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Casey Anthony juror Jennifer Ford said today that she and the other jurors cried and were “sick to our stomachs” after voting to acquit Casey Anthony of charges that she killed her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

~ Now, HERE is the kicker:

“I did not say she was innocent,” said Ford, who had previously only been identified as juror number 3. “I just said there was not enough evidence. If you cannot prove what the crime was, you cannot determine what the punishment should be.”

~ Here is the problem: The jury is admonished NOT to even consider punishment! THAT is for the punishment phase. They could only address the death penalty charge. Period! I have no clue if there is any legal avenue for this. No more than Juror # 4 mouthing the words to Casey “It WAS an accident” as the jury was being instructed for deliberations. I pray there are some legal ramifications & LDB does something. If it was Jose I would think these two incidents would have made a mistrial & overturn the verdict. If there are any lawyers here, can you tell us if the State can do anything? ~ JP

“Everyone wonders why we didn’t speak to the media right away,” Ford said. “It was because we were sick to our stomach to get that verdict. We were crying and not just the women. It was emotional and we weren’t ready. We wanted to do it with integrity and not contribute to the sensationalism of the trial.”

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Casey Anthony trial alternate juror: “It was right decision”: MyFoxORLANDO.com

The people the world would like to hear from the most, following the Casey Anthony is verdict is the jury members. How did those 12 people determine that Casey Anthony was not guilty of murder and lesser charges related to Caylee’s death. W e won’t be hearing from the jury anytime soon they decided they would not address the media. Judge Belvin Perry even withheld their names from the public and now they are home in Pinellas County.

But one alternate juror, Russell Huekler, spoke to FOX 35.

As an alternate, he says he was not surprised by the not guilty verdict that his fellow jurors handed down to Casey Anthony and his biggest reason for that is the testimony of Casey’s father George Anthony.

“I agree whole heartedly,” Huekler said. “It was the right decision that they made. The prosecutors didn’t meet the burden of proof. We had a lot of reasonable doubt there. They didn’t show us the evidence good enough for a conviction.
Huekler, a school teacher, believes Casey was a liar, but he does not believe that makes her a killer. “There was some type of horrific accident by the family,” he said. “Whatever happened I think more than one person knows and I think that was possibly George Anthony.”

Huekler says he was surprised by the media attention paid to the trial, and he’s trying to adjust to crush of phone calls he’s received since he left Orlando, but now he’s ready to put his service as a juror on the most high profile case in central Florida history, behind him.

The defense’s argument that Caylee drowned made sense to him. “For some reason they made an accident look like a murder scene.”

Jul 062011

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) – A big fat book deal? A life in hiding? Motherhood again? What could the future hold for Casey Anthony when she gets out of jail, perhaps as early as Thursday?

Her most pressing order of business might be how to address a motion ( see below ) filed on Wednesday by the State of Florida to recover costs involved in her prosecution and in the search for her daughter.

Assistant State Attorney and a prosecutor in the murder trial of Casey Anthony, Linda Drane Burdick, has filed what is known as a Motion to Tax Special Costs of Investigation and Prosecution and to Reserve Jurisdiction.

According to the motion, Florida law provides that, “in all criminal cases the costs of prosecution, including investigative costs by law enforcement agencies, shall be includeed and entered in the judgement rendered against a convicted person.”

Just how much Casey would owe is at the discretion of the judge — most likely Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Belvin Perry — who will rule on the motion. The State of Florida has requested that a hearing be set within 60 days to determine the total costs.

The motion, which was delivered to Jose Baez late Wednesday afternoon, requests that Casey reimburse the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation (MBI) for specials costs of the investigation.

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EXCUSES! EXCUSES! EXCUSES from Holly Robinson…

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— ConservativeGal Proud Conservative ~ Was Rahm Emanuel sent to Chicago to CREATE a CRISIS? Chk out the Chgo Flash Mobs

— Violent Flash Mobs…leave it 2 Chicgo to put a violent spin on everything

:: Lakeview (North side of Chicago) stabbing caught on video ::

July 4, 2011 (CHICAGO) (WLS) — Residents of Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood are concerned after a 25-year-old man was stabbed during a fight on the street.

The victim is hospitalized in good condition. Police are now searching for the offenders.

The attack, which was caught on video, happened before midnight Sunday in the 3300-block of North Halsted. Nearly a dozen people are seen shoving, punching and kicking in the video. The target of their rage appears to be one man who quickly hits the ground as the beating continues.

Witnesses say the victim was stabbed as the mob moved behind a tree. He slammed into a storefront, then quickly got back on his feet beaten and bloodied.

Full story @ ABC7

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Yesterday’s stunning verdict in the Casey Anthony trial has revealed a number of rifts in public opinion. While the overriding public opinion seems to be of stunned outrage, there are a few iconoclasts who feel that justice was served by the jury’s decision of not guilty on the charges of murder. But another, more secondary topic that has been just as hotly debated in the wake of the verdict has been the media’s role in this case. And Casey Anthony Defense Attorney Cheney Mason left little doubt on his true feelings evidenced by his gesture here.

WESH.com explains:

Casey Anthony defense attorney Cheney Mason was pictured giving reporters and onlookers his “finger of affection,” as Judge Belvin Perry dubbed the gesture during the high-profile trial.

Last week, Perry sentenced a courtroom spectator to six days in jail for holding his middle finger up to a prosecutor.

On Tuesday afternoon, after a not guilty verdict was read in Casey Anthony’s murder trial, Mason was seen using his middle finger at a downtown Orlando restaurant.

Shortly after the verdict had been reached yesterday, Mason spoke to the media covering this gruesome and sad story and chose to vilify the very media to which he was speaking. Apparently he wanted to be crystal clear on how he felt about the press, and felt that he needed this particular gesture to get his feelings across.

Stay classy Cheney Mason!


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Juan Williams takes a look at the background of Media Matters’ executive vice president.

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O’Reilly vs. Geraldo on Casey Anthony’s Murder Acquittal