Jun 212011

Great view of this strong tornado that moved 2 miles west of Bradshaw. It knocked over 13 rail cars, toppled power lines, and caused damage to some homes.

Jun 212011

Amazing tornado June 20th of 2011 near Rockwell, NE captured by Andy Gabrielson of FindTheTornado and SevereStudios along with Jim Leonard, Dave Holder and the Extreme Tornado Tours group, Jeff Shardell and Dustin Feldman..

Jun 212011

Joseph Farah on the Rusty Humphrey Show. Even FOX’s expert has now changed his mind. Nearly every letter is different-No typewriter would do that.

Look closely at the sex- it says, “Ma_le”. Most of the fonts appear to have been drawn by hand.

Jun 212011

Former inmate April Whelan may be called to testify at the Casey Anthony trial. She was in jail with Casey in 2009 and told other inmates about her son’s drowning death, which is eerily similar to Casey’s story about her daughter Caylee Anthony’s death. Credits: (Booking Photo)

April was NOT in jail for the ‘accidental drowning’ of her son…

Orlando, Fla. – Outside the presence of the Casey Anthony trial jury and just prior to the lunch break Tuesday, prosecutor Linda Drane-Burdick informed the court that an investigation is ongoing into a former fellow jail inmate of Casey’s, April Whalen, who may be called to testify regarding her son’s drowning death and what Casey may have known about her tragic tale.

Casey had been housed just three cells down from Whalen, who’s 15-month-old son, Isaiah had died in a tragic drowning accident on Christmas Day in 2007. His grandfather discovered the body and began to perform CPR on the boy and called 911. Despite his efforts, the little boy died.

Casey’s story of Caylee’s death is extremely similar — minus the 911 call and CPR.

Although Whalen denies speaking directly to Casey about her son’s accident, she told authorities she may have spoken to other inmates about the circumstances surrounding his death. Those inmates may have then relayed the information to Casey.

According to CF News 13, Whelan was in the Orange County Jail with Casey for five days in 2009. She was booked into that facility 10 times between 2000 and 2009, arrested for various crimes including driving with a suspended license, theft, drug possession and probation violations.

Casey Anthony prosecutor Linda Drane-Burdick Speaks to Court on June 21, 2011, Regarding April Whelan, Who May Have Been the Source of Caylee Anthony’s Drowning Story


Cindy Adams * Crime Examiner for the Examiner

Read Inmate History Report of April Whalen

~ In yet another revelation today:

ORLANDO, Fla. — A woman who said she had an affair with George Anthony after growing close to him during the search for his missing granddaughter has been subpoenaed to testify in his daughter’s murder trial.

Krystal Holloway received a subpoena to testify for the defense at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday. That does not mean she will be called on Tuesday.
In an interview with Local 6 reporter Tony Pipitone, Holloway said she is upset the defense used her as a “scapegoat” in its opening statements.

George Anthony’s Alleged Mistress Speaks Out ~ Holloway Says Anthony Told Her Toddler’s Death Was Accidental

Is Jose Baez deliberately sabotaging the trial with his repeated contempt of court to win a mistrial for Casey?

The question needs to be examined.

~ Jose is a ‘Comedy of Errors , Amateur lawyer! ~ JP

Judge Belvin Perry abruptly ended court Monday after giving stern warnings to attorneys in the Casey Anthony case


Casey Anthony’s defense team should resume calling witnesses this morning — one day after Judge Belvin Perry gave stern warnings to the attorneys in the first-degree murder case and abruptly adjourned court before lunchtime.

No witnesses testified Monday.

The proceedings, which unfolded without the jury’s presence, centered on allegations that defense attorney Jose Baez violated court procedure by failing to fully disclose the opinions that his experts would testify about to the state.

Prosecutor Jeff Ashton said he was late in getting a report, opinions and other materials from Richard Eikelenboom, a Dutch forensic expert who specializes in “Touch DNA” involving small amounts of the genetic material.

Ashton said he intended to call for new sanctions against Baez for failing to disclose the information.

An angry Perry said he was concerned about a trend of his orders being “continuously” violated. He also said he would handle Baez’ potential discovery violation following the proceedings.

Perry appeared on the verge of excluding the defense witnesses from testifying, but held back from that measure out of concern it would unfairly punish Anthony.

~ It turned out that Jose was trying to sneak in new testimony. Perry has JUST about had it with him. Watch comments throughout the day. Lawyers reporting at 7:30am cst now. Lunches will be shorter, Saturday’s a full day. ~ JP

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Jun 212011

On June 20, 2011, the Basehunters chase team documented two destructive tornadoes in southern Nebraska, one near Bradshaw and a second near the town of Silver Creek, as it crosses state highway 39 and destroyed several buildings at a farm but thankfully spared the house!