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— FSM Meltdown in Your Backyard? – The NRC database of nuclear power plants shows that 23 of the 104 nuclear power plants operating in the United States are very similar to those involved in the Japanese crisis. And many of those boiling-water reactors have GE’s early Mark I system for containing radioactivity, the same containment system that was used in Japan’s Fukushima plant.

— FOX GOP Budget Plan to Cut $6 Trillion – Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal for 2012 will offer more than $6 trillion in cuts over the next decade, with a focus on federal spending and costly entitlement programs.

— FSM “The Three Stooges Of Evil” – Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

by Lt. Colonel James Zumwalt, USMC (ret) – Three men in positions of power and authority are bonded together by a shared belief. The trio sees a world in complete disorder.

:: Stranded tsunami dog rescued in Japan ::

~ at sea for three weeks

— Heritage Supreme Court Throws Out Challenge to Arizona Tuition Tax Credit Program

The Institute for (IN)Justice writes:

Today’s landmark decision declared that the plaintiffs in the case lack standing to bring the challenge in the first instance because the program is funded by private contributions, not government funds.

—> Debt Crisis Begs the Question: “Are We Citizens or Subjects?”…As lawmakers in Washington focus their attention on the budget, they would be wise to remember the policy objectives behind their necessary reforms.

— FOX Package Containing Severed Pig’s Foot Intercepted on Way to Rep. King’s Office – The U.S. Postal Service intercepted a package Monday containing a severed pig’s foot and an anti-Semitic note addressed to Rep. Pete King, R-N.Y., the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, sources tell Fox News.

UConn Defeats Butler to Win Third National Title – Connecticut beats Butler, 53-41, to give Jim Calhoun his third men’s basketball NCAA championship

ALSO SEE: Fans storm court in Connecticut as Huskies win

— FOX Holder Blames Congress for Forcing Hand on Military Commissions for 9/11 Detainees…Congress tied the Obama administration’s hands in trying the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks and his accomplices

— AP High winds, rain, hit South; at least 6 killed (AP) – At least six people have been killed in the South as fast-moving spring storms packing high winds, hail and lightning blew through the region, uprooting trees and knocking out power to hundreds of thousands including in metro Atlanta.

TWC VIDEO Severe outbreak causes widespread damage…A line of severe thunderstorms moved through the South, and the Tennesee and Ohio Valleys leaving behind damage from reported tornadoes and straight line winds.

— [Chicago Breaking News] Quinn, Caterpillar chief to meet…Gov. Pat Quinn plans to talk to the head of Caterpillar Inc. about Illinois’ business climate, countering the efforts of other states to lure the company away.

— FOX Report: 2 Qaddafi Sons Offer Plan to Oust Father…it would push their father aside to make way for a transition to a constitutional democracy, a diplomat and a Libyan official said Sunday.

— FSM American Jewry’s Fight – Over the past year or so, American Jewish opponents of Israel like writer and activist Peter Beinart have sought to intimidate and demoralize Israelis by telling us that American Jews either no longer support us or will stop supporting us if we don’t give in to all the Arabs’ demands.

— Rasmussen Ratings For Obama’s National Security Performance Fall to New Low…fewer voters than ever give him positive grades on his handling of national security issues.

— USA Today Bodies found in wreckage of 2009 Air France crash in Atlantic

France’s Bureau of Investigation and Analysis tells reporters that searchers have hopes of finding the black boxes because the debris is scattered in a relatively concentrated area of teh ocean floor, AFP reports.

— CFP by -Dr. Paul L. Williams :: Inside the Gulen Compound ::

{JUST Recommended} A visit to the Pennsylvania fortress of “The World’s most Dangerous Islamist” – Fethullah Gulen, allegedly “the most dangerous Islamist on planet earth,” is alive, well, and living in Pennsylvania with over $25 billion in financial assets.

—> Muslims and Moral Handicaps

Free speech is a fundamental freedom. But all it takes is a few Muslim murders and Reid, Breyer and Graham eagerly hold up their lighters to the Constitution

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants an investigation into Koran burning. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer suggested that this form of free speech could be banned. Senator Lindsey Graham is also looking for ways to limit free speech, saying, “Free speech is a great idea, but we’re in a war”.

: In God We Still Trust ::

– By Lloyd Marcus CFP The left: they’re goin’ after our kids…Obama and company are doing everything in their power to “bully” parents into surrendering their children over to them for government indoctrination.


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