall Street and are financed by billionaires who made their money, directly or indirectly, in the stock market.

The paradox of Wall Street financed radicals protesting against the Street makes as much sense as a dose of class warfare from Warren Buffett. But the Street is a devious place, which makes money by betting against itself, and whose favorite politicians denounce it around election time. The cynical game of broken expectations is played here like nowhere else and the entire economy is on the table.

Obama poured money into Wall Street before denouncing it, and like Kerry, he was against Wall Street, before he was for it, before he was against it. At luncheons in exclusive restaurants, his allies are still explaining to hedge fund managers that Barry doesn’t really mean it. He’s just trying to get elected.

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Oct 032011

Amanda Knox, an American convicted of sexually assaulting and murdering British student, tells court she’s ‘paying for things I didn’t do,’ as jury decides whether to uphold murder conviction.

:: Amanda Knox makes emotional final plea ::

PERUGIA, Italy – Amanda Knox tearfully told an Italian appeals court Monday she did not kill her British roommate, pleading for the court to free her so she can return to the United States after four years behind bars. The court began deliberations moments later.

Knox frequently paused for breath and fought back tears as she spoke in Italian to the eight members of the jury in a packed courtroom, but managed to maintain her composure during the 10-minute address.

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