May 112011

CORDOVA, AL. — Cordova City Hall and the Cordova Water and Gas Board will be open to the public today for the first time since a tornado tore through downtown on April 27.

City business will be conducted out of a trailer set up where the police station once stood until those offices move to the old National Guard Armory, where the Cordova City Council and Water and Gas Board held their meetings Tuesday night.

“We’re in the process of fixing it up, and I think we should be in here in about a month pending when we can get telephone service,” Mayor Jack Scott told the council.

Scott said part of downtown will be open so citizens can access the temporary city offices.

Traffic must cross the railroad tracks at the post office, turn right onto Burlington Avenue and take a left at Lee’s Restaurant.

The one-way route will then continue to First Street and traffic will cross the railroad tracks again at Burlington Avenue near the Cordova Church of Christ.

Main Street will remain closed.

“We feel like the wall of the hotel isn’t safe, so we’re not going to run any traffic right beside it,” Scott said.

Scott added that the police department is operating out of a trailer next to the temporary City Hall and First Bank of Jasper and People’s Bank will be open today as well.

He stressed that downtown will be open for those who need to conduct business there, and the area will be closed at night.

During the Water and Gas Board meeting, chairman Jack Drummond said that customers will not be penalized for late payments until further notice.

Citizens may pay their water bills at the temporary office or mail them to 74 Main Street.

Also, Cordova Municipal Court will likely not be held until June or July. Payments are being accepted online HERE

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