Jun 012011

~ Again the horrible words are repeated “It looks like a WARZONE” ~ JP

Multiple tornadoes caused damage across Western Massachusetts Wednesday afternoon, including one that caused heavy damage in Springfield’s Downtown and South End neighborhoods.

:: Death reported in tornado ::

Jun 012011

An apparent tornado struck the downtown of one of Massachusetts’ largest cities Wednesday afternoon, scattering debris, toppling trees, and frightening workers and residents.

~ This is an extended news cast of a video that was previously posted…

Jun 012011

NOTE: Shep mistakenly said they touched down this morning. They touched down at Rush Hour…

Jun 012011
on trial

Thanks to WESH TV You can View today’s proceedings:

~ Entire Morning Proceedings with Lee Anthony and more:

~ Entire Afternoon Session:

From WFTV:

Lee talked about his own frustrations with Casey’s lies and her relationship with their mother.

“She told me my mother had numerous times thrown it in Casey’s face that Casey was an unfit mother for Caylee and that Casey says ‘Maybe I am,'” Lee stated. “I went on to say that my mother had also referenced Caylee as being a mistake, but the best mistake Casey’s ever made.”

First law enforcement officer at scene didn’t notice odor from car

Casey Anthony’s brother and the first law-enforcement officer who responded to the scene after Caylee Anthony was reported missing took the stand today for the first time in the accused child-killer’s trial.

Lee Anthony talked about trying to track down his sister after family members had been unable to contact her for days at a time. Orange County Sheriff’s Office Cpl. Rendon Fletcher explained that he was unable to find any evidence that anyone lived in the apartment where Casey Anthony said she had last seen her daughter in the company of alleged nanny Zenaida Fernández-González.

Law enforcement testimony

Several law-enforcement officers from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office testified this afternoon about the emotions at the Anthony home, as well as the smell surrounding Casey Anthony’s car and garage.

Witnesses, Recordings Heard In Court Expose Casey’s Lies

Replay Of Live-Blog From Casey Trial On 06/01/11

Latest Slideshow From The Case ~ Key Players In Casey Murder Trial Day 18

VIDEO Synopsis of Day :OCSO’s House Call; Casey’s Brother, Friend

Jun 012011

I have been asked by many people (Being I spout repeatedly HAARP is responsible) WHY the government would create these tornadoes since 4/27/2011. I have been hearing rumblings on to boost our economy & THAT is what I’ve been espousing. I said that this would eventually come under the guise for another Stimulus package. This article From MRC JUST released blew my mind…~ JP

Are deadly tornadoes really the best “stimulus” to be hoped for from the Obama White House, or is the New York Times just desperately looking for economics green shoots as the 2012 presidential elections approach?

Employees of the Davis H. Elliot Company, based in Roanoke, Va., working on April 30 to restore power to Caldwell, Ala.

In any case, just 10 days after the deadly tornado hit Joplin, Missouri, Wednesday’s off-lead by Michael Cooper, {NYT} “Reconstruction Lifts Economy After Disasters – New Jobs Are Created to Erase the Rubble,” pushed tornadoes as economic stimulus.

Yes, it’s the Keynesian “broken window” fallacy – the discredited theory (dissected in this article about the earthquakes in Japan by FreedomWorks Matt Kibbe) that acts of destruction like tornadoes actually stimulate the economy by forcing spending on things like rebuilding and disaster relief. Money that is spent on rebuilding can no longer be spent on other things.

The story’s text box read: “Experts say tornadoes and hurricanes can create a catalyst for renewal.”

Strange that the Times has never used that pump-priming argument when it comes to the war in Iraq.

By contrast, the Times in September 2005 saw Hurricane Katrina as an unmitigated economic disaster for President Bush a few days after it hit: “Hurricane’s Toll Is Likely to Reshape Bush’s Economic Agenda.”

Hurricane Katrina is about to blow a hole in the federal budget, and it is already jeopardizing President Bush’s agenda for cutting taxes and reducing the deficit. Administration officials told Republican lawmakers on Tuesday that relief efforts were running close to $700 million a day, and that the total federal cost could reach as high as $100 billion…..Though it is still too early for accurate estimates, the costs are all but certain to wreak havoc with Mr. Bush’s plans to reduce the federal deficit and possibly his plans to extend tax cuts.

But on Wednesday Cooper wrote about the bright side to tornadoes and flooding across the South.

The deadly tornadoes and widespread flooding that have left a trail of death and destruction throughout the South and the Midwest have also disrupted dozens of local economies just as the unsteady recovery seemed to be finding a foothold.

But a new phase is slowly beginning in some hard-hit areas: reconstruction, which past disasters show is typically accompanied by a burst of new, and different, economic activity. There is no silver lining to a funnel cloud, as anyone who survived the tornadoes can attest, but reconstruction can help rebuild local economies as well as neighborhoods.

But there are already stirrings of economic activity. Home Depot, whose store in Joplin was destroyed, began selling lumber and other supplies from a parking lot there on Tuesday as it prepared to open a 30,000-square-foot temporary store.

No one would suggest that disasters are a desirable form of economic stimulus. But economists who have studied the impact of floods, tornadoes and hurricanes have found that after the initial anguish and huge economic disruptions, periods of increased economic activity frequently follow as insurance money and disaster relief flow in to jump-start rebuilding.

Even as the natural disasters eliminated thousands of jobs, the needs of recovery have created others. Companies like Unified Recovery Group, which is clearing storm wreckage in Alabama and Tennessee, are hiring workers and subcontractors to cart off debris. Construction companies are hiring, too. In Tuscaloosa, James E. Latham, chief executive officer of WAR Construction, said his firm had rehired workers who had been laid off during the downturn and had added new employees to prepare for the work ahead, like rebuilding an elementary school.

As insurance claims are paid, a further economic stimulus lies in the shopping that some people will do to replace lost goods.

~ Thanks to MRC for posting this!

Jun 012011

Tornado touches down in downtown Spfld: wwlp.com

Jun 012011

~ I think this may be the same guys who filmed on their Android posted a bit ago…Jim Cantore advises to mute…But this is LIFE! Scared to Death.

I’m stupid? Yeah me and my coworker were driving, WORK RELATED, and we happened to be on the road and I filmed it.
– dylanm8141

Jun 012011

Tornado Causes Damage In Springfield

No Word On Injuries

The tornado was caught on camera, which showed the debris-filled funnel roaring through the downtown area.

Trucks and vehicles overturned after the tornado passed through.

~ This video was shot from an office window & certainly indicates an F5: