Apr 282011
Severe Weather Iowa Tornado


I’m checking in briefly. I will ask Char to post comments for updates. She has been getting all the resources, while we cannot. Our state was devasted, as I’m sure you all know from the news. The damage from the F5 in Tuscaloosa is being covered by all the major news outlets but so many of our smaller towns took direct hits by many, many F4’s with violent tornadoes.

I cannot even tell you JUST how many tornadoes touch downed or funnel clouds, I have NO idea. I do know the one that leveled Cordova went right over our shelter & we were praying mighty hard.

For instance Cullman, Cordova was leveled, Pleasant Grove, Empire, Sumiton, Dora and oh so many towns.

We spent most of our time in the church shelter from 4:30am Wednesday, until 10pm last night. We went back & forth 4-5 times. We have been without power since early yesterday & it seems as if we will be without for who knows how long. We have so much I wish to relay to youd debris JUST N of Jasper that came from Cordova, appox. 15 min. away & from Tuscaloosa, appox 50 min .

I have so much I wish to relay to you. Being without electricity, we have not even seen any of the footage. Our local radio keeps us updated.

We were the lucky ones, as we had no loss of life in our town but we have loved ones in Cordova & are unable to reach them. We do know Cordova was decimated.

We ask for your prayers for all of Alabama. But they are so needed today in Tuscaloosa and so many cities & towns here. When we regain power I will update & we will be functioning as normal as possible.

I JUST felt since we have thousands of hits per day, I wanted to update you we are all alive.

Also that, me who covers one of the busiest current weather blogs there is, has been unable to when it is us who were affected.

Thank you Friends,