Sep 302011

ORLANDO, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) – Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Judge Belvin Berry will permit the release of jailhouse videotape from 2008 of Casey Anthony being told that the remains of a small child had been found around the corner from her family’s home.

The tape has never been seen by the public. It has been under seal since June 2009. Judge Stan Strickland, who originally presided over Anthony’s murder case, sealed it because he feared it would affect Anthony’s ability to receive a fair trial. Anthony was acquitted of killing her daughter Caylee Anthony in July but found guilty on three counts of lying to police.

At the direction of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Anthony was escorted from her cell to the medical facility in the jail where she was seated in the waiting room in front of a television set with news coverage of the discovery. A surveillance camera was used to record her reaction. Interviews with jail personnel who where with her at the time revealed that Anthony was bent over and times almost hyper ventilating.

Anthony reaction video released:


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