Sep 172011

Plane Crashes at West Virginia Air Show

Sep 172011

7 People, Pilot Die On Tarmac, Officials Say

RENO, Nev. (CNN) — Officials said on Saturday that the number of people killed when a vintage plane plummeted into a crowd at a Nevada air show has risen to nine.

The pilot lost control of his vintage plane during an air race over the skies of Reno on Friday, sinking toward thousands of spectators before narrowly missing a grandstand and slamming into box seats.

More than 50 people were transported from the scene with injuries at the National Championship Air Races and Air Show, officials have said.

Seven of the people died on the tarmac, including the pilot, and the remainder died in hospitals, Reno police said. Officials had previously put the death toll at three.

One local hospital, Renown Medical Center, received 30 patients, six of whom were in critical condition, as of Saturday morning, a spokesman said. It reported that two patients — a male and a female — died. Fourteen of the 30 have been discharged, the hospital said Saturday. Of the remainder, two were in serious condition, five in fair condition, and one in good condition, the hospital said.

On Saturday morning, patients were either in surgery, awaiting surgery, or transferred to a room, the hospital said.

Renown South Meadows Medical Center received and discharged five patients, the hospital said Saturday.

St. Mary’s Hospital in Reno said it had accepted 25 patients Friday evening from the accident: four were in critical condition, six in serious condition, and 15 in fair condition as of late Friday.

The pilot, identified as Jimmy Leeward, a real estate developer from Ocala, Florida, was killed in the crash, according to a show official.

The 74-year-old was flying a P-51 Mustang. The event has been canceled, the show said.

A memorial service scheduled Saturday for the pilot was also canceled, said Valerie Miller, a race spokeswoman.

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Sep 172011

Canberra was rocked by a series of explosions, and witnesses reported flames soaring hundreds of feet into the air, as a poisonous cloud billowed over Australian capital. Toxic smoke from a chemical plant fire in the city saw a 10-kilometre exclusion zone being enforced. A long plume of smoke trailed across the dawn sky, and thick black smoke continued to billow out of the factory during the day. There are no serious injuries reported, but people in Canberra are being told to stay indoors, schools are closed, bus services and traffic were disrupted by the blast.

NOTE: Of course my first thought is terrorism. So I searched & found very little on this story. But THIS was disturbing. is carrying JUST the video report from RT. Take notice of their content. They say they are Connecting muslims around the world. Also to be noted their Tweets on this story. They have ZERO followers, how odd is that?! Hmmm…~ JP

Sep 172011

From Red State:

Constitution Day, a day created to commemorate the signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787. The video from Heritage is designed to remind people what tomorrow means and why it’s important. You can read more from former Attorney General Ed Meese here.

As we celebrate another Constitution Day, we should take time to reflect on the awesome gift of the Constitution and work to commit ourselves further to the principles of the Founding.

From the Tenth Amendment:

The Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787, and every year that date passes by with hardly a sound. Sure, now that it’s considered a day of “federal observance” you’ll find government schools around the country including it in their lesson plans. But these discussions generally focus on “Constitution Trivia” instead of what’s really important. While it may be good to educate our young on how many years a Senator serves, or how Supreme Court justices are appointed, it’s not enough. Seriously lacking in the public discourse is the actual purpose of the Constitution – its underlying principles.

The founding generation spent their lives toiling under a tyranny – a government without limits. But, when the Constitution was written, it was done to codify in law that the powers of government would be limited to those which had been delegated to it. The entire system was created under the principle of popular sovereignty – that ‘We the People of the Several States’ created the government, and all powers not delegated to it, were retained.

But that’s not something you’re likely to hear from politicians in Washington DC, political pundits, schools, or just about anywhere else. It’s generally not in their interest, either. If politicians and their backers were promoting such crazy ideas as “originalism” and “limited government” they’d never be able to convince you that they have the power to tell you what kind of health care plan you’ll be getting, how big your toilet can be, what kind of plants you’re allowed to grow, where you’re allowed to exercise your “right” to free speech, whom you can buy and sell from, and even when you must send your children to die for them.

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JUST MUST Read: In Depth on Our Founding Fathers by ~ JP

Sep 172011

NEW ~ :: Eyewitness video from Reno Air Race disaster ::

Reno, Nevada: Video courtesy David Wilson. A World War II era aircraft nosedived into a crowd of spectators at the Reno Air Races in Reno, Nevada on Friday, September 16, 2011.

First responders and people help victims in this image taken from a video after a vintage World War Two fighter plane crashed near the grandstand at the Reno Air Races in Reno, Nevada September 16, 2011. REUTERS/KRNV-TV

— featured magazine image credit: Spectators and debris are seen after a P-51 Mustang airplane crashed at the Reno Air show on Friday, Sept. 16, 2011 in Reno Nev.. The plane plunged into the stands at the event in what an official described as a “mass casualty situation.” (AP photo/Grass Valley Union, Tim O’Brien)

Pilot Jimmy Leeward talked about the Nevada air show a day before the event turned deadly.

