Sep 132011

212 of 512 precincts – 41 percent

Bob Turner, GOP 14,153 – 51 percent ~ David Weprin, Dem 13,367 – 48 percent

ABC Local

~ There is an important race today & indicator of what the dems may do next year. We can pray on Bob Turner being victorious. Won’t you join me? ~ JP

More bad news for Democrats across the country, and worse news for Congressional hopeful David Weprin: GOP candidate Bob Turner is pulling ahead in the race to fill ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner’s House seat.

One day before New York voters head to the polls in Tuesday’s special election, a new Public Policy Polling survey shows Turner leading Weprin 47% to 41%.

“If Republicans win this race on Tuesday it’s real-world evidence of how unpopular Barack Obama is right now,” said PPP President Dean Debnam. “Approval polls are one thing, but for the GOP to win in a heavily Democratic district like this would send a strong message about how unhappy voters are.”

A Siena poll released Friday also found Turner ahead by six points.

The poll from Democratic PPP found Socialist Workers hopeful Christopher Hoeppner at 4% – and 7% of voters undecided.

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Sep 132011

CENTER POINT, Ala. (AP) — The U.S. Geological Survey says a 3.0 earthquake has been detected about three miles south of Center Point.

The Birmingham News reports the earthquake was reported just before 6 p.m. Tuesday, in a Birmingham urban area.

A Trussville police dispatcher says his department received a few calls from residents who felt the tremor but had not received any reports of structural damage.

See Our Earthquake Map

USGS Earthquake History for Alabama

– source

FYI: The New Madrid earthquake fault zone affects parts of eight states: Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee.

Sep 132011

Insurgents are in an ongoing firefight with NATO and ISAF forces in Kabul, Afghanistan, after taking control of a building and firing on foreign missions, including the U.S. Embassy and NATO headquarters.

The clashes, which have lasted for more than 10 hours, began when four insurgents took over a nine-story office building that is under construction at Abdul Haq square, which is about 300 yards from the U.S. Embassy, and fired at it and the adjacent NATO headquarters.

A source tells Fox News that Afghan commandos are now one floor below where the fighters are believed to be holding out.

The military coalition, also known as ISAF, said the insurgents were firing rocket propelled grenades and small arms.

In response, ISAF and NATO attack helicopters have targeted the building with gunfire and attacked suspected suicide bombers making a bee-line for the embassy, a source tells Fox News.

Taliban militants are claiming responsibility for the attacks.

* Rockets fired at U.S. and other embassies in diplomatic zone
* Gang of insurgents take over empty building and start firing
* Two suicide bombers strike in other areas, third is shot dead
* U.S. embassy says all its personnel are safe

Kabul under siege: Co-ordinated Taliban assault as rockets are fired at U.S. embassy and NATO HQ as suicide bombers strike

Sep 132011

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (8/29/2011) A Jefferson County judge granted a prosecution request today to dismiss a capital murder charge against Joacquas Haywood in the case of missing Homewood mother Nadia Kersh, and ordered him released after 15 months in jail awaiting trial, court records show.

Circuit Judge Clyde Jones’ decision came two weeks after he refused to delay Haywood’s trial set for Sept. 19 and criticized the prosecution for its lack of evidence that Haywood intentionally killed Kersh in 2008 during a burglary.

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AMW Story

Police open cold case inquiry over missing mother

Sep 132011

:: 9-9-9: A Vision for Economic Growth ::

:: Cain offers his solutions to immigration ::

:: 2012 America is Ready to Dream Again ::

Sep 132011



U.S. crosses $1 trillion deficit threshold for third straight year, logging $1.23 trillion deficit with one month to go before end of fiscal year

Federal Deficit Totaled $1.23 Trillion in August:

The federal budget deficit reached $1.23 trillion in August. The third straight $1 trillion-plus deficit adds pressure on Congress and the White House to reach agreement on a long-term plan to trim government spending.

The Treasury Department says the deficit grew by $134.2 billion last month. At that rate, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projects the deficit will total $1.28 trillion when the budget year ends in September. That would nearly match last year’s $1.29 trillion imbalance and come in below the record $1.41 trillion hit in fiscal 2009.

A congressional panel is seeking $1.2 trillion in savings later this year.

The CBO director warned that spiraling interest payments could swamp the government’s ability to pay for its operations and could spark a financial crisis if nothing is done.



* 2:03 Newt’s GE moment (One SMART Cookie) & most importantly being energy/oil independent. Then we do not have to look ourselves in the mirror knowing we are supporting terrorism & sharia law. JUST my opinion.

* 3:59 The Obama Depression

* 4:26 It’s a Ron Paul world in Cincinnati

Sep 132011



“I’m not particularly worried about Gov. Perry & Gov. Romney scaring the American people (wait for it), when Obama scares them EVERY SINGLE DAY!” – Newt Gingrich


Palin vs. Crony Capitalism:

:: Sarah Palin “I Detest Crony Capitalism… On Steroids” ::


Sarah Palin’s complete speech in Indianola, Iowa – Sept 3, 2011

Sep 132011

~ I want to thank Dr. Phil for uploading the interview immediately after airing. Kudos! I hope you box her into a corner in Part II tomorrow. ~ JP

~ Note that George & Cindy are not pocketing cash for themselves for this interview. The money earned is going for their charity, Caylee’s Fund {Is it a SCAMThony?} Although Casey Anthony’s parents say they knew nothing of granddaughter’s disappearance. Cindy still seems to be maintaining her cover for Casey. Is it more of the same ol’? ~ JP

The controversy surrounding the newly formed foundation, “Caylee’s Fund” is based on criticism regarding the operation of the prior foundation operated by the George and Cindy Anthony. The Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation was shut down amongst allegations of misuse of funds after it was discovered that the Anthony’s paid themselves a salary totally 80% of the foundations profits. The salaries, which were listed as “administrative expenses” were disclosed as a matter of public record for the 2009 tax year.

The newly founded foundation, “Caylee’s Fund” is described by the Anthony’s attorney, Mark Lippman, as a foundation to protect grandparent’s rights, help to protect the interests of missing and exploited children and to help back the proposed piece of legislation titled “Caylee’s Law” which would make it a felony for parents to fail to report their child missing.

Critics are skeptical, however, as it has not been disclosed who will be appointed to run the foundation or who will be in charge of the foundation’s profits. Controversy has hit a fever pitch as it was disclosed that television psychiatrist Dr. Phil McGraw made a $500,000 contribution to the foundation, at the Anthony’s request, in exchange for an exclusive first interview for the couple since their daughter’s acquittal.

SEE: Criticism explodes over newly founded ‘Caylee’s Fund’

The full Dr. Phil interview with the Anthonys will air on Tuesday {PART I} and Wednesday {PART II} on FOX 35 {FL.}, beginning at 3 p.m. For us in AL. it will be @ 4pm. Check your local listings.

ONLY ON FOX: In an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil, George and Cindy Anthony said they have not had contact with their 25-year-old daughter Casey since she was acquitted of murdering her young daughter two months ago.

Dr. Phil joined us on Good Day Tuesday from Los Angeles to talk about his 9 hours of interviews with them, the first since Casey was found not guilty and released from jail.

Dr. Phil talks about the Anthony interview:

George and Cindy Anthony said they have not had contact with their 25-year-old daughter Casey since she was acquitted of murdering her young daughter two months ago.

Read full article @ Casey Anthony’s parents say they knew nothing of granddaughter’s disappearance