May 112011

The cities of Carbon Hill, Cordova, Dora, Eldridge, Jasper, Kansas, Nauvoo, Oakman, Parrish, Sipsey and Sumiton

Walker County, AL.

DHR setting up nutrition program for victims of tornado

The Walker County Department of Human Resources will soon be setting up shop at the Parkland Shopping Center in Jasper to accept applications for the Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program the DHR will operate.

NOTE: It is in the second strip mall close to Guthrie’s Restaurant! They have dozens of workers & are so efficient I could not believe how fast we were in & out. If you lost food due to power outages or wages, they help if your net income is in the $21,000 range annually. ~JP

The program, designed to provide food benefits to people who might not ordinarily qualify for the food assistance program, but have lost income or have losses due to damage from the recent storms, was recently approved by the United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service.

Walker County DHR will be accepting D-SNAP applications Wednesday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 801 Parkland Shopping Center, which is located between the Home Accents and Factory Connection stores.

Because about 10,000 individuals are expected to apply for the D-SNAP this week, officials chose the Parkland Shopping Center for the location of the D-SNAP administration facility because of parking available in the vicinity of the establishment.

“Behind Sav-A-Lot there is whole large parking lot people will be able to use,” said Randall Redmill, the director of DHR for Walker County.

Because of the high number of applicants expected to apply for D-SNAP assistance, those who apply are being asked to sign up on the days specified according to the first letter of their last name.

The sign up days are:

•Wednesday: A-J

•Thursday: K-R

•Friday: S-Z

Saturday will be a make-up day for those who miss their scheduled application day.

After Saturday, Redmill said area residents will no longer be allowed to qualify for the program. Also, he said applicants may not sign up at the DHR office in Jasper.

“Once the program ends, there is no way to get included,” Redmill said.

To qualify for the benefits, residents of Walker County must apply in person or have an authorized representative apply for them, according to a DHR press release.

Applicants must have disaster damage to their homes, loss of food, expenses related to protecting their homes, or lost income as a result of the disaster. Also, they must meet income limits composed of net household income plus available liquid resources, such as cash.

Also applicants must have been a resident of Walker County on April 27, 2011 to receive assistance locally.

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:: Salvation Army Continues Relief Efforts ::

— Giving a $ 300 voucher to each family that received major damage/destruction to homes from tornadoes. Voucher is good for ANYTHING in the store, food bank or furniture warehouse setup up on Elliott Blvd.

— Will be giving gift cards for produce, dairy, meat that are in low supply in our food bank.

— We can help you shop for what you need & can deliver large items to your new residence when that address is available.

— Volunteers will help you connect to other resources if we do not currently have the items you need in our service facilities.

Our prayers are with you as you recover. Call 205-221-7727

FEMA: Facts and fiction – A WAFF 48 News Special Report

In the days and months following April’s deadly tornadoes, many well need help to get back on the road to recovery.

Help for many may come from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA. There are questions surrounding the filing process and eligibility.

FEMA Spokesman, Don Bolger, answered some commonly asked questions.

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May 112011

From federal to local services there are number of organization on hand to assist those in need.

May 112011

CORDOVA, AL. — Cordova City Hall and the Cordova Water and Gas Board will be open to the public today for the first time since a tornado tore through downtown on April 27.

City business will be conducted out of a trailer set up where the police station once stood until those offices move to the old National Guard Armory, where the Cordova City Council and Water and Gas Board held their meetings Tuesday night.

“We’re in the process of fixing it up, and I think we should be in here in about a month pending when we can get telephone service,” Mayor Jack Scott told the council.

Scott said part of downtown will be open so citizens can access the temporary city offices.

Traffic must cross the railroad tracks at the post office, turn right onto Burlington Avenue and take a left at Lee’s Restaurant.

The one-way route will then continue to First Street and traffic will cross the railroad tracks again at Burlington Avenue near the Cordova Church of Christ.

Main Street will remain closed.

“We feel like the wall of the hotel isn’t safe, so we’re not going to run any traffic right beside it,” Scott said.

Scott added that the police department is operating out of a trailer next to the temporary City Hall and First Bank of Jasper and People’s Bank will be open today as well.

He stressed that downtown will be open for those who need to conduct business there, and the area will be closed at night.

During the Water and Gas Board meeting, chairman Jack Drummond said that customers will not be penalized for late payments until further notice.

Citizens may pay their water bills at the temporary office or mail them to 74 Main Street.

Also, Cordova Municipal Court will likely not be held until June or July. Payments are being accepted online HERE

Mountain Eagle

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Police chief warns citizens of possible scams in Cordova

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Walker County Tornado

May 112011

Leads police on a chase after allegedly stealing a tow truck in California..

~ Yay, an opportunity to post one of my fav songs…

Eddie Kendricks – Keep On Truckin´ (Part 1)

May 112011

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and a number of other politicians are suggesting that the federal government is trying to block a move that would let aerospace giant Boeing create hundreds of jobs in South Carolina because the state tends to vote Republican. Rand Paul questioned the president’s motives saying, “Mr. President, do you have an enemies list? Is this decision based on the fact that South Carolina appears to be a Republican state?”

May 112011

Glenn visited The Garden Tomb, one of two places in Jerusalem that Jesus is thought to have been buried, and recorded a special message to his fans about why he decided to come to Israel.

We Stand with Israel...

May 112011

From the debt ceiling and our federal tax problem to securing our borders — GOP hopeful Herman Cain tells Eric Bolling, in for Glenn Beck, what he would do if he were president when it comes to some of America’s biggest issues. Hear what he had to say.

May 112011

The Stasinski family wants to install a wheel chair lift for their daughter Giuliana , who has cerebral palsy. Their Staten Island condo board says that the lift can only be installed in the backyard, which the family says is unsafe and discriminatory. They joined Steve Doocy to explain why this is “just not right” and why they plan to fight against this discrimination.

May 112011

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan:

What’s ironic about these attacks is that it is the President that is proposing a Medicare rationing board for CURRENT seniors. We repeal his board, ensure NO CHANGES to Medicare for people above the age of 55, and then save the program with personalized, strengthened system for the next generation. It’s a system that works like the one federal employees and Members of Congress have. It doesn’t just save money; it saves Medicare.