Ben Cissell tells Anderson Cooper that a pilot made a last-minute attempt to save lives at a Nevada air show.

Witness: ‘Horrific’ scene after crash – Roland Schumann tells Anderson Cooper what he saw when a stunt plane crashed at a Nevada air show.

Witness: We were deer in headlights –

~ I was on this the minute it came across the wires. See BREAKING NEWS: Plane Crashes Into Stands at Nevada Air Race, Causing ‘Mass-Casualty Situation’

Sep 172011

h/t Blackie SM

President Obama’s official re-election campaign has set up a website ostensibly to defend him against false attacks, but its obvious purpose is to smear Republicans and propagandize. What could be more shameless??

Jim Messina, Obama’s re-election campaign manager, in a fundraising email announcing the website, said: “Forming the first line of defense against a barrage of misinformation won’t be easy. Our success will depend on a team of researchers and writers to stay on the lookout for false claims about the President and his record, bring you the facts, and hold our opposition accountable.”?

Does any rational person believe these people anymore? They trade in lies and misinformation, and the only chance they have to re-elect Obama — and it’s still slim — is to grossly distort Obama’s record and fabricate fantasies about his opposition.?

That’s what this new website is all about. It’s called “,” but it should be called “” It has already proved that in its first few days of existence. When I opened the website for the first time, I saw revolving pictures of Obama’s currently front-running GOP rivals, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, with the accompanying captions “Rick Perry’s massive jobs lie” and “Romney’s job chart shows flawed understanding of the facts.” Glenn Beck’s photo also rotates into view with the line “Glenn Beck twists the facts on Israel.”?

Do you ever remember a White House — and make no mistake about who’s behind this ruse — soliciting hordes of followers to do opposition research for it? Then again, we’ve never before had a community organizer in the Oval Office.?

Read the rest of David Limbaugh’s article

Note their front page. It states Join Attack Wire—and help stop the attacks on the President before they start. When another unfounded attack surfaces, we’ll arm you with the truth so you can share the facts with your friends and family. Get this, you have to give info to be part of it. For fun I did join the Twitter page. ~ JP

TheDailyCallerVideo felt the same way as me:

–featured magazine image thanks to FSM…

Also in my search I came across this from FSM:

Now we have Son of Snitch, a.k.a. “Attack Watch,” copyrighted, no less, by “Obama for America.” And it looks like it’s going to suffer the same fate. It is not so much “scary” as astonishingly obtuse. Word no sooner got out that Attack Watch was up and ready for Americans to “report” smears, inaccuracies, and lies about the White House agenda, than the site was deluged with countless responses, most of them of a “Tonight Show,” Jay Leno-monologue caliber.

You can’t make this stuff up, unless you’re George Orwell composing a novel about kids turning in their parents for being thought criminals. What’s that slogan the Department of Homeland Security dreamed up? “If you see something, say something.” Attack Watch is perfectly in line with that brand to proactive “patriotism.”

Of course, after reporting unauthorized “talking points,” one can also donate money to the White House’s reelection campaign, run by the Democratic National Committee.

Highlights from the Attack Watch site include:

* Immigration Reform Inaccuracies

* Israel and Middle East Falsehoods

* Gun Control Gossip

* TARP Bank Bailout Smears

* Opponents are using smears to undermine the success of President Obama’s auto rescue. Get the facts.

To get the details & read entire article @ FSM

Sep 172011

Chicago Cubs’ Carlos Pena, left, and Geovany Soto, right, congratulate Marlon Byrd after Byrd hit a game-winning RBI-single scoring Starlin Castro during the 12th inning.

Chicago 4, Houston 3

Matt Garza pitched nine strong innings and Marlon Byrd hit an infield single in the 12th inning to lift the Chicago Cubs to a 4-3 victory over the Houston Astros on Friday.

Starlin Castro set up the winning rally with a leadoff walk, went to second on Darwin Barney’s sacrifice, and moved to third on a wild pitch. He scored when third baseman Chris Johnson couldn’t handle Byrd’s dribbler up the line.

Garza was one strike from finishing off a five-hitter when Carlos Lee hit his second home run of the game, a two-run shot into the left-field bleachers that tied it 3-all.

Garza struck out four and threw a season-high 124 pitches, allowing seven hits and no walks. Jeff Samardzija (7-4) threw a scoreless 12th to pick up the win and send the Astros to their 99th loss. Houston has never lost 100 games in a season in the franchise’s 50-year history.

Geovany Soto led off the third with his 15th homer, and Aramis Ramirez had three hits, including his first triple of the season.

Lee had three hits and three RBIs for Houston.

Astros starter Wandy Rodriguez allowed three runs and six hits over 5 2-3 innings, striking out five and walking four. Reliever David Carpenter (0-3) gave up the winning run.

Read more @ NBC Chgo.