Jul 062011

Yesterday’s stunning verdict in the Casey Anthony trial has revealed a number of rifts in public opinion. While the overriding public opinion seems to be of stunned outrage, there are a few iconoclasts who feel that justice was served by the jury’s decision of not guilty on the charges of murder. But another, more secondary topic that has been just as hotly debated in the wake of the verdict has been the media’s role in this case. And Casey Anthony Defense Attorney Cheney Mason left little doubt on his true feelings evidenced by his gesture here.

WESH.com explains:

Casey Anthony defense attorney Cheney Mason was pictured giving reporters and onlookers his “finger of affection,” as Judge Belvin Perry dubbed the gesture during the high-profile trial.

Last week, Perry sentenced a courtroom spectator to six days in jail for holding his middle finger up to a prosecutor.

On Tuesday afternoon, after a not guilty verdict was read in Casey Anthony’s murder trial, Mason was seen using his middle finger at a downtown Orlando restaurant.

Shortly after the verdict had been reached yesterday, Mason spoke to the media covering this gruesome and sad story and chose to vilify the very media to which he was speaking. Apparently he wanted to be crystal clear on how he felt about the press, and felt that he needed this particular gesture to get his feelings across.

Stay classy Cheney Mason!



  4 Responses to “Class Act: Casey Anthony Defense Att. Cheney Mason Gives Reporters The Finger”

  1. This MORON and the rest of the Defence team danced on Caylee’s Grave some day may We do the same to them!!!!

  2. Scum defending scum…..is this gesture a surprise?

  3. Casey just got away with murder thanks to these two fools who’s main purpose was & has been from the start to make millions $ on this case. These type of people don’t care about anybody but them selves and as far as cheney mason is concerned I checked some of his back ground & read his bio Iam not impressed, all of his awards & $1.50 might get you a 25cent cup of coffee. The village idot has NO CLASS. I pray little Caylee is in better & safer hands then when she was in her mothers care( we all seen what that got her) as for all the other people involved in this cover up the good lord will take care of them ( If you know what I mean ).

  4. I truly beleive casey didnot do this.I also think they should have looked into the man that found her.but they never looked father than casey what a shame

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