May 192011

Many Cordova residents would like to move into FEMA trailers and out of tents, however a city ordinance won’t allow the mobile homes to move in.Cordova Mayor Jack Scott doesn’t believe that the temporary FEMA trailers are actually temporary and doesn’t want his town turning into a mobile home park



  3 Responses to “Cordova, AL. residents want FEMA trailers, mayor says no”

  1. Maybe the mayor should move into a TENT and let some of the families move into HIS HOME!

  2. Who cares at this point if they live in trailors, these people need to be clean and have a bed to sleep in. This mayor needs to spend a few nights in a tent.

  3. Can you say no re-election. Come on already, this is an Emergency. I almost bet you just ruined any chances of getting re-elected. Good job there Mayor!

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