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: Tablets Causing Wireless Traffic Jam? ::

Explosion in popularity of devices drain bandwidth

— WP :: Glenn Beck to end daily TV program on Fox News Channel ::

“I took this job to ring the bell” — Beck

Glenn Beck and Fox News Channel formally agreed Wednesday to end Beck’s daily program, which will dissolve a 27-month marriage beset by outside pressures and internal tensions sometime this year. The conservative host and the news channel, started by conservative billionaire Rupert Murdoch as an avowed counterweight to the liberal news media, agreed that they could not agree to continue

{Are YOU Surprised?} Late-Night Talks Yield No Results – Following a late-night budget meeting, President Obama, Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Reid all announce that while they made progress, there is no agreement yet to avoid federal shutdown.

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:: Democrats Protecting Fat Cat Contributors? ::

— Lawmakers Question FBI’s Handling of Awlaki Case – Fox News finds that commission probing 9/11 attacks was likely never told about Anwar al-Awlaki warrant

:: King: ‘Al-Awlaki Is Dangerous’ ::

Al Qaeda gaining control in Yemen

A better Medicare program … will give Medicare patients control over the flow of dollars and freedom to make decisions about how they access medical services. This will stimulate intense market competition among plans and providers, control costs, and promote rapid innovation and higher productivity through the efficient delivery of quality care, thus guaranteeing value in return for retiree premiums and taxpayer dollars.

— Heritage Should BP Be Allowed Back in the Gulf?…It’s a sensitive question for some and several media outlets created a buzz when rumors circulated that BP and the Department of Interior had reached a deal to commence drilling again nearly a year after the spill.

— CFP Students for Life of Illinois :: Pro-Life Group Rallies in Chicago ::

(h/t Warner Todd Huston)

When the Chicago “LIFE Mob” learned of the pro-choice protests that would be held during a tribute to pro-life hero, Joe Scheidler, they came out huge numbers to drown out the protesters and support Joe!

— [Chicago Breaking News] Emanuel working the aldermanic crowd – Mayor-elect’s team trying to determine whom he can count on as allies…In Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel’s political war room, there’s an aldermanic scorecard to determine who’s with him, who isn’t and who falls between.

— Japan: Little Time Left to Find, Identify Tsunami Dead – Police race to find thousands of bodies before they decompose in restricted areas exposed to radiation

ALSO SEE: Fukushima health risks being downplayed, say Chernobyl researchers

Japan disaster complicates moves to clean energy

— Fundraising Letter Sent From Controversial Muslim Group’s Director to Muammar al-Qaddafi

See letter from the director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, to Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi dated September 23, 2009. The letter has added fuel to criticisms of the controversial group and what its critics say are some dubious fundraising tactics.

— {Are they EVER Right?!} Experts see busy Atlantic storm season – The Atlantic basin is facing a busier-than-average hurricane season, in part because of unusually warm water in the ocean, according to a seasonal hurricane forecast released Wednesday.

—> France rescues Japanese ambassador in Ivory Coast (AP) – French forces wearing night vision goggles rappelled from a helicopter to rescue the Japanese ambassador and seven others, France’s foreign minister said Thursday, as Ivory Coast’s strongman leader remained in an underground bunker amid the fighting.

—> Libyan rebels say NATO airstrikes hit their forces (AP) – Rebel fighters claimed NATO airstrikes blasted their forces Thursday in another apparent mistake that sharply escalated anger about coordination with the military alliance in efforts to cripple Libyan forces. At least two rebels were killed and more than a dozen injured, a doctor said.

— Study: Maine most peaceful state; Louisiana least – Group examined rates of violent crime, percentage of population in jail and size of police force

Top 10 most peaceful states:

1. Maine
2. New Hampshire
3. Vermont
4. Minnesota
5. North Dakota
6. Utah
7. Massachusetts
8. Rhode Island
9. Iowa
10. Washington

Make sure you see the Top 10 least peaceful states


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