May 282011

May 282011

Terrorists struck the Jefferson Memorial on May 28th in an apparently coordinated effort. Early reports revealed this coordinated attack carries the signature of past Al Qaeda attacks using multiple targets and unrelated agents. However, it is unclear if dance attacks affected other national monuments but authorities have been placed on high alert. The diligence and response of Law Enforcement officers on duty at the time acted swiftly to diffuse the threat before damage could be done to the memorial and the tourists at the site. The terrorists are now in the custody of Washington DC officials and are being interrogated. Eyewitnesses report scuffed elbows and two iPods containing multiple tracks from Jordan Page’s new album “Liberty” were damaged as a result of the attacks. This report is ongoing – for more information or to demand the release of the Terrorists contact the authorities at (202) 610-8703 and the US Park Police: 202-610-7500

For more information on the music the Terrorists were listening to:

~ I think the background of this is important to note. This is for Ron Paul, song titled “Light of the Revolution…

RTR’s Report:

:: Police Brutality at the Silent Flashmob at the Jefferson Memorial ::

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Adam Kokesh, Edward Dickey, and others were just arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial. They are being held at Anacostia Station (District Five):

– 1901 Anacostia Drive S. E., Washington, D.C. 20019
Please call (202) 610-8703 and demand their release.
Call the US Park Police as well, at 202-610-7500.

:: Police Brutality at the Silent Flashmob at the Jefferson Memorial ::

From Adam Kokesh:

:: Adam Kokesh body slammed, choked, police brutality at Jefferson Memorial ::

On May28, 2011 Television host Adam Kokesh and several other activists participating in a flash-mob were arrested at the publicly-funded Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Their crime? Silently dancing, in celebration of the first amendment’s champion; a clear violation of their right to free-expression. In an excessive use of force, video was captured of Adam being body slammed and placed in a choke for his non-crime.

~ Friends, PLEASE get this out to all your social avenues & email etc. THIS CANNOT be allowed! ~JP

May 282011

* When Court is in Session:


* Replay Of Live-Blog From Casey Trial On 05/28/11

~ Highlights of Today’s Proceedings:

Angry Casey Cries As Mother Walks Out Of Courtroom – Casey Anthony became angry and cried as her mother, Cindy, walked out of the courtroom on Saturday. ORLANDO, Fla. — Casey Anthony’s mother, Cindy, testified on day 16 of Casey’s murder trial on Saturday. Cindy was brought to tears as she described Caylee Anthony’s baby blanket and bed to prosecutor Linda Drane-Burdick.

Casey walked into the courtroom smiling, wearing a light blue, beaded blouse and she had her hair pulled back into a bun.

– Slideshow of today’s proceedings

RAW VIDEO: Angry Casey Cries As Mom Walks Out Of Court

Through most of her testimony, a photo of Caylee remained on display on television monitors along the courtroom, where evidence is displayed for the jury, media and spectators. Cindy eventually interrupted her questioning, asking prosecutors to remove the photo.

“I can’t look at my granddaughter without getting upset,” she said. As Cindy tried to keep herself composed, she said, “I’m sorry.”

Drane-Burdick asked her if she needed a minute and Cindy said, “Yes.”

Casey sat stone-faced as her mother cried and at one point shook her head “no.”

Judge Belvin Perry called for a short recess, and as Cindy walked out of the courtroom, Casey became angry and began crying.

Right before noon, Cindy recounted lies that Casey was feeding her after Caylee was last seen alive.

~ This was a terribly emotionally draining day for Cindy. I must say, I have experience with sociopathic personality disorder. It is usually a companion to a narcissistic personality disorder. Casey is a classic case IMHO. Many experts on her case have concurred. Watch how Casey watches each witness. She then ‘mimics’ what the particular witness is showing emotionally. She did brag she was a great liar & she seems to be a great actress.

Those are givens in these disorders. A sociopath lacks a sense of moral responsibility {Ex. Morally Bankrupt) or social conscience. It gets confused with anti-social which I have never known someone who lacks social conscience to be. Anyway, I bring this up because Casey only emotes this way or through anger. Then the other extreme of blissful moments as a Manic-Depressive.

Casey Anthony has a tattoo of the bella vida which means “beautiful life”. Casey Anthony allegedly got the “bella vida” tattoo shortly after her 2-year old daughter Caylee went missing in June 2008. WHY on earth would you get this tattoo when your flesh & blood is reportedly kidnapped/missing?!

This child is a mess!

Another notable trait is they come to believe their own tales & lies. Wholeheartedly! So keep this in mind with Casey’s behavior. Also the task of blaming everyone for everything. And let me tell you, although there can be many contributing factors in the ‘why’ of it all, ie: abuse/molestation etc., it was explained to me astutely by several experts & medical professionals, that it is normally a person suffering from these disorders, is likened to a genetic u-turn. So there you are. Hopefully it will help you apply the healthy skpeticism needed for someone with the dynamics of Casey. ~JP

—> Read the entire synopsis of today’s trial…

~ To view the videos of the Day, they are in order of testimony (except for the first one, it is out of order) so JUST follow them down the line:

— This was early in the testimony. Cindy made a MYSPACE page JUST to be able to contact Casey about Caylee because Casey was ignoring her. The text is reviewed. — out of numerical order as it never uploaded properly and I didn’t realize it until a viewer noticed it! ~ Sierra1947

* Cindy is having a really difficult time right now and Casey is Casey!

* Cindy Anthony

* Casey really got upset and started crying when her mother came off the stand. I don’t know if Cindy looked at Casey or didn’t look at Casey.

* Casey is like hysterical. I don’t know if she is ticked off at her mother or what ….

* Cindy Anthony

* Cindy Anthony

* Cindy Anthony

* Cindy Anthony

* Cindy Anthony

* Cindy Anthony

* Cindy Anthony

* Cindy/Judge Perry dismisses jury for the day for a two day holiday weekend: