May 212011

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May 212011

College students who claim to support the freedom of speech wish to ban conservative talk-show hosts from both radio & TV (filmed at CSU Fresno).

~ If the rabid libs have their way they will overturn The Fairness Doctrine ~JP

May 212011

This is the Phil Campbell, Hackleburg, AL tornado that crossed I-65 just south of Athens,AL on 4-27-11 as a 3/4 Mile Wide Wedge Tornado. Taken with iPhone 4. This tornado was doing extensive damage in the Tanner,AL area when this tornado was filmed.

This is video of the Huge Tornado as it went through the Swan Creek community

Greenbrier Alabama looking toward Tanner

May 212011

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Obama’s ‘worst nightmare’ seeks showdown…

‘I feel God’s hand in decision that I am going to announce’ — Herman Cain

An American success story and tea-party favorite who could be Obama’s “worst nightmare” tells WND he will make a “very important announcement” to the nation in less than 48 hours.

“I feel God’s hand in this decision that I’m going to announce on Saturday, May 21, in Atlanta at Centennial Olympic Park at high noon,” Herman Cain, an Atlanta radio talk-show host, former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and 2004 Senate seeker, told WND. “We’re expecting more than 5,000 people to be there at the announcement rally.”

An invitation on his presidential exploratory committee website notes that Cain will share “his final decision about a potential run for the White House in 2012.” His announcement will be broadcast live on his website.

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~ Don’t forget to watch LIVE

…on Saturday, May 21, 2011 at “High Noon” at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia.

In preparation for the historic event, Herman Cain has recorded a special message:

:: Is America Ready for Common Sense Solutions? ::

We thank you for your continued prayers, support and generosity.

Pledge your support for Herman Cain

May 212011

The OC Register’s Brian Calle Reports some lifeguards are making upwards of $200,000 a year. They also get a $400 a year allowance for sun protection and can get up to 90% of their salary for a pension.

May 212011

UPDATE – Latest News…

A mandatory evacuation order has been ordered for Butte LaRose: Saturday at 8 a.m.

A sign informs passers-by of rising water in Butte LaRose, Louisiana May 19, 2011. The town, within the Atchafalaya Basin, is expected to flood up to several feet. REUTERS/Lee Celano

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Thanks to Char! From AP:

The ‘In Your Face Alert:

1 oil refinery and 3 nuclear power plants , 30,000 people,3 million acres,14,000 farmland acres and 11,000 buildings. People told to pack up as if they will not be coming back.

May 212011

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Photo:Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar-Moslehi

— Business Insider…Iran Just Arrested 30 People In An Alleged U.S. Spy Network – Spying in Iran can carry the death penalty.

No comment yet from Washington.

— Business Insider…Watch The End Of The World! LIVE!

On May 21, at 6 PM, many believe the Rapture will take place. Well, of course, 6pm in New Zealand comes about 18 hours earlier than 6pm in the US, so that means the US folks get to watch the fun unfold.


— FSM…Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood – Since taking office, the President has been infatuated with the Muslim Brotherhood and has argued that political Islam and democratic politics are compatible with one another.

by Frank Gaffney, Jr. – Obama’s Muslim Outreach 2.0: Doing Business with the Muslim Brotherhood – The United States is now prepared to do business with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama’s Deliberate Use of “1967” in Speech to Muslims


— Heritage…After bin Laden’s Death, Al-Qaeda Turns to the North Caucasus – One of the first to do that, Shamil Basayev, was the mastermind of the Dubrovka and Beslan hostage takings. His successor, Doku Umarov, (Pictured above) managed to strengthen the ties with local Islamic communities and claimed the establishment of the “Caucasus Emirate,” a pan-Caucasus terrorist group fighting “jihad against the infidels” and for an Islamic emirate consisting of all the North Caucasus.

~ No Jobs created here, but for the M.E.?! What’s wrong with this picture Friends?

— – The president plans to forgive roughly $1 billion in debt owed by Egypt to free up money for job-creation efforts there. And he will reveal other steps to bolster loans, trade and international support in Egypt and in Tunisia

— AP …Trumka is expected to issue the warningIn prepared remarks, Trumka said the role of unions is not to build the power of any political party, but to improve the lives of working families. He promised that unions would spend the summer holding leaders in Congress and the states accountable

— NY Post…BLUEPRINT FOR DISASTER: “Secure” floor plans of 1 World Trade Center (above) are accessible on the city’s Web site.
(photo credit:Paul Martinka) Detailed schematics of 1 World Trade Center posted online!

