Sep 302011

~ featured image query: Why is he wearing a mask to pick romaine, inquiring minds want to know?

Riverside resident Jessica Faldetta, doing her family’s shopping Thursday, admitted that lettuce had now joined cantaloupe on her list of banned foods. At least for now.

“No more lettuce for me,” she said, reluctantly.

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“No more lettuce for me,” she said, reluctantly.

Recent recalls mean her cart carries less.

“it worries me a lot. Especially, since I feed my family that everyday.”

Thursday, a Northern California grower became the latest stricken with an incident of possible contamination.

Federal officials say True Leaf Farms sent Listeria-tainted, chopped Romaine lettuce to five western states, including California.

The grower is voluntarily recalling 90 cases in hopes of preventing human infection.

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Also this week: {Tyson ^ Kroger} RECALL 131,300 Lbs.Tainted ground beef in FOURTEEN States…

~ and…Death Toll Rises to 13 in Listeria Outbreak, Deadliest in a Decade

See Our Dis-Ease Outbreaks Map


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