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The sister of a Sept. 11 victim said President Obama turned his back on her Thursday after she asked him to advise Attorney General Eric Holder to drop his probe of CIA agents whose interrogation methods may have provided information leading to the raid on Al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden.

:: Details of Meeting Between President, 9/11 Families ::

Debra Burlingame on her meeting with Obama

—> Obama Turns Back on Sister of 9/11 Victim Requesting End to CIA Probe

— FOX…Al Qaeda Eyed Attack on U.S. Trains – Information taken from Usama bin Laden’s compound shows that Al Qaeda was plotting an attack on U.S. trains on the anniversary of Sept. 11 this year.

ALSO SEE: How the White House Botched Bin Laden Story…Way in which administration revealed details about raid have offered even less clarity about the landmark event

—> Bin Laden ‘Scared’ Before His Death, Sources Say

— Business Insider…Bin Laden’s Successor Outlines A Plan To Terrorize Britain – Posing as a lone Muslim extremist named Q Khan, reporters from The Sun emailed Osama Bin Laden’s successor and received detailed instruction on performing terrorism in the United Kingdom.

—> When Bin Laden First Poked His Head Out The Door, The SEALs Fired At Him And Missed…The senior Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Saxby Chamblis, today said the Obama administration’s version of the Bin Laden raid differed from what CIA director Leon Panetta described to him on Sunday night.


— FOX Nation…Obama Speechwriters Costing Taxpayers a Fortune

— Heritage…Obama Wants to Tax Us by the Mile

Remember that Beatles song about the taxman? “If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street.” Well, that’s just about what the Transportation Secretary has proposed. Bad ideas never die in Washington. They don’t even fade away.

— FOX…Holder Intervenes in Gay Man’s Deportation Case…Attorney General Eric Holder took the rare step Thursday of asking an immigration judicial panel to reconsider the case of a gay man they’d cleared for deportation.”>

— CFP…Obama’s ineligibility and the coming second American revolution…At some point in 2008, the political elites decided to violate the Constitution

— AP…Japan to halt 3 nuke reactors over quake concerns…Japan’s prime minister said Friday he instructed a utility to halt all three reactors at a power plant in central Japan because of safety concerns in the event of a major earthquake and tsunami.

:: Beck: Courage and Compassion of Michael Murphy ::

Incredible story of SEAL Team 10


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