Apr 162011

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Holbox Island and the Yalahau Lagoon on the northeast corner of Mexicos Yucatan Peninsula are featured in this image, acquired by the Korea Multi-purpose Satellite (Kompsat-2) of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI).

— FOX…’Black Hole’ on Earth? – A Korean satellite has caught an eye-catching view of an island in Mexico known for a deep, rocky hole — and waters so dark that they earned it the name Holbox, a name that means “black hole.”

SEE Full Animated Graphic:Fukushima Potential Releases, Xe-133 Total Column for April 15-April 19, 2011, Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), April 15, 2011

— April 16 Forecast Shows Radioactive Cloud Stretching From Texas to Canada – ”These products are highly uncertain based on limited information for the source terms. Please use with caution and understand that the values are likely to change once we obtain more information on the overall nature of the accident.” -NILU

ALSO SEE: Exposure Levels Going Up Everywhere…The decision to raise the alert level to 7 amounts to an
admission that the accident is likely to have substantial and long-lasting consequences for health and for the environment.

— FBI…Tea Man Sentenced to Life Imprisonment Plus 10 Years for Sex Trafficking of a Child by Force and Solicitation to Murder a Federal Witness

— See our Human Trafficking Map

—> New Jersey Hacker Sentenced to Two Years in Prison for Unleashing a Virus and Attacking Media Outlets…Defendant’s Botnet Launched Denial of Service Attack on Websites That Mentioned Him

— Business Insider –Photo Tepco-Reactor-4…Japanese Government Faction Wants To Bankrupt TEPCO, Break It Up, And Take Away Its Executives Pay – A faction within Japan’s government wants to bankrupt the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), break it apart, and take away its executives pay and give it to earthquake victims

—> What China Will Really Do With Its $3 Trillion In Reserves…Stories are flying about China’s $3 trillion reserves, with much speculation on how those reserves will be used. First let’s consider the setup. Bloomberg reports China’s $3 Trillion Reserves Show G-20 Task as Wen Resists Yuan Pressure

— Heritage…Save VOA Broadcasting to China…The decision to cut Voice of America (VOA) Broadcasting to China has attracted a good deal of congressional attention, as well it should.

— FSM…DOJ Source: Obama Political Appointees Squashed Indictment of CAIR Leader and Other Islamist Groups by Andrew McCarthy…The DOJ showed, in its terrorism financing prosecution of the Holy Land Foundation, that major Islamist organizations (e.g., CAIR, the Islamic Society of North America, the North American Islamic Trust, etc.) were complicit in the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities (including its financing of its Palestinian branch, Hamas), the question I am frequently asked is: Why doesn’t the Justice Department make them indicted coconspirators instead of unindicted coconspirators — the evidence, after all, seems to be there, right?

— Does Islam Breed Violence? by Amil Imani…On one side are the politically correct in government, the leftist mainstream media, and a raft of Islamist apologists. One and all are tripping over each other in reassuring us that the mass murderers such as Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan and suicide bombers who detonate their explosive vests in crowded marketplaces and even mosques are individual anomalies and Islam is not responsible for what they do.

— Atlas Shrugs…Illinois Muslim Girl Runs Away, Escapes Islamic Forced Marriage…In never ceases to amaze me how the media reports these acts of Islamic law and supremacism and never mentions Islam or sharia – but it all points to the crying need for our bus campaing for Muslims under threat.

— CFP…Confederates fired on Fort Sumter, “official” beginning” of the U.S. Civil War.

:: One-Hundred & Fifty Years and a Day ::

April 12th, 1861, the Confederates fired on Fort Sumter, this event marked the “official” beginning” of the U.S. Civil War.

— Chicago Breaking News…Palatine, IL. man deported in Mexico murder case…A 39-year-old Palatine man suspected of killing his girlfriend’s 4-year-old son in Mexico has been deported. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement reports agents escorted Juan Manuel Salazar-Ramos to Mexico on Thursday.

— Reuters SALMON, Idaho …World’s oldest man dies in Montana – A 114-year-old retired railroad worker reputed to be the world’s oldest living man died of natural causes on Thursday in the farming community of Great Falls, Montana.

—> Pentagon warns on big defense cuts…The United States may have to scrap some military missions and trim troop levels if President Barack Obama sticks with his goal of saving $400 billion on security spending over a 10-year period, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.

Peter Doocy takes a look at Sgt. Chris Frost, an American servicemen who’s missing both of his legs below the knee due to being injured by an IED while deployed in Iraq. This weekend, Frost will join with 80 other wounded warriors for the 2011 Face of America ride, a 110-mile bike ride from Washington D.C. to Gettysburg, PA to honor members of the military.

— Business Insider…Boehner’s Job Is On The Line – Majority Leader Eric Cantor would like to be Speaker Cantor. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan would like to be Speaker Ryan.

—> Do You Know Carl Levin?…Carl “Shitty Deal” Levin gave us some of the financial crisis’s best and most riveting television since the May 6thFlash Crash. Who can forget his questioning of Goldman Sachs executives?

— The Hill…Allen West to critics: Beware whom you target…Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) used an email to constituents to respond to a threat against his Florida office last week and to warn critics to “be careful of whom you are choosing to employ these tactics against.”


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