May 062011

NOTE: Originally Posted here in the Daily Digest from the Daily Mail on April 21st. Shockwaves After Muslim Model Poses for Playboy – ‘I wanted to be free’ This lets you know why I refer to the UK’s news before ours. And sadly it seems FOX is going the way more and more of MSM.

Weeks after causing an uproar among conservative Islamic groups in Europe, German Playboy’s Editor in Chief is claiming his scantily-clad cover star is not actually a Muslim.

Nude images of the Turkish-born German soap star Sila Sahin sparked outrage from conservative Muslims who called her a “whore” and a “Western slut who has “shamed Muslim womanhood,” according to reports from the London Sun.

The Islamic Community of Germany also reportedly called for a boycott of Sihan’s German soap opera “Good Times, Bad Times.”

But German Playboy Editor in Chief, Florian Boitin, told FOX411 exclusively in an email that his cover model isn’t even a Muslim.

“Sila isn’t Muslim. Her father doesn’t belong to any [religion] and her mother is Christian [sic]. And the Playboy cover with Sila Sahin is not a religious statement,” Boitin told FOX411.


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