May 182011

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— NY Post…IMF accuser in apt. for HIV vics – Pad under name of AIDS group. The maid IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn allegedly assaulted in his New York City hotel room lives in an apartment rented exclusively for people with HIV and AIDS, according to the New York Post.

* photo- AP *

Giffords Set to Undergo Skull Surgery – HOUSTON — Doctors will replace a piece of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ skull with a plastic implant on Wednesday, another encouraging step in the Arizona congresswoman’s recovery from a gunshot to the head more than four months ago.

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:: Bread Costs Rise Due to Mississippi River Flooding ::

:: Beck: FDA vs. Amish Menace ::

Government protecting you from unpasteurized threat

— Heritage…How about a National Obamacare Waiver? – If you knew a dangerous virus was about to hit America and that you could beg the government for a vaccine, you’d probably do it, wouldn’t you? That’s just what states and businesses alike are doing right now in preparation for Obamacare. But rather than seeking a vaccine, they’re asking for waivers from the law’s onerous requirements.

:: The Story of Stars and Stripes Honor Flight ::

* Honor Flight: The Greatest Generation’s Last Wish…Earlier this year, the last veteran of World War I died at the age of 110. It’s hard to believe, but in the coming years, most of America’s World War II veterans will be gone as well. The Honor Flight Network exists to grant them one last wish and final honor before they go.

~ Ironic the Resemblance to Che Guevara!

— The Hollywood Gossip…Carlos Santana Slams Georgia Immigration Law – Saying that he represented immigrants, Santana said, “The people of Arizona, and the people of Atlanta, Georgia, you should be ashamed of yourselves.”

~ NO Carlos it is YOU that should be ashamed of yourself!

:: Translation ::

SEE: University Insiders: Illegal Immigrants Get Affirmative Action

— FSM…Anti-Boehner Protest Fizzles Despite Washington Post Backing by Cliff Kincaid – The Washington Post noted that House Speaker John Boehner’s commencement speech at the Catholic University of America (CUA) was non-political. But the Post story about the speech was entirely political.

— Business Insider…The Gang Of Six Is Now The Gang Of Five…The “Six” are sitting US Senators; three Republicans and three Democrats.

:: DeMint: ‘This Will Hurt Job Growth’ ::

Battle between NLRB, Boeing

See PDF: Right-to-Work States are Winning the Future

— WND…A QUESTION OF ELIGIBILITY : The dead infant and the birth-certificate mystery – Researcher who suspects forgery finds possible reason for Obama registration number

— Bloomberg…U.S. Nuclear Production Rises on Gains in Illinois, Georgia…Power generation nationwide increased 776 megawatts from yesterday to 76,730 megawatts, or 76 percent of capacity, according to an NRC report today and data compiled by Bloomberg. Twenty-six of the nation’s 104 reactors were offline.

— FOX…Justice Thomas Fires at Court Critics…Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is comparing critics of the court to die-hard sports fans who won’t say anything good about rivals and wonders whether they suffer from a “disease of illiteracy or laziness.”

Source: National Archives

— FOX…Annie Jacobsen offers for the first time an inside look at the history of America’s top secret military base.


Terror in the Skies: Why 9/11 Could Happen Again

Area 51: Never Before Seen Photos of America’s Secret Base

Flagler Masjid one of the Florida mosques under the control of Hafiz Khan

— FSM by Steve Emerson – Hafiz Khan, 76, along with two sons and a daughter, a grandson and a Pakistani man, are charged with four counts of conspiring to provide material support to terrorists and actually providing the support.

— CFP by Dr. Walid Phares The US got Bin Laden but missed the Nuremberg trial of Jihadism

— CNN…Pakistan announces arrest of senior al Qaeda militant Muhammad Ali Qasim, also known as Abu Sohaib al-Makki, a Yemeni national


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