Jun 152011

As the prosecution rested Wednesday in the Casey Anthony trial, defense lawyers asked the judge to throw out the case saying, it is “screaming for acquittal.” The lawyers claim that the prosecution hasn’t proven that Casey intentionally killed Caylee. The judge ruled that the case should move forward, and Thursday morning the defense will call their first witness.

Jun 152011

This will come back to come back & bite No’Jose’ in the bootie. Mark my words. Starting tomorrow the defense is going to try to overcome the State’s victory with an onslaught attack to detract from the fact Casey was responsible for this. This NOT surprise witness is going to have an explanation that is common-sense. They are counting on the fact, as has been repeatedly stressed in the media, the majority of the jury does not have much of an academic record. But common sense is not taught in school No’Jose’. So do not insult the jury’s intellect due to lack of academic achievements. Gonna backfire on the defense team. Convicted kidnapper or not. He knows they are trying to set him & George up IMO. ~ JP

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Jun 152011
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Housing Collapse Steeper Than During Great Depression

The author of a study claiming the U.S. housing collapse is now worse than during the Great Depression warned Wednesday that the market likely will continue to fall for the rest of the year before going stagnant

TSA “Security Exercise” Covers 3 States, 5000 Miles

Think the TSA was just restricted to airports? Think again.

If you’re still living under the delusion that the TSA is just restricted to airports then think again. A joint VIPR “security exercise” involving military personnel has Transportation Security Administration workers covering 5,000 miles and three states, illustrating once again how the TSA is turning into a literal occupying army for domestic repression in America. The TSA, in alliance with a whole host of federal, state, local agencies as well as military personnel, is currently conducting a massive “security exercise” throughout Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.

Hearing Offers Eyewitness Accounts of Prison Radicalization by Steve Emerson

Former prosecutor Kevin Smith likely will discuss a California case in which inmates radicalized at Folsom prison plotted to attack Jewish targets in Los Angeles and the LAX airport. Patrick Dunleavy, former deputy inspector general for New York state prisons’ criminal intelligence unit and a contributor to the Investigative Project on Terrorism, has emphasized the role prison chaplains play in the radicalization process and the lack of effective oversight over their selection.

FBI NY : MS-13 Soldier Pleads Guilty to Murdering Mother and Child

Nine Other MS-13 Members Plead Guilty to Racketeering Offenses

Mara Salvatrucha

:: Promoter links Shaq to kidnapping, sex tape investigation ::


A music promoter who was kidnapped and robbed in 2008 has told a court that his assailants demanded return of a sex tape featuring NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, prosecutors said on Tuesday.

Soros frontman pushing for Muslim Brotherhood

Philanthropist puts fingerprints on Mideast, African revolutions. A former Jordanian diplomat widely quoted in news media in recent months calming fears about the Muslim Brotherhood is a Mideast specialist for a peace institute funded by philanthropist George Soros.

Al-Qaida Issues New Mail Bombing Threat ~ IPT News

The FBI has issued a new warning about an al-Qaida-inspired plot to assassinate key government and private sector individuals with mail bombs. The plot is only “aspirational,” says a report reviewed by the Investigative Project on Terrorism. But FBI officials have expressed concern about the actions of lone wolf attackers already in the United States.

U.S. Official: CIA Plans Drone Strikes Against Al Qaeda in Yemen

Officials concerned about Yemen’s terror ties are hinting of new drone strikes to target Al Qaeda, to launch with or without the support of the country’s leadership. Catherine Herridge gave Shep more details on this covert campaign, and the latest on the ongoing protests in Sana’a.

:: U.S Lawmakers to File Lawsuit Over Libya Military Action ::

It’s been several months now that U.S. forces and NATO launched attacks on Libya. Dennis Kucinich and other congressman from both parties are upset over President Obama’s use of forces. Hear what they had to say:

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~ I leave you with Archie Bunker Not Being Happy with Obama:

Archie Bunker makes sense after 30 years…’Progressive ~ Pinko ~ Welfare Ideas’ …JUST Wow!

Jun 152011

Art of Teknique!

~ These little guys ROCK!

Strange But Funny!

~ JUST for laughs

Alaska’s Moment

Amadeus Shoots Pool

Dads Who Rock! The BEST is at the end of this performance :)

A Britney Classic {Brilliant}

~ Saving my favorite of the night for last…

Seth’s Magical Twist

~ Oh, one more thing…

Sneak Peek , watch while I locate the ventriloquist

This happened to me last season too. She was my most favorite of any season…

Jun 152011

Bilderberg Members Confronted by Protesters Outside Security Perimeter

Jim Tucker: Bilderberg Wraps Up Earlier Than Ever Before

Bilderberg Sleuth Jim Tucker: Globalist Feel War is Solution for Over-population

Elite at Bilderberg Confab: War is Solution for Over-population:

Jim Tucker’s anonymous steering level Bilderberg inside source told him war in the Middle East is at the top of the elite’s agenda.

Speaking with Alex Jones today, the long time Bilderberg sleuth said the elite believe the world is over-populated and war represents a partial solution.

“They are unified on their war project,” said Tucker, citing his Trilateralist-Bilderberg source, “their rationalization the world is too crowded anyway, they have to limit the population growth, the one way to do it is with our wars. They have been emphasizing that all day.”

