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What you can expect at this week’s annual Bilderberg meetings.

From RTR:

Bilderberg 2011: All aboard the Bilderbus

As the Bilderberg conference heads towards Switzerland there’s still time to book your seat on a minibus to St Moritz. As Europe groans, and austerity bites, as defaulting looms, and once proud nations fall to their knees in debt, there’s only one annual conference of bankers and industrialists that can step in and save us all…


NOTE: This group has picked every President in my lifetime. In other words, when a potential candidate attends a Bilderberg conference, tadaski, they get elected? No such thing as coincidence here.

According to news reports, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton went out of their way to hold their long-awaited private meeting in a very specific location – not at Hillary’s mansion in Washington – but in Northern Virginia, which also just happens to be the scene of the 2008 Bilderberg meeting.

~ Things that make you say…

“Asked at the time about the Illinois senator’s whereabouts, Gibbs smiled and declined to comment,” the reports adds.

{These two could not be found for a few hours, which had the media up in arms.}

World of Bilderberg

Previous Meetings 2008-2010

Dominique Baettig calls on federal authorities to apprehend former US Secretary of State…

A prominent member of Switzerland’s largest political party has called upon federal authorities to arrest Henry Kissinger as a war criminal if he attends the 2011 Bilderberg conference of global power brokers which is set to begin on Thursday at the Hotel Suvretta House in St. Moritz.

Click image for Prominent Swiss Politician Calls For Arrest of Kissinger at Bilderberg…

Harvard Professor reveals globalists are panic-stricken about Greece debt default threat to survival of single currency

MUST SEE:{INSIDE OUT Van Jones} Top-Down…

A top Bilderberg member has revealed that globalists are panic-stricken about a potential eurozone crisis caused by a Greek debt default that could precipitate the collapse of the Euro and also derail the wider agenda for multi-regional currency unions and eventually a global currency system.

Click image for Bilderberger: Eurozone Collapse Threatens Global Currency Agenda…


Bilderberg 2010: Globalists Panic Over Euro Collapse

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Mandatory Evacuations – Levee Breech Expected – Missouri-Iowa Border

:: Unprecedented Flooding Never Seen Before ::

Sandbags are piled along levee at city limits

Sandbags are piled along the levee at the city limits of Hamburg, Iowa, Monday June 6, 2011. Massive sandbags dropped on a faltering Missouri River levee have temporarily fortified the floodwall and given Army engineers more time to construct a secondary barrier to protect a threatened Iowa community, authorities said Monday. A mandatory evacuation order is in effect for the city as rising (AP Photo/Dave Weaver)

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Missouri River flood levee breaches expected

JON STEWART: ‘The Anthony Weiner Story Officially Became Sad’ Monday Afternoon

~ Blah-Blah WHO CARES?!

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ACORN is the largest radical leftist group in America today. This radical group worked closely with the Obama camp during the election but, the community organizing group was not open about the relationship. The photo below was scrubbed from the ACORN website before the election

GOP Votes to Defund Obama’s Radical Socialist ACORN Army
–Posted by Jim Hoft


Documents show marriage of Obama’s parents a sham Newly released files reveal ‘couple’ didn’t live together

From: Bob Parks of Black & Right… Sweetheart Deal Of The Day

She will be tasked with leading the digital strategy (Web and mobile) at NBC News and MSNBC to “ensure future growth and innovation” and will report to NBC News president Steve Capus.

:: Raw Footage Yemen Palace Attack ::

When the United States found out that Pakistan had been providing a safe haven to Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad (and let’s not pretend that they didn’t provide OBL safe haven) the Great Fiction came undone.

Christopher Hitchens Goes Nuclear On Pakistan

Jun 072011

Jun 072011

Casey Anthony’s attorney suggests in court biological evidence found in her car came from chicken or hamburger.

Jun 072011

Congressman Weiner has promised not to resign, but what promoted his sudden honesty? After Andrew Breitbart released some photos that Weiner sent from his e-mail address, he apologized for “misleading” the media on this story. Andrew tells Hannity, “If I had not released these pictures today, Weiner would’ve put a smear campaign out on me” and continues on saying that he will not release one photo that Andrew says is “beyond the beyond” and suggests that the media “not go after Weiner’s girls.” Hear Andrew’s story.

Jun 072011

~ Highlights from yesterday:

— Expert: Tests Show Body Was In Trunk Of Casey’s Car Chloroform Levels In Casey’s Car Leave Experts “Shocked”

VIDEO: ‘Shocking’ Chloroform Levels In Casey’s Trunk

~ IN Images

Replay Of Live Blog From Casey Trial On 06/06/11



* ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — On day 23 of Casey Anthony’s murder trial, jurors are expected to hear more about forensic evidence, one day after groundbreaking evidence was introduced into the trial.

Jurors To Hear More Forensics In Casey Anthony Murder Trial


Uncut: K-9 Search From Helicopter

Experts Testify About Testing On Casey’s Car