Apr 162011
Sat threat

Severe weather and tornado warnings have been issued for the Carolinas today as the storms move Northeast.

Over the past few days, a storm system marching across the country has unleashed deadly thunderstorms from the southern Plains into the Southeast. It will be the southern Atlantic Seaboard’s turn to face the vicious storms today.

The thunderstorms will roar eastward from the Appalachians towards the coast as the day unfolds. The potential for severe weather will menace a vast part of the Southeast Coast, from Washington, D.C., to Savannah, Ga.

Some of the storms along this zone will be capable of producing tornadoes. While a tornado outbreak on the same scale as those from Thursday’s and Friday’s severe weather is unlikely, any twisters striking populated areas could be devastating.

Damaging wind gusts are another threat from today’s storms. Gusts past 60 mph at times could damage buildings, topple tractor trailers and down trees and power lines.

The thunderstorms will also unleash torrential downpours, large hail and vivid lightning. An inch or two of rain could pour over some areas in a matter of hours, which could trigger flash flooding problems.

Norfolk, Va., Raleigh, N.C., Charleston, S.C., and Augusta, Ga., are among the cities and towns that lie within the area at risk for these thunderstorms.


~ Click image for Flooding Rain to Inundate the Northeast

NOTE: As always look for weather alert updates in comments…there are a few right now…~JP


  16 Responses to “{Alert Blog for 3-16-2011} Dangerous Storms Take Aim at the Southeast Coast…”

  1. Accu Weather
    The 1st #tornado warning of the day has been issued for counties in northeast SC and southeast NC. Watches & Warnings: http://ow.ly/4BHEf

    Severe Studios
    PDS Tornado Watch issued for the Carolinas and Virginia until 9pm. Strong tornadoes likely. Particularly Dangerous Situation

    Tornado Warning for Dillon, Horry, and Marion County in SC until 1:00pm EDT.

    Tornado Warning for Columbus and Robeson County in NC until 1:00pm EDT

  2. Tornado Warning for Hoke and Scotland County in NC until 1:45pm EDT.

    Tornado Warning for Anson and Stanly County in NC until 1:30pm EDT.

    Tornado Warning for Union County in NC until 1:30pm EDT.

    ALERT NC: Tornado Warning for Union County in NC until 1:30pm EDT.

    HIGH risk issued by the Storm Prediction Center. Major risk of tornadoes, especially in eastern NC: http://1.usa.gov/8ZcMh

  3. Take Cover! Accu Weather
    A funnel cloud has been spotted in Fork Church, located southwest of Winston Salem, N.C.

    Severe Studios
    RT @TWCBreaking: Dr. Forbes has increased his TORCON value from 7 to 8 in the eastern Carolinas

  4. TWC Breaking
    Tornado watch until 9pm in N. Virginia and portions of central/western Virginia. Includes #DC and #Baltimore. Map: http://wxch.nl/cUjj9u

    Tornado Warning for Amherst and Rockbridge County in VA until 2:15pm EDT.

    Tornado Warning for Amherst, Bedford, and Rockbridge County in VA until 2:30pm EDT

    TWC Breaking
    Numerous power outages reported in High Point, N.C. Radar: http://wxch.nl/ghendo

    Radar in Carolinas shows solid line of storms with mini supercells ahead of it. Both could produce tornadoes. Radar: http://wxch.nl/grRFWR

  5. Severe Studios
    Tornado Warning for Augusta, Greene, Page and Rockingham County in VA until 2:15pm EDT

  6. Severe Studios
    Tornado Warning for Halifax and Pittsylvania County in VA until 2:45pm EDT

    Tornado Warning for Alamance County in NC until 2:30pm EDT.

    TWC Breaking
    Tornado warning for Staunton along I-81 in western Virginia. Warning info, radar: http://wxch.nl/fhXWeZ

    Storms are racing today. Tornado warning until 2:15pm for Randolph, Co. in N.C. shows a movement of 60 mph.

    Accu Weather
    A storm just east of Lexington, Va., looks capable of spawning a #tornado. The storm is heading NE. Radar: http://ow.ly/4BJIT

    High winds have caused damage to houses in Salisbury, N.C.

  7. TWC Breaking
    Raleigh, Durham and Fayetteville, N.C.: Line of severe storms are just off to your west. Radar : http://wxch.nl/gcPqy2

    Latest watch and warning map shows a number of tornado warnings lined from the I-81 corridor in VA to northern SC: http://wxch.nl/cUjj9u

    Strong rotation in Alamance Co., N.C. near Altamahaw. Possible tornado: http://wxch.nl/goneFS

    It’s not just the East Coast, live of severe storms pushing into Cleveland, Ohio. Warning info and radar: http://wxch.nl/i76ffN

  8. Severe Studios
    Tornado Warning for Caswell County in NC until 2:45pm EDT.

  9. Severe Studios
    Tornado Warning for Orange County in NC until 3:00pm EDT.

    TWC Breaking
    Storm Prediction Center also monitoring south-central Pennsylvania for a watch. Area of concern: http://wxch.nl/h8H6x6

  10. Severe Studios
    Tornadic storms in NC are moving at 55mph!

  11. Severe Studios
    Tornado Warning for Chatham, Lee, and Moore County in NC until 3:30pm EDT.

    Tornado Warning for Person County in NC until 3:15pm EDT.

    TWC Breaking
    Funnel cloud reported in Alamance Co., N.C. near Graham around 10 mins. ago.

    A tornado was reported on the observation at Mc Entire National Guard Base in SC. This is southeast of Columbia, SC.

  12. Severe Studios
    Tornado Warning for Charlotte and Halifax County in VA until 3:30pm EDT.

  13. Severe Studios
    Tornado Warning for Hoke and Scotland County in NC until 3:45pm EDT

    Tornado Warning for Albemarle, Augusta, Greene, Madison, Orange, Page and Rockingham County in VA until 3:45pm EDT.

  14. Severe Studios

    LIVE TV tornado coverage from WRAL, Raleigh, NC: http://bit.ly/hCUGAF

  15. JimCantore: Several Tornadic Supercells in central NC and southern VA right now!!!! VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION unfolding

    TWC Breaking
    Severe thunderstorm warning issued for Raleigh/Durham metro. Warning info and radar: http://wxch.nl/gYLsAv

    Tornado warning issued for storms in western Virginia, including Charlottesville. Storms moving NE at 80 mph! Info: http://wxch.nl

    Trees reported down in the Darlington, SC area.

    A funnel cloud was been sighted in Lee Co., N.C. This is to the southwest of Raleigh. Radar: http://wxch.nl/hq2f7D

  16. We had horrific storms here last night. No tornadoes, YET!

    I’ve been researching Radioactive Rain all day since we have a huge radioactive cloud over US today:


    Also see:

    State and city NOT testing drinking water for radioactivity because of EPA — EPA is “taking the lead”


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