Jul 152011

WARNING: This story is only being touted by leftist sites, ie: DU, The Nation etc. So know they are skewing this…

Conservative provocateur James O’Keefe has his digital alms bowl out. He says his non-profit group “needs $30,000 RIGHT AWAY” to finish his latest sting operation that he claims “dwarfs anything Project Veritas has exposed to date.”

His attacks on ACORN, Planned Parenthood, CNN, and NPR had varying degrees of success in taking down their targets or coming up with evidence to back his rhetoric. So who’s next on his list? Government employees.

“I can’t reveal all the details yet, but I can tell you that we have evidence of government employees gladly offering public assistance to individuals representing themselves as drug smugglers and members of a terrorist group,” O’Keefe wrote in a teasing email to supporters.

“The worst part is that this fraud isn’t isolated or even hidden. It’s nationwide and it’s out in the open,” he writes.

Of course, O’Keefe has over-hyped his investigations in the past. He called his story on George Soros giving money to NPR a scoop even though that has been widely reported and edited an undercover video to show an NPR fundraiser in a more negative light.

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Jul 152011

Would you let Casey Anthony babysit for you? — Joy Behar

Watch how she evades the question. She could have lied as Cheney did when he said Casey could stay with him a short time. But instead she NEVER directly would say yes or no. To me, that speaks VOLUMES…~ JP

HLN’s Joy Behar asks Casey Anthony’s defense attorney Dorothy Clay Sims if she would trust Anthony to babysit her kids:

Dorothy Clay Sims interviewed by Ryan Smith of In Session

Talks about her relationship with Casey Anthony, how she feels about the public hating the jury’s verdict, and Casey’s future and safety after being released from jail. Sims also talks about whether she will let Casey live with her, and how the media affected this trial.

Cheney Mason Interviewed by Jean Casarez

:: Cheney Mason The Hypocrite ::

Must watch video. Cheney changed his stripes once he was hired on this case:

~ I leave you with the REAL Casey…

:: Casey Anthony Rage – Be Afraid, Very Afraid ::

Casey Anthony’s extreme rage towards attorney Cheney Mason and shows the rage that Casey Anthony hides. Watch: She knows Jose Baez will not tolerate it so while his back is turned she unleashes her rage, then the mask comes back before Jose Baez can see it. Ask yourselves this: If Casey Anthony is capable of this much rage towards kindly Cheney Mason, the attorney who saved her life, what happens when the cameras are off and a little 3-year old girl is alone with this rage? Look at the fury and you surely know that she is capable of anything, even murdering Caylee. To the jurors: Take a look at that rage and be afraid, very afraid. You, the jury, have released an unstable and enraged person among us who very dangerous. — cloudninerescue