Sep 182011

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A spokesperson tells FOX 35 one person has died.

The church where the shootings occurred is the Greater Faith Christian Church, 2035 West Parker Street in the Lakeland area.

POLK COUNTY, Fla. — Deputies say the pastor and associate pastor of a Lakeland church were injured, and a woman was killed when a gunman opened fire at the church and a nearby home Sunday morning.

Emergency rescue crews and deputies responded to the Greater Faith Christian Church on West Parker Street around 10:00 a.m. after receiving reports of a shooting.

Investigators say a gunman ran into the church and shot Pastor William Boss and Associate Pastor Carl Stewart. The suspect also fatally shot a woman at a nearby home before going into the church, deputies say. That woman’s identity has not been released.

Deputies say Boss and Stewart were rushed to Lakeland Regional Medical Center and are being treated.

Officials told WFTV the suspect was tackled by church parishioners and taken into custody when deputies arrived. The suspect has been identified as 57-year-old Jeremiah Fogel. There are reports that Fogel is possibly a former deacon at the church.

WFTV has a crew on the way to the scene. Stay with WFTV and for the latest on this story.

Gunman runs into church, shoots pastors

Sep 182011

Barack Obama lashes out a Republicans to pass his latest stimulus. Paul Ryan responds to Obama’s latest politicking.

~ GOP Rips ‘Class Warfare’ Tax Plan

Republicans say the president’s plan to impose a millionaire tax rate will hurt the economy, as House Budget committee chair Rep. Ryan accuses Obama of appealing to U.S. ‘fear, envy and anxiety.’

Paul Ryan: Class warfare = bad economics. Let’s work together to promote growth

What we want to see are pro-growth economics. Even the President’s Fiscal Commission are saying – with Democrats on there: lower tax rates, broaden the tax base for economic growth.

I guess what he’s saying is he’s going to raise the rate on capital at ordinary income tax rates, that’s raising capital gains and dividends. Look, if you tax something more, you get less of it. If you tax job creators more, you get less job creation. If you tax investment more, you get less investment. At a time when experts are telling us, including like I said the Fiscal Commission, we should lower taxes on investment and job creation by getting rid of all the loopholes so we can promote economic growth. So, we think this is going in the wrong direction.

Full Transcript of Video:

Pro-growth Tax Reform – Fair. Competitive. Simple

Republicans Accuse Obama of Waging ‘Class Warfare’ With Millionaire Tax Plan

Obama to Propose ‘Buffett Rule’ for Millionaires

Sep 182011

Mounting setbacks and the loss of their leader, Osama bin Laden, has left al-Qaida rocked and reeling. But could a single attack involving Weapons of Mass Destruction settle it’s score with the U.S. and return it once more to international prominence?

Al-Qaida is in crisis.

The past few years have seen the global influence as well as the fundamentalist Islamic ideology of al-Qaida on the wane.
The Arab Spring uprisings by thousands of Muslim and Arab citizens in nations throughout the Middle East have resulted in the toppling of several regimes primarily through means of peaceful protest and not through acts of violence.

As large numbers of people in the Middle East demand democracy while also spurning the philosophy and violent methods of al-Qaida, both recruitment and morale in the group have plummeted.

~ Snippets:

* Terrorism analysts say al-Qaida is at a critical crossroads and that the pressure for Dr. al-Zawahiri to avenge Bin Laden’s death and reverse it’s negative fortunes is mounting and intense.

* Al-Qaida and the Nuclear Weapons threat

Nuclear weapons are the ultimate weapon. They are the most destructive and lethal weapon known to man.

~ From a loyal visitor to JUST Piper, Marc Ender:

Help put economic pressure on the Iranian regime to keep them from building a nuclear arsenal

Click image to learn more:

United Against Nuclear Iran

* Al-Qaida could obtain a nuclear weapon in one (or more) of three ways:

1. Purchase a nuclear weapon from a state with an existing nuclear weapons program
2. Steal a nuclear weapon from a state with an existing nuclear weapons program
3. Build it’s very own nuclear weapon from scratch

* See Video: U.S. intelligence indicates al Qaeda might target chemical and nuclear plants

* Nuclear Terrorism: What if the ‘Dragonfire Bomb’ Had Detonated in Times Square?

* Al-Qaida and the Radiological Weapons threat ~ Radiological weapons are a sub-category of the nuclear weapons threat.

* The “Dirty” Bomb Terror Threat:

* Lieven on nuclear summit: ‘Dirty bomb’ is biggest threat:

The threat of terrorists attaining nuclear weapons is one of the main issues on the agenda at the non-proliferation summit. But according to Anatol Lieven, a political analyst from New America Foundation, there is a more immediate risk facing the international community.

* The History of Bioterrorism: Smallpox :

* The History of Bioterrorism: Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers:

~ If this scares you, it should. In 12 years of being involved behind the scenes investigating terrorism, this is one of the most comprehensive and important research articles I have ever seen. With gratitude I thank Digital Journal for writing it. I thank Pierre Waithe, the digital journalist who put it all together.

