Jun 242011
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A defense attorney for Casey Anthony just told Chief Judge Belvin Perry that he expects to rest his case by Thursday, meaning jurors can expect another five days of defense strategy.

State prosecutors estimated they need another one or two days after that to respond to what the defense has presented.

Perry said he expects to issue an order Monday about the process to bring this case to closure. Defense testimony will continue Saturday.

Lee Anthony:


Lee is obviously the ‘black sheep’ of the family. He was excluded for Casey’s pregnancy & Caylee’s birth. Was that because Casey said he raped her & was Caylee’s father? Up to you…

Full details of today’s proceedings…

Casey Anthony’s defense team, which made a stunning revelation Thursday when it called her mother to testify, will continue questioning witnesses when her first-degree murder trial resumes this morning.

~ The Defense:


~ The Prosecution:

When asked if she looked up “how to make chloroform” 84 times in Google searches, however, Cindy Anthony said that she never looked up any such thing in such repetition. Anthony asserted that she originally looked up “chlorophyll” in the search engine but misspelled the word, which resulted in a Google prompt asking if she wanted to change the spelling of “chlorophyll” to “chloroform.”

Anthony also denied typing in searches for “self-defense,” “household weapons,” and “neck breaking.”

~ There is much left unanswered here. I will be curious to see what Cindy’s deposition from 2009 ACTUALLY says. The prosecution did not want to hound Cindy because she is a sympathetic witness to the jury. General consensus via pundits & social media & much of the news media, doubt her testimony. The love of a mother not wanting her child to get the death penalty. The one thing that struck me was when Cindy cited her 2009 deposition, she cited it as if tutored by Jose.

Whatevs. She’s a mother. Perjury? Most likely. But Casey wasn’t about to get the death penalty anyway. IMO the defense had been going nowhere with their witnesses. Jeff made them his own. Jose has been JUST trying to throw things out to see what would catch. He’s not a very good magician. Too transparent. He needed a big splash. Vasco Failed. Mistress Failed. Jose Failed. ~JP

It’s unclear who the defense will call. The attorneys need to be in court at 8:30 a.m., but the proceedings before the jury are not scheduled to begin until 9 a.m. The defense will also need to tell Judge Belvin Perry today how much longer it anticipates taking to present its case. That’s because the state needs to plan for rebuttal witnesses and has to schedule those people accordingly.

State of Florida vs. Casey Anthony Yesterday’s FULL Trial:

Defense to continue calling witnesses today

Day 26: Cindy Says She Made Chloroform Searches

Jun 242011

Time Magazine article on document stirs controversy

Provocative? Perhaps, but that’s nothing new for Time magazine with a history of taking iconic American symbols and using them to make political statements.

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~ Click image for On Pretending the Constitution Was a Blank Slate…

Jun 242011

Lightning strikes 100-year-old building, causing massive blaze

Jun 242011

The prosecution says Cindy Anthony’s testimony for the defense is inconsistent with her deposition.

Jun 242011

The Army Corps of Engineers says they expect between five and seven more feet of water to reach Minot, North Dakota.