The elite are outraged at the presence of activists outside the gates of the exclusive resort where they are cloistered in St. Moritz, Switzerland, Tucker said.

Jun 152011

A strong, high-based supercell blasted through Norman, OK during the late afternoon on June 14, 2011, dropping tennis ball size hail and producing 75+ mph straight line winds. Significant tree damage was reported over much of town, with even minor structural damage where the strongest winds were observed. Dick McGowan, Reed Timmer, CW, and Brian punched through the very intense core of this storm as Dominator 2 was being finished in the shop.

Jun 152011

~ This JUST in: Defense Reveals a Surprise Witness: Vasco Thomson (JUST discovered) He was in George Anthony’s phone records with numerous calls exchanged.

Defense introduces convict Vasco Thompson!

The defense filing in court documents says Vasco Thompson is a ‘recently discovered witness through the ongoing efforts of defense investigators’

On the same day Chief Judge Belvin Perry denied a defense motion for acquittal, Casey Anthony’s team introduced a new person to the murder case — an Orlando felon with a violent past.

The defense team’s amended witness list now includes Vasco Thompson, an Orlando felon convicted on kidnapping charges in 1988.

Court documents show Thompson is a “recently discovered witness through the ongoing efforts of defense investigators.”

Thompson, according to the filing, “was connected to George Anthony through his cell phone records.” Records show four calls between Caylee’s grandfather and Thompson on July 14, 2008 — a day before Cindy Anthony reported Caylee’s disappearance to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

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( Florida Department of Corrections )

The defense team¿s amended witness list now includes Vasco Thompson, an Orlando felon convicted on kidnapping charges in 1988.

: Judge Perry denies Acquittal ::


Transcript shows why Casey Anthony Judge allowed bone chewing details

A newly obtained transcript of a sidebar conference from last week shows why Chief Judge Belvin Perry allowed jurors in the Casey Anthony trial to hear gruesome details about animals chewing on her daughter Caylee’s bones.

The sidebar conference came last Friday during a highly emotional day in which photos and evidence of Caylee Marie Anthony’s remains were shown to jurors.

There was graphic discussion about what animals did to the child’s remains after being placed in the woods off Suburban Drive in 2008 and before their discovery on Dec. 11 of that year.

University of Central Florida forensic anthropology professor John Schultz at one point in his testimony described Caylee’s bones and said “these have actually been chewed on by animals.”

During his testimony, the defense objected and a sidebar conference was called so that jurors and others in the courtroom could not hear the conversation. A 7-page transcript of the conversation captures several interesting points.

Here’s one part of the exchange:

Defense attorney Cheney Mason: “Talking about animal chewing is not probative of any issue in this case … It’s scandalous or shocking and emotional, but it doesn’t prove anything. There’s no question that the child is dead, that these are her bones. But to start talking about animal chewing, I think is inflammatory and we object to it.”

Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton: “It is my understanding that the defense’s position is that these bones were moved, placed into this location at some later date. The fact that the bones were scattered by animals and chewed on is probative of the length of time that they had been present.”

Judge Perry: “Well, but for your argument and suggestion that somebody kept the bones and moved them about, I would sustain your objection. But in view of the fact that that’s your theory, that Mr. [Roy] Kronk took the bones and took them somewhere and kept them, it has relevancy in that standpoint.”

Soon after, the parties discussed what defense attorney Jose Baez said regarding Kronk during his opening statement. Mason reminds the others that Baez said “the bones were dragged and moved.”

Later he adds, “Does it prove that defense counsel made an opening statement decision that may have not been prudent? Perhaps.”

Perry said, “Before Mr. Baez made his statement, I told you I would…sustain the objection,” Perry said. “But when you talk about somebody moved and kept bones for the purpose of getting a reward, I mean … it’s a whole line of questioning that you’ve just opened a can of worms up on.”

Then Mason asked whether the Baez opening statement opened the door to all of this.

Perry responded by saying Baez had questioned a crime scene investigator and a deputy about this long after his opening statement.

At this point Baez says, “The gnawing of bones does not – does not give any indication as to how long remains would be there.”

But Perry ultimately said, “animal activity has to do something with the timeline in this case … it’s an issue that the defense raised.”

Perry said he would overrule the defense objection, but cautioned the prosecution not to get “too enthused and turn it into a horror movie with Frankenstein appearing.”

Ashton said they would discuss the distribution of bones and the consistency with it being done by animals. He warned, “It’s not going to be pleasant.”

Ashton also raised the issue of defense attorney Dorothy Clay Sims consoling Casey Anthony.

“Ms. Anthony gets upset. And that’s fine. We can’t do anything about that,” Ashton said. “But I do think that counsel’s constant arm around the back, patting, needs to not be done in front of the jury.”

He was concerned the display “has the potential of influencing the jury and getting sympathy. So we would ask that counsel stay out of it and leave the consolation for the breaks.”

Perry said he was watching this and observed “it hasn’t reached to the point where it appears to be staged, no more than the natural facial expressions that human beings have; that you even have sometimes, Mr. Ashton.”

Perry then advised the defense not to “overdo it.”

After this sidebar, they all took a break.


Jun 152011

Candid moment after Casey’s mom takes stand

Jun 152011
tears for caylee

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