I suggest you share this on all of your social media, family & friends, as a primer of what Ahmadinejad has been planning to do all along, (from September 18, 2009), saying he won’t rule out an Iran nuclear bomb.

JUST on Sept. 12, 2011, GSN/NTI had this story: Obama Says Al-Qaeda Attack on U.S. is Probable

“Make no mistake, they will keep trying to hit us again, but as we are showing again this weekend we remain vigilant,” the president said in his weekly address to the nation. “We are doing everything in our power to protect our people.”

GSN also had this important story on Sept. 8, 2011: Iran Breaches U.N. Ballistic Missile Limits: West

The United States and three other Western powers have formally charged Iran with breaching U.N. Security Council language barring the Middle Eastern nation from firing systems with ballistic missile components, the Associated Press reported on Wednesday

It comes as no surprise of any of Iran’s intentions or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s aspirations & belief he is So please know, not for one minute can you believe al-Qaida or islamic radicals are close to being done with trying to destroy everyone but muslims.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 12th Imam, The Mahdi

The saddest part is they are not the only ones.

~ JP

See these related important links and this vital video:

:: Protesters Unhappy With Hotel Hosting Ahmadinejad ::

Abbas Paints U.S. Into a Corner With Palestinian Statehood Demand at U.N.

Libyan Rebels Get Seat at United Nations

One of the most important topics we must address is the attempts to implement sharia law in our beloved America. I will post any story that comes across where they are managing to do this in

Here is one such story: How one GOP Senate candidate’s ‘good friend’ is fighting ‘Stealth Jihad’ in Florida

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Yahoo search on nuclear iran

Sep 182011

featured image: Michael Reagan addresses sailors of the USS Ronald Reagan , 2002

Michael Reagan, son of the former president, told the San Francisco Chronicle that he’s looking at challenging California Senator Dianne Feinstein in 2012.

A poll out this week showed Feinstein with the highest negatives in her nearly 20 years in the Senate. Results that would presumably give Reagan or any other Republican interested in making a challenge an increased reason to do so.

So far no Republicans have announced for the race. Reagan declined to answer further questions about his intentions.

This week it was learned that Feinstein’s campaign accounts were “wiped out” in the accounting scandal that linked her to longtime treasurer Kinde Durkee. The latest FEC filings show Feinstein with more than five million dollars in the bank but it’s not clear how much of that money actually exists or when the campaign might be able to access its remaining funds.


Join Michael & Follow him on Twitter & encourage him in a comment to run! Many Californians loved his father & there are many Reagan democrats left.

Sep 182011

Tough choices keep Jefferson County afloat

~ Birmingham always fashioned themselves after Daley & Cook County. But they got themselves in dutch. Having been raised in Cook County where a Daley was forever sticking in my craw, Jefferson County turned out to be JUST a wannabee.

From local Decatur Daily JeffCo dodges bankruptcy; debt deal reached, Alabama Legislature must hold special session to OK agreement :

Even though Jefferson County commissioners approved the deal and some creditors also have agreed, bankruptcy still remains possible since the Legislature must hold a special session to approve the final elements of the agreement.

Commissioner Jimmie Stephens, who oversees county finances, said there was no certainty that legislators would approve the mix of local tax hikes, budget changes and other legislation that could be required. “It’s a problem,” he said.

The date for a legislative session won’t be set until the county and creditors work out details of the settlement, but it’s likely for this fall, said David Carrington, the commission president.

From Jefferson County OKs terms for sewer debt settlement 4-1, averting bankruptcy for now:

The Jefferson County Commission voted to approve a term sheet to settle and refinance the county’s $3.14 billion debt, by a vote of 4-1. Commissioner George F. Bowman was the only one who voted no.

For background on the ‘Sewer Scandal’ from July 28, 2008 :

Seven of 21 defendants in Jefferson County sewer scandal have paid financial obligations. Most of $48 million in fines unpaid:

Of the 21 defendants convicted in the Jefferson County sewer scandal, seven have paid all of their financial obligations totaling $11 million, and the county has been paid $891,831 in restitution, authorities said.

Fines, restitution and court assessments handed down by the various judges in the county’s sewer bribery and corruption scandal totaled more than $48 million, according to court documents, the U.S. attorney’s office and interviews. The office reported $11 million has been paid as of last Wednesday.

“This office is working to make sure it is collected,” said U.S. Attorney Alice Martin.

Most of the defendants were convicted of bribery and conspiracy that occurred from 1996 to 2003, the early years of the county’s $3.2 billion program to fix the leaky and aging sewer system. The county is trying to restructure its sewer debt and avoid bankruptcy.

Sep 182011

:: Third Annual Heroes Gala: J.R. Martinez ::

Check out IAVA’s 2009 Veteran Leadership Award honoree J.R. Martinez accept his award at the Third Annual Heroes Gala, held on November 10th at New York’s historic Gotham Hall.

J.R. and Karina’s First Rehearsal

I’m the Brown Swan — J.R.

All My Children:

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