Jul 252011

OSLO, Norway – The man who has confessed to carrying out a bombing and shooting spree that left 93 people dead in Norway will be held in complete isolation for four weeks after a hearing in which he said his terror network had two other cells.

Anders Behring Breivik pleaded not guilty to one of the deadliest modern mass killings in peacetime, saying he wanted to save Europe and send a strong signal, not to kill as many as possible, Judge Kim Heger said after a closed court hearing.

Breivik could tamper with evidence if released, and will be held for at least another month after the court-ordered solitary confinement, the judge said.

Breivik made clear in an Internet manifesto that he planned to turn his court appearance into theater, preparing a speech for his appearance in court even before launching the attacks, then requesting requested an open hearing in which he would wear a uniform.

The suspect staged the bombing and youth camp rampage as “marketing” for his manifesto calling for a revolution that would rid Europe of Muslims, he said.

Reporters and locals thronged the courthouse on Monday ahead of the hearing for their first glimpse of Breivik since the assault. When one car drove through the crowd, people hit its windows and one person shouted an expletive, believing Breivik was inside.

The hearing ended after about 35 minutes.

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:: Oslo Gunman Uses Special Bullets in Attacks ::

Ammunition causes maximum internal injuries

– Breivik claimed he was member of secret Knights Templar society
– Planned to hire ‘two high class whores’ the week before massacre
– Believed women should be home-makers and not go out to work
– Told followers to pretend that they were gay to avoid suspicion

It explains why attractive women must be murdered, hails Vlad the Impaler as a hero – and claims the massacre in Norway is only the beginning of a long war.

This is the astonishingly detailed 1,500-page manifesto published on the internet by Anders Behring Breivik on Friday, hours before he carried out his attacks which would leave at least 93 dead.

The document, named 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence because he believes the war to rescue Europe from multiculturalism will last another 72 years, is published under the anglicised name ‘Andrew Berwick – London, England, 2011′.

Chilling: A picture of Breivik taken from his manifesto posted just a few hours before he went on a killing spree in Norway

A picture of Anders Behring Breivik taken from a book downloaded from a link posted on the Norwegian discussion website, www.freak.no, and entitled “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence”, is seen in this screen grab made July 23, 2011. The 2083 book is signed by an Andrew Berwick, the author says within the document that Andrew Berwick is an Anglicised version of Anders Breivik.

Anders Behring Breivik, 32, was arrested after Friday’s massacre of young people on a tiny forested holiday island that was hosting the annual summer camp for the youth wing of Norway’s ruling Labour party. Breivik, a Norwegian, was also charged with the bombing of Oslo’s government district that killed seven people hours earlier. It was not possible to verify who uploaded link to the book, which was posted on July 22. REUTERS/Andrew Berwick via www.freak.no/Handout

This is Stunning! MUST Read full manifesto synopsis & daily diary


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  1. We have made a video to one of our songs, about the massacre in Norway.. It’s dedicated to those who died, survived and their families and friends..
    Our hearts are with you


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