Jun 112011
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Jurors watch graphic new video in Casey Anthony trial

:: Dr. Drew: Anthony trial: Mountains of evidence ::

~ I have found Dr. Drew worth watching nightly. The best coverage IMHO on the trial & opinion. His Casey blog is very comprehensive. ~JP

Lee: Casey said ‘Zanny’ held her down

It was an explosive day 14 in the Casey Anthony trial.

“Zany the Nanny IMO is Xanax”– Dr. Drew

~ THIS has been my contention all along! ~ JP


  2 Responses to “~ {VIDEO} Highlights from week three in the Casey Anthony murder trial…”

  1. Dr. Drew,

    In assessing the events leading up to the death of Caylee Anthony it appears to me that the jealousy between Casey and her mother Cindy had reached it’s peak. Cindy wanting Caylee to call her “Mom” instead of Casey and telling Casey she was a “bad” mother, etc. So Casey decided to take Caylee and move out of her parent’s home. Then later a big fight broke out between Casey and Cindy, with Cindy attempting to choke Casey. This seemed to have caused Casey to go into a fit of rage and (feeling like a failure as a Mother and having no husband or home of her own, or much of a chance of a job because of her serious lying problems, and first of all, she didn’t want a child at this time of her life, so killing Caylee was Casey’s way of getting back at her Mother.) She figured this would take care of things once and for all. I believe she overdosed Caylee with Chloroform then went out on the town and found her dead when she returned to either the car or her home. Then she panicked when the smell became evident and had the car towed away. However, Cindy came home before it left the premises and she smelled a decomposing body in the trunk and called the police. The postulation that Caylee drowned is an attempt to divert the cause of death to an accident rather than a murder. Two reasons why I don’t believe it was a drowning is that 1) George, being a police officer, would have called 911 immediately and 2) attempted CPR on Caylee.
    From here on, I’m not sure of the timing of events.

    In listening to the play backs of George Anthony testifying as to whether or not he sexually abused Casey, it was confusing because he shook his head “no” but said “yes” at the same time. Then in another tape it looked like he answered, “No”. Are there two tapes of this? Please check it out.

    Also, I want to mention an observation about Caylee’s name: it has the three letters Cay from Casey’s name and the lee from Lee’s which spells Caylee. In view of all their lying, it seems possible that Lee is the father of this child. I know Casey said the father passed away, but I really doubt that. And what about the “secret” that Lee and Casey had and Lee’s comments about “this family is CLOSE!” I also know that tests show that Lee and George are not the father. Is it possible that they could have given a specimen from someonelse? Don’t forget that Cindy is a nurse and has access to these specimen containers. After all, who would want to admit “incest” on top of all the lies? I’m not saying the above is what happened, but could it be possible?

    • I totally agree Casey wanted to strike back at Cindy by taking what she treasured the most. I believe ‘Zany the Nanny was zanax & she ran out of money, so used the computer searches to learn how to make chloroform being cheaper. She burned all her bridges & had no one left to steal from. Her behavior is key & it is not as a result of molestation. That is but a diversion. So only she can prove the drowning theory. I do not believe she will testify though. She should have had George arrested if he had molested her. She could have, even as an adult. Keep in mind when Lee said CMA, it can apply also to Caylee Marie or Cynthia Marie. To me Casey cannot be the CMA because he mentioned he was proud of her. Your opinion & reasoning is very close to mine & I thank you for taking the time to post it! ~JP

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