Jun 132011

Scientists believe the Kiluaea Volcano is close to overflowing. The volcano’s been erupting pretty much continuously for three decades. Scientists warn that the lava inside the crater is nearly 2,000 degrees.

A new vent opened up in the Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii creating fountains of lava as high as 80 feet:

:: Kilauea spews 80 ft. lava fountains ::

Jun 132011

:: FLOOD LEVEE BREACH (helicopter view) ::

Raw Video: Levee Breach Along Missouri River

Another Levee Breach Reported Holt County says a levee breach Monday is now forcing Big Lake to evacuate.

Sad Report: Levee breached in Holt County

Jun 132011

An invite-only meeting of the world’s political elite and financial magnates, the Bilderberg group, is underway in Switzerland. The annual event has long been shrouded in secrecy, something that’s given rise to a strong protest movement. RT’s Laura Emmett reports on just what might be the main agenda behind the closed doors…

Alex Breaks Down Video of Bilderberg Members Confronted by Protesters & Takes Your Calls ~ Bilderberg Elite Just Want to Help

Jun 132011

Displaced families in tornado-ravaged Alabama are outraged after being denied federal aide to rebuild their flattened homes – due to ‘insufficient damage’. Jefferson County resident Jonathan Stewart said he laughed in shock after the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) claimed the house his family lost in the deadly April 27 twister was ‘not unsafe to live in’.

The devastating reality is the house is now a concrete slab surrounded by rubble.

Broken Bible Belt: Homes In Ruins From Tornadoes Denied Aid By FEMA For ‘Insufficient Damage’


‘Based on your FEMA inspection, we have determined that the disaster has not caused your home to be unsafe to live in.

Jun 132011

Herman Cain, the beguilingly personable pizza mogul and Tea Party sweetheart who is showing well in the so-far uncompelling Republican presidential nomination campaign, threw a flag early in an interview I conducted with him last week. I had made the dire mistake of referring to him as African-American.

“I am an American. Black. Conservative,” he said, punctuating each aspect of his self-identity. “I don’t use African-American, because I’m American, I’m black and I’m conservative. I don’t like people trying to label me. African- American is socially acceptable for some people, but I am not some people.”

What is it about the word “African” that the candidate doesn’t particularly appreciate?

“Most of the ancestors that I can trace were born here in the United States of America,” he said, hitting those last four words with a hammer. “And then it goes back to slavery. And I’m sure my ancestors go all the way back to Africa, but I feel more of an affinity for America than I do for Africa.

I’m a black man in America.”

Herman Cain on Why ‘The Black Guy Is Winning’

Jun 132011

Kill Caylee? Yes

But I will always contend Kronk held the little girl at the behest of Casey. JUST my opinion. ~ JP

Questions continue in the Casey Anthony trial from some suspicious internet searches conducted on Casey Anthony’s computer to how her daughter Caylee died and if Casey’s dad played a role in covering up Caylee’s death. Dr. Bill Manion sees some holes in the prosecution’s theory and he thinks “something is wrong here with how the body was decomposed and how it was when the body was found later.” He tells Gretchen some of the problems with the arguments being used during the trial.

~ I have one query. If Casey was video taped at the video store. Not driving her own vehicle, how is it she got rid of Caylee’s body?

Click image for my in-depth post today…

Jun 132011

In Green Bay, Wisconsin, a woman got stuck in extreme winds and rain … literally. She got out of her car at a gas station, was quickly knocked off her feet and blown away. A car parked nearby containing a few people scooped her into their car to save her. Fortunately, she was not injured. Watch this unbelievable video:

Jun 132011

The FBI has now given agents the authority to snoop on anyone, for any reason, even without evidence of criminal activity. Catherine Herridge explains the policy changes, which an FBI spokesman has characterized as “tweaks,” saying that they’d give FBI agents more leeway to look into organizations or individual suspects without strong evidence of criminal behavior.

These changes are also drawing criticism from civil liberties groups, with the ACLU saying the policies present new questions about whether agents are crossing the line and abusing their powers.

Click image for FBI’s New Rules to Give Agents More Leeway on Surveillance…

Jun 132011

Leading up to tonight’s speech by President Obama at the Tucson Memorial, we wanted to share the full statement made by former President Ronald Reagan directly after the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

Jun 132011

~ NOTE: The heart sticker image in the photo is JUST a demonstration NOT found on duct tape. The Heart shape Outline on Duct tape disappeared after examination. Whats worse is that it was never photographed. FBI examiner Elizabeth Fontaine said she observed what appeared to be heart-shaped residue on duct tape. After she finished the exam it was no longer there. Thank goodness she had a colleague view it.


~ Judge Perry denied the Power Point presentation from the State/FBI . The colored version not allowed because it was not properly disclosed to defense team. Small, irrelevant victory.


The prosecution’s case against Casey Anthony could come to an end as early as Tuesday afternoon or early Wednesday.

Orange-Osceola Chief Judge Belvin Perry also announced Monday that the accused woman’s defense team may wrap up its case in time for jury deliberations to start on June 25 or 27.

“So far we are ahead of schedule,” Perry said before calling an end to testimony just before lunch Monday. Prosecutors did not have additional witnesses available, bringing an early end to the day.

The close of their case will conclude three full weeks of evidence presentation and witness testimony.

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~ The one thing I want answered from the defense team is the BS surrounding Roy Kronk. Something stinks in Denmark with that one. NoJose’ will bring up a valid point of ‘why’ were all the calls from Kronk ignored. HOW did this character know where the remains were? How many times did he mess with them? He solicited by Casey?

From Issues:

:: Roy Kronk Reasonable Doubt ::

Roy Kronk was a meter reader at the time Caylee Anthony’s body was found, He has been married three times, he is an avid duct tape user and all his wives have accused him of being abusive. Kronk should be known from here on out as “Reasonable Doubt”. The defense has an amazingly large pile of incriminating evidence against this strange person, Roy Kronk.

Roy Kronk called 911 on three separate occasions back in 2008, claiming he saw something that looked odd or suspicious in the woods.

Read more…

:: How Will Casey’s Defense Respond? ::

~ About to get WILD and INTENSE…

* Dr. Keith Ablow on impact of evidence ~ :: Psychology of Casey Anthony Trial ::

:: Hair Sample Found in Casey Anthony’s Trunk ::

Did FBI forensic testimony help prosecution? From Judge Jeanine…

ALSO SEE from Judge Jeanine:

Body Language of Casey Anthony’s Family

Casey Anthony’s Relationship With Parents

:: Casey Anthony Trial: Uphill Battle for Defense? ::

In conclusion Casey has to testify to reinforce the defense contentions of a drowning & abuse from George. And the fact that WHO discarded Caylee like trash? George put a heart on Caylee’s mouth? Come on now! I hope the defense nail’s Kronk. I hope the State connects him to Casey. So will she or won’t she testify? What do YOU think? ~JP