Apr 252011
So far we're still ok here in Vilonia. It got serious real fast

Severe storms across the Midwest caused heavy flooding and violent tornadoes, killing 7 in Arkansas and forcing residents in a Missouri town to pack up and flee to higher ground.

Arkansas Department of Emergency Management spokesman Tommy Jackson said four people died Monday in the central Arkansas town of Vilonia, where a tornado likely ripped through the area. In the state’s northwest, three people died after their vehicles were swept off the road.

Vilonia’s fire chief, Keith Hillman, said 40 to 50 weren’t accounted for, but he expected many simply weren’t reachable. He said he didn’t expect the death toll to rise significantly. Fire crews wrapped up work overnight and planned to resume early Tuesday morning.

“The town’s gone,” Vilonia resident Sheldon Brock said outside a gas station a few miles outside of town.

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This is the actual tornado that hit Vilonia,AR. #vilonia #arwx Pic by Jesse Herdon, a friend in Vilonia.

— KFSMWX kfsmwx by SvrWxChaser

A severe storm “wiped out” an area of downtown Vilonia about 7:30 p.m. Monday, city officials said. Stephan Hawks, a Faulkner County spokesman, says one person died in the town, where a path of damage stretches three miles wide and 15 miles long, The Associated Press reported late Monday.

“It’s just a mess here,” Mayor James Firestone said. “There are trees and power lines down everywhere. Highway 64 is closed. An 18-wheeler is turned over. Only emergency vehicles are being let in. And we need them.”

Houses and businesses are gone, cars are turned over and the city is in the dark, he added.

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Image credit Brandon Dayberry…So far we’re still ok here in Vilonia. It got serious real fast

Finally! I’ve been scouring to find some, any news outlet that was reporting on what happened to Vilonia…

Severe storms, including tornadoes, some of which were reported up to a half-mile wide, slammed into central Arkansas Monday night. Trained amatuer radio storm spotters confirmed cars were blown off the road on parts of I-40 and near the town of Vilonia. Storm spotters said the tornado that moved into Vilonia was a half-mile wide


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BREAKING: Timmer confirming pavement has been scoured off near #Vilonia, AR. Hearing more reports that town lost

JUST on TWC, Dr. Forbes said all the signatures back this up…

…a tornado emergency was declared for Vilonia, Arkansas. Initial reports indicate that a 0.5 miles (0.80 km) wide tornado caused significant damage in the town.

This HAD to be an F5:

The Fujita Scale

Downburst, heavy rain, & lightning 2 miles south of Benton, Arkansas during a large tornado outbreak.

Apr 252011


Apr 252011

Sensitivity Training 101: Abandon all your principles. Defending ideals like individual liberty and freedom of expression can be offensive to others and dangerous to yourself.

Apr 252011

BROWNSVILLE – Police say a passerby on the southbound side of Highway 77 noticed what looked like a grenade near the FM 1732 overpass and alerted authorities around 5 p.m. Sunday.

The improvised explosive device or I-E-D was disarmed by a bomb squad using a robot. No one was hurt. Parts of Highway 77 were closed for several hours.

Police are continuing to investigate.


Apr 252011

Evacuations are underway in Poplar Bluff, Missouri as a levee nears its breaking point. Deputy Police Chief Jeff Rolland spoke to Jenna Lee about the evacuation efforts.

Apr 252011

Behind the Bias in the Valerie Plame Scandal

In this clip from the Hannity special, Behind the Bias: The History of Liberal Media, Sean looks at the media’s role in the Valerie Plame scandal in which politics played ahead of principle. Media outlets claimed that Plame’s identity as a CIA operative was revealed as part of a smear campaign against her husband, Joseph Wilson, a diplomat who had penned an op-ed piece in the New York Times which accused the Bush administration of manipulating intelligence to justify U.S. military actions in Iraq.

The Media’s Double Standard in Covering the GOP

Hannity looks into how the media’s left-wing bias results in a double standard in coverage of members of the Republican party.

The Media’s Portrayal of George W. Bush

Hannity takes a look at how President George Bush was portrayed as lacking intelligence, and the comparison to more recent coverage of President Barack Obama.The double standard in covering members of the Republican party, and the Valerie Plame scandal in which politics played ahead of journalistic principles.

Apr 252011

The South Central states are the target of a major outbreak of severe weather, including tornadoes, this afternoon into tonight.

This outbreak will mark the seventh straight day of numerous violent thunderstorms igniting across the South Central states.

Similar to recent events, the strongest thunderstorms through tonight will be capable of unleashing damaging winds, window-shattering hail and flooding downpours.

Tornadoes touching down and causing destruction are a serious concern.

“There may even be a couple of strong, long-track tornadoes due to the amount of wind shear, or twisting of the winds, present in the atmosphere,” stated AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Brian Edwards.

Nasty thunderstorms were already starting to erupt in northeastern Texas around mid-afternoon. The worst of the outbreak will target areas from northeastern Texas to far south-central Missouri through the late afternoon, then shift into northern Mississippi and the lower Ohio Valley tonight.

Cities at greatest risk for the potentially damaging thunderstorms and tornadoes this afternoon and evening include:

Tyler, Texas; McAlester, Okla.; Fort Smith, Ark.; Little Rock, Ark.; and Springfield, Mo.

The cities of Monroe, La.; Greenville, Miss.; Memphis, Tenn.; and Paducah, Ky., will be threatened during the overnight hours.

Many of these same cities will be in the midst of a major tornado outbreak late Tuesday into Tuesday night.

The areas discussed above are where the danger of severe weather today will be greatest, but not confined to.

Spottier, but still violent thunderstorms have also been preceding the main severe weather outbreak this afternoon along the Mississippi and Ohio rivers from Arkansas northeastward to Pittsburgh, Pa.

Strong thunderstorms may even ignite southward to Austin, Texas, and northward to St. Louis and Indianapolis this afternoon into tonight.


Severe Weather: Track the Storms

NOTE: I will post the Tor-Con levels each day…

Forecast for Monday, April 25

AL – northwest – 3 night
AR – 7
DC – 2
DE – 2
IL south – 4
IN southwest – 3
KS southeast – 3
KY west – 4
KY central – 3 to 4 night
LA northwest – 5 to 6
LA north – 4 night
MD – 2
MO south – 5
MO central – 3 to 4
MS north and west-central – 3 to 4 night
NJ south – 2
OH south half – 2 to 3
OK southeast – 6
OK northeast – 4
PA south – 3
TN west – 5
TN middle – 4
TX northeast quarter – 7
WV north half – 2

When it enters Alabama tomorrow night/Wednesday watch:

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Apr 252011

~ Heads Up – Major Threat for Southern US Tomorrow but Especially Wednesday…