May 102011

Obama has an Ace up his sleeve moving into the 2012 election cycle, but so do we. In this report we expose why you may be seeing strange things on Facebook lately.

May 102011

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— FOX…Mississippi River Crests in Memphis at Nearly 48 Feet – Mississippi Delta residents are warned that even if water is diverted through a second spillway, they may see flooding up to 25 feet deep, as the Mississippi River crests at nearly 48 feet in Memphis.

WATCH LIVE: My Fox Memphis

Media Blackout? Yemeni Passenger Was Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’

— FSM…The Pakistani Pit of Deception – Even Pakistanis do not believe that their political and military leaders did not know bin Laden was living, as one columnist put it, “wrapped in the bosom of the Pakistani security establishment.”

{Blogger’s Rule} The Apotheosis Of Barack Obama – Draw Barack Obama as Julius Caesar, complete with laurel and toga. She did. I wanted to share you this masterpiece.

— The D.C….‘Burn a Bush’? Michelle Obama invites rapper Common to a poetry reading…First Lady Michelle Obama has scheduled a poetry evening for Wednesday, and she’s invited several poets, including a successful Chicago poet and rapper, Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr., AKA “Common.”

~ Even more importantly look WHO else is invited…

— NH Journal…{~ Yes Friends, it’s Da Boogie Man } Acolyte of Rev. Wright to complicate Obama poetry night?

— CBS…Midair security scares on 3 U.S. flights – American Airlines passenger subdued, cuffed after banging on cockpit door day after 2 other flights diverted

— AP…Microsoft agrees to buy Skype for $8.5B

— FOX…Top Obama Nominee at Justice Department Blocked by Republicans

— FOX…Obama Pushing for Immigration Overhaul in El Paso – Obama using the setting to sharpen his call for a remake of the nation’s immigration laws and try to cast the GOP as the obstacle standing in its way.

:: AZ. Immigration Law Battle Going to High Court ::

ALSO SEE: Utah Immigration Law Gets Hearing on Day of Debut…SALT LAKE CITY — Police in Utah have been given the authority to check the citizenship status of anyone they arrest — even if only for a few hours.

— USA Today…Will tough new Georgia immigration law keep visitors away?

— FOX…Arnold Schwarzenegger and Wife Maria Shriver Separate after 25 years of marriage

— Reuters…{Stalkers} Sarah Palin wins restraining order against father-son pair

— Business Insider…John Cusack Unloads On Goldman Sachs: They Basically Are The Government

:: Is China More Transparent Than Obama Administration? ::

Journalists covering the first day of a U.S.-China summit in Washington on Monday were given access to Chinese officials on several occasions, but for an American perspective, they had to rely on a conference call briefing by two administration officials speaking on background. Neither Secretary of State Hillary Clinton nor Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner took questions from reporters on the first day of the third U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue.

— Business Insider…Juan Williams Thinks ‘GOP Outcast’ {Ron Paul} Will Win Republican Nomination

— NWI…Gary boy died locked in a cage…GARY | Seeing her brother locked up in a cage isn’t what disturbed 15-year-old Christina Choate two years ago — she was used to seeing him curled up in what used to be a dog cage.

Terror struck her when she realized her 13-year-old brother wasn’t breathing.

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Mandated Messages: The President and Homeland Security Coming to Your Cell Phone :

May 102011
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~ May 10, 2011 ~

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Today’s thought is from Hazelden:

Maturity doesn’t come with age or intellectual wisdom, only with love

— Ruth Casey

We may have thought being mature meant being “grown-up.” This meant acting rationally, showing good judgment, no longer exhibiting childish behavior. It’s doubtful that we ever considered the expression of love as an act of maturity. However, we are learning that the key to sustained growth is the ability to love one another and ourselves.

It seems so much easier to focus on others’ faults than on their assets. In childhood we learned to compete with our classmates, and this taught us to be critical of one another. No teacher tested us on how we expressed love; rather, we worked on spelling and multiplication tables, and we were pitted against other students for the gold stars.

Now we are discovering how much more comfortable life is when we all get gold stars. We are handling every situation more sanely now that we have realized the gift of serenity that accompanies our expression of love.

From the book: A Woman’s Spirit by Karen Casey

~ “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil…is…for good men {to do NOTHING}”
–Edmund Burke Irish philosopher and statesman 1729-1797

* I’m Just a Bill, Yes, I’m Only a Bill: The Constitutional Way to Make Laws
Under the Progressive notion of a “living” Constitution, almost every aspect of the Constitution has been subject to reinterpretation. One section that would seem to defy a new interpretation, however, is Article I, Section 7, Clause 2 – or the “Presentment Clause” – which clearly outlines the process by which a bill becomes a law.

* Heritage The Constitution in One Sentence: Understanding the Tenth Amendment

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