Jul 012011

Casey also has some knowledge of chloroform and a fascination with the media, Tracy McLaughlin said.

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Jul 012011

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Jul 012011
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:: Jurors could deliberate Sunday ::

There will be no proceedings in the trial Saturday as attorneys for both sides prepare for closing statements, which will be Sunday.

~ Gentiva , Cindy’s workplace, records show Cindy WAS at work when chloroform searches were performed at home. Thus leaving Casey the ONLY one proven to be home. Which shows PREMEDITATION.

Jury deliberations are expected to start late Sunday.

Jurors today heard from a high-ranking official forGentiva Health Services who offered testimony that raised questions about Cinday Anthony’s previous statements about searching for “chloroform” from home on the family computer.


The state claims Casey Anthony conducted the computer searches in March 2008 shortly before little Caylee Marie was killed.

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~ I heard a caller into Prime News HLN yesterday. Her theory haunted me throughout last night & today. She reminded the panel that serial killers always have a history with animal abuse & murder. There were very many pets that died in the Anthony home. Cindy said she was worried about her two dogs ingesting bamboo. (BTW today it was proven there was NO search on the family desktop for bamboo) (Also, there was only ONE search for chlorophyll. And that was on the software for the definition of the word, not performed on the internet but the stock Microsoft dictionary.)

Anyway, did Casey spray the bamboo with chloroform? Did she use it on any of the family pets to see how it would react? One thing that sticks with me is she borrowed a shovel from a neighbor she never had the time of day for. She said Cindy wanted her to do something about the bamboo. Combine that with the ‘pet cemetery’ & how actually all four Anthony’s could have treated Caylle as a pet with the same form of burial. Casey saw it when she was 16. Mind you Lee was the only one to say they were taped with duct tape. George & Cindy said clear packing tape.

I hope the jury is objective. I without a doubt believe Casey killed Caylee. I believe she was dosing her to party. I also believe the duct tape was not over her little mouth, because I do not believe Kronk. In the regard in so far as, him disturbing the black trash bag with his tool. I believe the tape was used to secure that very trash bag & stuck to the matted hair. Which means she was not smothered. So I go with the aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter of a child and four counts of providing false information to police. Which yes leads back to premeditation & murder.. The jury does not know how these charges work. They are not suppose to. So I expect they will deliberate ‘what’ Casey should be charged with. Personally, I would rather see Casey sit in prison & age for beyond 30 years. To me, that punishment fits the crime. But that is JUST my opinion. ~ JP


Chief Judge Belvin Perry told Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton and Casey Anthony’s defense attorney this morning that court is in recess indefinitely so that defense team can depose state’s rebuttal witness. Details to come.

Warning: This is an unedited live feed of a hearing from the Casey Anthony trial from In Session. Graphic language may be present.

Watch live stream of the Casey Anthony trial:

Yesterday’s Happenings:

{As if she knows the minimum is 15 years}…

In his opening statement, defense attorney José Baez told jurors that Caylee Marie Anthony wasn’t murdered by her mother as prosecutors allege, but drowned in the family pool.

Baez then dropped a series of bombshells by saying his client, Casey Anthony, was sexually abused by her father, George, and that he knew Caylee drowned and disposed of her body. Baez then suggested the meter reader who found Caylee’s remains in December 2008 had more involvement in the case than he let on.

The defense spent two weeks presenting its case before resting Thursday. Even though experts have said her testimony was imperative to the defense case, Casey Anthony did not take the stand.

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George Anthony’s suicide note

‘Caylee, here I come,’ — George Anthony writes in final message to family.

NOTE: The following text was transcribed from the George Anthony suicide note shown in court Thursday. The order of the pages of the note was not clear.

Casey Anthony’s jailhouse letters released: MyFoxORLANDO.com

Cynthia Marie,

As you get this letter, this should be no surprise that I have decided to leave the earth, because I need to be with Caylee Marie.

I cannot keep going because it should be me that is gone from this earth, not her. I have lived many years, I am satisfied with my decision because I have never been the man you, Lee, Casey & especially Caylee Marie deserved.

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8 page suicide letter in Full

Matthew Bartlett, 28, held in contempt after giving Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton the middle finger during open court.

Chief Judge Belvin Perry found a 28-year-old restaurant server guilty of direct contempt of court for gesturing with his middle finger at Jeff Ashton during the Casey Anthony murder trial Thursday.

Perry ordered Matthew Bartlett to spend six days in the Orange County Jail and pay a $400 fine plus $223 in court costs.

After court recessed for the day, Perry called Bartlett into the courtroom and showed him a photo of a man flipping off Ashton. Bartlett admitted he was the man in the photo making the offensive gesture with his middle finger.

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:: What to expect as defense rests ::

~ Up to You…

Krystal Holloway sets record straight

~ Do YOU buy it? Krystal Holloway apologizes…

~ I leave you with the one thing that had me up & yelling at the TV. They did this to say George (via Cindy & Lee), buried the family’s pets. But for me what it did, being Casey was 16, this taught Casey how to dispose of the family’s pets. Did she treat Caylee as a family pet? You decide…

WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer scoffed, “Come on. What a stretch this is, for heaven’s sakes.”

Alex Ferrer, host of “Judge Alex,” said on WOFL-Channel 35 that the questioning about pet burials was “a total stretch.” Ferrer added: “Casey also would know how they disposed of their pets, so where are we going?”

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Jul 012011

Perry disagreed with state prosecutors who wanted permission to let jurors sniff the odor of human composition taken from Casey Anthony’s Pontiac Sunfire. Anthony’s attorneys argued against the move, saying there is no precedent in Florida.


Jul 012011

Chief Judge Belvin Perry Jr. has been a respected jurist in Central Florida for decades


As a Casey Anthony hearing broke for lunch Wednesday, Chief Judge Belvin Perry walked across his courtroom and up to a podium facing not the witness stand or the bench, but television cameras.

In minutes, Perry went from assessing arcane testimony about human decomposition to discussing statewide court finances to providing the press with measured answers about a fiscal crisis averted — his mind shifting, one gear to the next, like a high-performance clutch.

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