Apr 272011

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—> Obama Compare Ellis Island Immigrants to Illegals

Mike Gallagher sounds off

— GOP Steps Up Probe of White House Health-Reform Meetings – GOP members of the powerful U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee have stepped up their probe of secret back-room negotiations and quid pro quo deals struck in health reform, after the White House stonewalled requests

—> China warns US not to interfere on human rights…BEIJING – China warned the United States on Tuesday not to overstep bounds in human rights talks this week

Firestorm After Law Firm Drops Out of DOMA Fight

Did legal powerhouse bow to political pressure from gay rights groups?

:: Why Isn’t Syria Being Treated Like Libya? ::

Pressure on President al-Assad nowhere near action taken on Qaddafi

— FOX Obama Authorizes $25 Million in Non-Lethal Aid to Libyan Rebels…President Obama on Tuesday authorized $25 million in non-lethal assistance to the Libyan opposition — the first direct U.S. aid to the rebels after weeks of assessing their capabilities and intentions

—> Iran’s Plan for ‘Halal’ Internet Slammed By U.S.-Iranian Group…Iranian authorities have reportedly announced they intend to launch an Islamic Internet to counter the influence of the Western-dominated World Wide Web

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:: Obama Can Go Right? ::