— FBI…Leader, Members of Alleged International Khat…Trafficking Ring Arrested…Eighteen individuals have been arrested for their alleged roles in an international conspiracy trafficking more than 4.4 million grams of khat throughout the United States.

— WFTV Orlando…Details On Jurors For Casey Anthony Trial

— FOX…Billionaire Pickens Says Obama Lacks Energy Plan…Texas billionaire T. Boone Pickens faulted President Barack Obama on Friday, saying the president has failed to develop the energy plan he promised Americans as a presidential candidate in 2008.

~ This from the man STEALING OUR Water!


T. Boone Pickens wants your water

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Award-winning featured documentary narrated by Malcolm McDowell. Global Warming is an issue of ‘how’ we live, the water crisis is an issue of ‘if’ we live

Blue Gold Website

Do NOT Miss This article!…I will NEVER eat these again:

— Business Insider…This Chicken McNugget Contains Ingredients From 11 Different Countries – The chicken is from Brazil, the bread crumbs from the United Kingdom and the wheat imported from Canada, Australia, Pakistan and Paraguay. The vegetable fat is processed in the UAE, but made from canola seeds imported from Canada. Spain supplies the emulsifiers, Germany the salt and stabilisers, while the dextrin, which enhances crispness, is Chinese. The spices are from India, of course, as are the flavour enhancer and textured vegetable protein.

— CFP by Cliff Kincaid {NEED to Know} Progressives Urge Obama to Dump Israel…In addition to favoring a policy of abandoning Israel, Code Pink has demanded that Obama withdraw U.S. military forces from Afghanistan, leaving that country to the mercy of the Taliban and al-Qaeda

Medea Benjamin of Code Pink Leads Anti-Israel Chants

Recorded on May 16, 2011 using a Flip Video camera

— The D.C….AARP latest to receive Obamacare Waiver…HHS exempt “Medigap” policy providers, like the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), from oversight when such providers increase payment rates for their supplemental insurance plans

Saudi Woman Arrested for Spitting on WalMart Customers ‘Because Americans are Pushing Us Around’

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May 212011

From Business Insider:

On May 21, at 6 PM, many believe the Rapture will take place.

Believers think the Rapture is basically the beginning of the end of the world.

Well, of course, 6pm in New Zealand comes about 18 hours earlier than 6pm in the US, so that means the US folks get to watch the fun unfold.

(The end-of-worlders say that God’s going to respect time zones, and make the Rapture a rolling thing).

So we gathered up a bunch of live web cams across the U.S. and the world, so you can tune in to see what the Rapture will look like everywhere.

~ Do YOU See People?…

Watch LIVE Aussie Webcam

May 212011
pc tornado

AMAZING Raw Video of F4 Tornado in Phil Campbell :

Close Up:

On our way to get into position to intercept the tornado that impacted the Phil Campbell, AL area, we were blocked by downed trees that a previous tornado had uprooted. We pulled off and decided to film the supercell as it moved away from us. The speed of the video is sped up slightly to empasize the strong rotation in the entire storm.

Photo slideshow of the devastation in Phil Campbell, AL

PHIL CAMPBELL – The Phil Campbell Convention has always had special meaning for those who gather each June to celebrate the event honoring people who share the name of the only incorporated town in Alabama with a first and last name.

But after a tornado in late April destroyed one third of the town and killed 26 residents, the convention has become a fundraising possibility and a way to get the plight of their adopted town into the national spotlight.

That’s right, the International Phil Campbell Convention. Not to be confused with the first Phil Campbell Convention, held back in 1995. Then, twenty-two Phil Campbells and one Phyllis Campbell attended – a fine feat, but we were all Americans.

There were no Canadian Phyllis Campbells, no Scottish or English Philip Campbells, no Irish or Australian Phillip Campbells. And definitely no Felipe Campbells from Chile. Not everyone came, because not everyone could be invited. Sixteen years later, I’m organizing another convention. But this time, it’s different. First, the town of Phil Campbell – a real town, I swear!- is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its incorporation with a special festival, and we Phil Campbells are joining them.

We support the town of Phil Campbell, Alabama

Help us pull together donations for the town of phil campbell alabama after the recent tornados that devastated parts of the town. jason biggs even did a piece to camera for us and we will be having a relief effort with a bunch of phil campbells gathering in phil campbell, alabama in june 2011 to help out rebuild parts of phil campbell, alabama. — r3wind

Phil and Phyllis Campbells from around the world are trying to help the small, tornado-devastated town of Phil Campbell, Alabama, but they can’t do it alone.

I’m with Phil website